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July 29, 2014

29th July 2014 - Daily Current Affairs Updates


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National Affairs
  • Addressing the 86th foundation day and awards ceremony of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in New Delhi today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed all the farmers of the nation saying, "Everyone who has contributed to the field of agriculture needs to be given a standing ovation. I request you to applaud the farmers who feed the people of India, and not me."

International Affairs
  • After culmination of holy month of Ramzan, Eid-ul-Fitr celebrated across the country today.
  • Today is International Tiger Day 2014. It is an annual event held every 29th July to raise awareness of the problems facing tigers as their population plummet to an all-time low.
  • The EU has agreed to impose asset freezes and travel bans on business figures and entities closely associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin who have benefited from the Ukraine crisis.
  • India has warned its 6,000-odd nationals in Libya to stay away from conflict zones and use all available means to exit the country as rival militias fight for control of the Tripoli International Airport with rockets, artillery and cannons.
  • US Secretary of State John Kerry today said time has come to transform bilateral relationship into a historic partnership that can create a more prosperous future for the world. 
  • China plans to scale up its trade ties with Nepal as a new bridge to improve the connectivity between the two countries through Tibet will open in October this year.
  • The United Nations imposed sanctions on the North Korean shipping company that operates a ship seized by Panama in July 2013 for carrying undeclared military equipment from Cuba ordered all countries to freeze its assets. 
  • The only power plant supplying electricity to the Gaza Strip was knocked out of commission by Israeli shelling.

People in News
  • Haryana Power Minister Ajay Singh Yadav resigned today.
Business & Economy
  • India’s largest e-commerce firm Flipkart today said it has raised $1 billion (over Rs 6,000 crore) in fresh funding from a group of investors, the largest so far in the fiercely competitive online shopping segment in the country.
Science & Technology
  • NASA's Opportunity rover has now clocked more miles on Mars than any man-made vehicle to reach another celestial body. Since arriving on the Red Planet in 2005, the solar-powered robot has journeyed across 40 kilometres of Martian terrain.
  • ICC warns England's Moeen Ali not to wear wristbands in support of the people of  Gaza during international matches.
  • Commonwealth Games 2014
    • India's Vikas Thakur wins silver medal in men's 85kg weightlifting.
    • Indian shooter Harpreet Singh wins Silver Medal in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event.
    • Sanjeev Rajput wins silver and Gagan Narang bronze medal in 50m Rifle 3 positions
    • 16-year-old Nigerian weightlifter (53kg category) Chika Amalaha failed a doping test after becoming the youngest-ever female to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal in the sport.

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  2. Pls upload some sample question papers for RRB scale 2 officer. It will be very useful.

  3. friends plz solve,

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    at 10%profit and chair at a loss of 10% a total profit of 2.5% is
    made,what is cost price of the table?
    2)A man bought a calculator with 30% disount on the listed price.Had
    he not got the discount he would have paid Rs.82.50 extra.At what
    price did he buy the calculator?
    3)A man sells a calculator at the rate of Rs.250 each with includes a
    profit of 14%.What amount of profit will he earn in 19 days,if he
    sells 7 calculators per day?
    4)RS.2000 invsted at 10% S.I.If that interest is added to the
    principal after every 20 yrs year,
    the amount will become Rs.140000 after,
    Ans=33 1/3 yr
    5)A man purchase 2kg of rice at athe rate of Rs.15 perkg and 3kg at
    Rs.13 per kg.At what price per kg should he sell the mixure to earn 33
    1/3% on cost price?
    6)What sum of money at C.I will amount to Rs.12945.93 in 3 yrs,if the
    rate of interest is 7% for 1st yr,9%for 2nd yr,and 11%for 3rd yr?
    7)A man sells 2 articles for Rs.3420.The cost price of the second is
    equal to the S.P of the firhst.I f the 1st is sold for 12.5%gain and
    the 2nd is for 10%loss,what is the total gain or loss?
    8)A sum of S.I amounts to Rs.1000 in 2 yrs and Rs.4000 in 5 yrs.Find
    sum and rate of interest?
    Ans r=33 1/3%&sum=1500
    9)A man bought 2 watches for Rs.480.He sold one of them at a loss of
    15% and other is 19%gain.Found the cost price of the 2 watches?

  4. Boss 3rd one answer is 4083.33.pls once check..
    &thanks for sharing these intrstng problms

  5. 5th one answer 18.4


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