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June 30, 2014

SBI PO Online Exam Reviews - 29th June Evening Shift


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Review shared by Rushabh jain

Hello Friends,

I am Rushabh Jain from Gujarat. To tell u the truth i felt that some of the question was so tought .From the sectionwise analysis i can say that 1) in G.A/Mkt section Most of the question wear asked form RBI , other tax policies n other g.a question i.e iso cerified nu. , where ipl final match  played (stadium name)  . very few question from computer.

2) Reasoning section some question ware okay n other ware tricky approch.

3) D.I : is like speed test . if the candidate have a speed in it so he/she crack this section. No doubt over there.

4) English is very easy

Descriptive was also good.  it`s topic on some I.T related n other economic.

Review shared by Naga

Hello this is Naga. I attempted my SBI PO exam on June 29 th evening shift. Exam was started at 2.30 pm, I started my exam with General awareness area really easy. I attempted 46 questions.

Questions from: 
GA         : 25 (20 Questions very easy, 5 questions hard)
Comp      : 15 (13 Questions very easy, 2 question little bit hard)
Mktg     : 10 (you can answer 4 questions by “Standard marketing” and 6 questions by using “common sense “)

English also easy (Little bit hard to me, because I’m little bit poor in English)

Passages: 10+10 = 20
Close test: 10
Errors: 5
Jumbled: 5
Word arrangement: 5 (I think new method)
Suitable words: 5
Reasoning: Moderate level, but time taking
Puzzles: 5+6+6
Inequalities: 3+2
Syllog: 5
Cause& Effect: 1+2+3
Input Output: 5
Data Sufficiency: 5
Course of action and Misalli: 8
DI: Really rally really really really really really really .. … ….. … …… Hard
Each individual problem has at least 4 sub calculations and each problem takes at least 4 to 7 minutes. 
My attempts are :
GA- 46 (15 minutes), Reasoning: 40 (30 minutes), English: 25 (25 minutes), DI- 12 ( “50” minutes)

Review shared by Vishal Rathi

The exam started at 2:30, I usually follow a certain pattern in the exam, to begin with Reasoning, shifting to GA, then to English, and Finally DI in Banking exams.
Last time in SBI, I missed the cut off by a very short distance, and secured 37 marks in DI, and in IBPS I secured 24 marks in DI.
This time, SBI made sure that no one scores a 37 in Reasoning or DI, the paper was far tougher than the last time.
I attempted 21 Questions in Reasoning, majority should be correct, in some 40 minutes, then shifted to GA and finished it before the clock could tick 3:30, then shifted to English and with 40 minutes left, I shifted to DI, (I attempted 47 in English and 31 in GA).
Now the beginning was okay in DI, and I thought I will easily manage 20 Questions by the time 2 hours duration gets over, but the paper turned ugly soon, and i could manage only 13 questions in DI.
All should be correct though, and total attempt reached 112, accuracy is okay, but the paper, as everyone else said, was far more tough than the expectations, so those who are left with their exams, make sure that you have a strategy, and make sure that 15 (with full accuracy) be your attempts max in DI, Reasoning 20 will do, English and GA only will take you through.
The cut off should not cross 90 according to my experience, with sectional cut offs, Reasoning 13, DI 10, English 15, GA 15, for the general category students.
The theory exam should be a cakewalk for those who have a Good Command over language.
I hope the Review Helps :v

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  1. only 6 ques i attempted in DI total is 116. is there any possibility

  2. I think the cut off marks required to check descriptive would be around 90-95 for general candidates and overall cut off for interview would be 130+...

  3. of baroda- manipal recruitment notification out.

  4. i totally attend only 59 question..................iiiiiii

  5. bhai dimag to thikan s??? how can u image that cutt off will be 130 for intereview, or around like this sum. huh???


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