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June 16, 2014

SBI PO Online Exam of 15th June 2014 (Afternoon Session) : Reviews and Tips


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Review shared by Vijay Soni

Hello to all SBI PO Aspirants 2014. I am sharing here my exam experience and hence review might be different from others who are sharing.

Name : Vijay Soni 

Exam date: 15 June 14, afternoon session 

Time: 2:30 PM (Yes it actually started one hour late)

English Section:
I started with English section because I wanted to finish the English plus General awareness in first 30 minutes. English questions were easy and smooth as expected. But here is a tip:Keep an eye on clock while you read comprehension. It is better to avoid actually reading the passage as it takes time and covers only 6-7 questions. If you are planning to try only antonym and synonym related to comprehension then you need to quickly switch because all such question are not given together.

General Awareness Section:
Section was again as expected (Current affairs + marketing + computer). Few question that I remember are:
  1. FIFA is related to which sports?
  2. Full form of CBS
  3. CTS system of cheque
  4. Who appoints banking ombudsman
  5. M P Bezbaruah committee
  6. FEMA
  7. Brand Equity
  8. What C stand for in CPU ......and so on.
Overall both sections can be attempted in 30 minutes as planned.

Data Interpretation:
Then I started with DI and that’s where I think I committed mistake. DI section waslittle tougher than expected. Lot of big calculations were involved. I should not say this as I am not sure whether questions were tough or my approach was wrong. All kind of pie chart and bar charts were asked. When I was at 34th question I looked atclock and only 36 minutes were remaining. Finally I left the section instantly and switched to Reasoning section.

Reasoning section:
It was as expected including 3 statement syllogism, analytical decision making, input output, inequalities, arrangement problem etc. Because of lack of time I could notsee last few reasoning question but this overall section went well.
TIP: Try to finish English plus General awareness in 30 minutes, then Reasoning in 40 minutes then Data Interpretation in rest of time.

Descriptive Paper :  
As the descriptive paper is taken in computer lab you might face some problem while writing the paper as computer desk has very limited space.

Letter writing:
  1. You are withdrawing money from ATM, ATM malfunctioned and money didn’t come out but deducted from account. Write a letter to bank manger for refund.
    • (Always the case with SBI and PNB ATMs :P)
  2. Letter to regional manager for change in bank timing as it is inconvenient for customers.
  3. Letter to Superintendent of Police for the increased cases of theft near ATM.
Precise writing : An article on investment banker. (Little tough to understand)

Comprehension : An article on type of bank and role of RBI (Easy one)

Article writing : Only topic I remember is ‘Downside of education loan’

Essay writing :
  1. Is generation gap a myth ?
  2. Enslavement of man by technology.
  3. Is presidential form of government is suitable for India? 
Review shared by Kimaya Nagrane 

HI Friends, I am Kimaya Nagrane. Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the administrative team of gr8ambitionz..

General Awareness
The SBI PO evening session was quiet attemptable…I started with general knowledge..and it was moderately difficult..for really made me to think..and it took 15 mins to complete gk..
The questions were like 
  • New banking license granted by RBI to ?
  • Something related to G K PILLAI COMMITTEE
  • CMD of SBI, BMB
  • Pension scheme was raised by what amount?
  • Banking Ombudsman comes under the purview of?
  • Abbreviation of CTS?
Computer was moderate. Questions were related to operating system, then binary number, what does C stand for in CPU?

Then next was English…as expected…or else beyond expectation..was extremely easy.. the comprehensions , two of them were easily accessible.

Reasoning was lengthy but solvable. There were 2 easy case studies , coding-decoding, data sufficiency was very nice, Input output was quite easy and so was equality-inequality. Assumption, course of action, inference based questions were pretty good. All in all, a decent attempt is possible.
Data Interpretation
I found DI to be lengthy again but attemptable. There were pie charts, the calculations were lengthy but could be answered. Same for bar graphs, pie charts. No radar graph.

Review shared by Sravan kumar

Hai Friends, I Am Sravan Kumar. Today Afternoon (15th June) I Have Attended SBI PO Exam @ Hyderabad. Before Going To Tell You My Experience About Today Exam….I’m  Not Going To Discourage You. It’s My Opinion .

Exam : Tough To Answer In Online(System).It’s Moderate For Offline. It Is Very Tough For Those Who Attempt Small And Shady CRT Monitor System ( I’m Also Got That Type Of SystemL).

DI : Very Tough
Tips :  You Have To Do Three Things
  1. Practice On Calculation
  2. Practice On Calculation and
  3. Practice On Calculation
Note: At First Glance You Have Visible only 1/3rd Of  Diagram  In CRT Monitors. And That To It Is Shady Screen.You Shoud Have Good Eye Along With Good Computer.It saves Lot Of Time

If You Will Get LCD Monitor, You Really Lucky.It Saves So Much Time. Because It Very To Find Thin Lines In CRT Monitor. And  That You Have to Move Top To Bottom , Left To Right .

It Is Better If You Carry binocular Or MagnifierJ Just Kidding .

English: The One And Only Easiest Part. No Need To Worry Very Simple For Po Standard. Just Basic. Simple Language.

GA : Moderate … Not Bad For PO Standard.

 Some GA Questions Which I Remember :
  1. About RBI Act
  2. CTR Stands For
  3. CBS( Core Banking System)
  4. ‘C’ Stands in CPU
  5. Question On Modem
  6. NPA 
  7. 1 Billion = In Terms Of Bytes ?
  8. New Oil Plant Which State?
  9. Exchange Of cash Flow in Different Currency Means.
Reasoning : Lengthy But Ok…..

Descriptive :
Paragraph writing : 
  • Benefits Of Early Start Of The Day
  • Is Generation Gap A Myth?
  • The Down Side Of Education Loans
Essay Writing : 
  • Enslavement Of Man By Technology
  • Those Who saved More Taxed More Justify?
  • The Viability of Presidential Form Of Govt In India.
 Passage : Types Of Banks And RBI policies.

 Precise : Initial Stages Of banker. Roles Of A good banker.

Letters :  
  • To Manager…Changes In Times( bank working Hours) In Rural Banks As Other banks.
  • Letter To Bank Manager For Not Getting Cash From ATM Machine
  • Letter To Police About Attacks At The ATM After A person Draw The Money.
Conclusion : I Don’t Believe Luck. But If You Want To Clear This Exam You Need Some Luck Like Getting LCD/LED Monitor With Good And Bright Monitor.

All The Best For Those Who Will Go To Write Next  Sessions

Read complete study materials and online tests of SBI PO Online Exam 2014 from here

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  1. Excellent reviews guys... Thank you so much..

    Good luck to all of you three..

    1. what in getting led and lcd. tell about essays marks and how much words need to write.

  2. thanks its realy helpful for us

  3. does any body have ny idea about when formalities like medical , document verification for pnb clerk (uttar pradesh )will be done .One more thing if pnb is calling candidates on their mobiles to give information about reporting venue.after getting mail regarding filling circle choice for 7/7/1014 batch i havent received any email

  4. plz, provide daily vocabulary from Hindu paper like G.K updates ..plz

  5. Mam plz provides some DI questions of same difficulty level as asking by SBI or recommend book from where we can practice the same DI.
    It will be helpful for us
    Antriksh Nigam

    1. yaar tumhara name pahli bar dekhkar aisa lga jaise govt ki koi space se related authority ka questn h ye..e.g. Roadways Nigam,.Nagar Nigam..and urs Antriksh Nigam..jaise ISRO ka naame change ho gya ho..plz dnt mind..just kiding.take it easy..

  6. i thnk CBS is Core Banking Solution

  7. Gr8ambitions team i'm really very thankful to u, for providing such a vital details regarding everything, dont have words to thanks to u guys, And thanks to the guys who provided their review regarding the exam.
    But i have the query regarding the essay topics coz they are asking from the unusual topics as i read above, so plz help me out how to focus on such a thing............... :D

  8. Nice review n thank u very much

  9. Thank you so much for such useful review..

  10. IBPS RRB 2014 notification came


    1. yes its true its not fifa

    2. Yes n may i know the answer to tis FIBA question.. ?

  12. sir IBPS RRB notification has come

  13. please tell me about educational qualification i am in graduation final year result awaited i am eligible or not

  14. Hii Shiwani
    IBPS-RRB-3 notification out

  15. SBI PO ASPIRANTS keep your mobiles and bags at home. only take pen paper id proof and its photcopy admit card. otherwise at the center for exam 20 TO 40 RS FEE IS TAKEN FOR TAKING CARE OF U R MOBILES AND BAGS AND THEY DON'T GIVE ANY RECIPT ALSO.

  16. My father is an exservice man can i apply for exm category, i have eligibility certificate

  17. last year i got qualified in ibps rrb but i did not get any interview call what i do now apply or not my mark is 106

    1. dude same mark of mine also, but its not the end u should try until u get final success. :D

    2. even m waiting 4 rrb top notch scores but in vain as no calls 4 interviews till date..neither rrbs i had applied giving ny satisfactory info on further process...thinkin 2 re-apply

    3. If you will get more than 150 marks in RRB for general and 130 marks for OBC and 118 for SC/ST, You are definitely going to get interview call guys. So try hard this time and you will get an interview call.

  18. michael schumacher out of come and return to his home.he required longtime medical assistance..........

  19. thanks to all guys who is sharing their exam experience of sbi po.... but I'm little confused about non verbal reasoning questions. Is there any questions from non verbal....pls look it???????????

    1. why dont u download the pdf on non verbal reasoning from the reasoning section, it will help u a lot.

  20. Am so thankful to Gr8Ambition n evn my frnd who suggested me dis site.
    Bt as one of our frnds said, to clear SBI PO luck shud favour u guys...

    i hav spent a lot of tym on DI qns,my main motive was to answr 40qns in al d sections bcoz v hav a section wise cut off, bt cudn't do dat, as i was njoyin d qns so much dat i hav no knowledge of d runnin tym.
    finally, am lost vth reasoning section :(

    all d best guys!! evrybody here, who are gng thru reviews, dnt do d same as me

    1. thanx jessica for ur review, hope for the best for ur future, don't get upset be happy and start preparing for the other upcoming exams.


  21. was there pictorial reasoning???

  22. it was FIBA not FIFA .FIBA is related to basketball

  23. good website for IBPS and SBI exams


  24. I have a the examination is conducted over three weekends and the question papers are completely different for all the sessions, there arises a problem with the degree of complexity(toughness) of the exam..Does SBI normalizes the scores accordingly or considers as it is for selection to GD & interview?

  25. its very useful.........thanks to all

  26. FIBA is a basketball world cup. Which is going to be held in Spain.

    Could they ask this week football match questions too in general awareness.

  27. thanks for info!! m having exam on 28...let c wat ll b difficulty level!!

  28. HI All

    I have attempted GA: 35
    ENG: 35
    DI: 16 (only 9 correct)

    I belong to SC.
    Any chances for selection?

    I studied hard for the exam but DI disappointed me :(
    Is there any chance of my selection ?

    Thanks in advance !



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