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June 16, 2014

SBI PO Online Exam 15-Jun-2014 Morning Batch Review


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Hi Friends, this is  Prasad from Chennai. I have attended yesterday's SBI PO Exam in the morning batch. I am sharing my thoughts about the exam and question which i am able to recollect

General Awareness
 I started the exam by attending General awareness section. I have answered 45 questions. It took me 15 mins to complete it. Banking , General awareness and Computer knowledge were very easy. Marketing was bit tough for me since i haven't prepared well.

  • RTGS Limit, 
  • how many digits are in MICR code, 
  • about EMI ,  
  • fund transfer through IMPS,  
  • SLR full form, 
  • 41st chief justice of India, 
  • Who was awarded Padhma Bhusan , 
  • who is the famous Australian swimmer got injured or hospitalized, 
  • which country is planning to change the nation flag, 
  • which is the tallest building in the world, 
  • how much crores were spent in recent election, 
  • world environmental day, 
  • Software mean?, 
  • wat does scanner do, 
  • where the program is temporarily saved 
  • when it is been running, 
  • 4P's in marketing, 
  • Hardware is anything you will be able touch etc
This is the section where you can get marks easily and you can score max marks. So please be through with the last 6 months current affairs, genral banking terms, and Study the Marketing material all these are given by Gr8 Ambitionz and it is more than enough.

I took 20 mins for this section. Two lengthy comprehension each for 10 marks have been asked and cloze test for 10 marks and 5 marks for arranging the jumbled sentences and rest were fill in the appropriate words and spot the errors. I Have attended 38 questions in this section

Logical Reasoning
Please manage the time in this section i allocated 45 mins
Two complex seating arrangement and puzzle test each for 5 marks has been asked . Please attend these type of question later when you have time since even one mistake may cost most of your time. I skipped these to question . I attended Syllogism which is very easy to get 5 marks within 2 mins max, then machine input 5 marks, then mathematical operation which was easy , then statement and conclusions . I have attended 37 questions

Data Interpretation
I was not able to attend more than 24 Qs in this section. Even though i  have practized nearly 150 qs in DI i was not able to solve them fast. So please be practice speed math , be strong in percentage calculations, table upto 20x20 will help you a lot to solve it faster. In some of the questions you can just get the answers by looking into the choices given, Don't try to calc the exact  value unless the choice are close one it will save a lot of time. Try to allocate more time to this section. I was able to solve only 20 qs.

Descriptive Test
  • Letter Writing(150 words) 10 Marks :
    • Write a letter to a bank requesting for educational loan for doing higher studies giving  all the particulars. The loan is for a heavy amount.
    • Write a letter to your friend for encouraging and wishing him for the Civil service  examination , who is writing it for the third time
    • A letter to a newspaper editor to publish articles on Stress as it is exam times.
  • Paragraph Writing(130 words) 8 marks 
    • The addictive influence of Online gaming
    • Slate boards to papers, fountain pen to ball point pen, whats next?
    • The unpredictable human life
  • Comprehension (5 Qs asked ) Each 2 marks 
    • It is really and easy one . They have given about internet and modems and their future
  • Precis Writing(150 words) 10 marks
    •  They have given about Banking operation . They asked to choose an title for the precis writing
  • Essay Writing 12 marks 
    • Benefits of Mutual fund investments
    • United Nation Organizations contribution towards the recent turmoils in Ukraine and other places
    • India's Place in research paper survey (something like that )
My suggestion is to finish General Awareness and English in first 30 mins and allocate max time to DI. Be strong in the tables and percentage calculation practice lost of DI because it was bit time consuming. Solve seating arrangements in the last if you have time. All the very best to all.

Read complete study materials and online tests of SBI PO Online Exam 2014 from here

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  1. Thank u very much.....can u tell me how to prepare english section....Thanks in advance....

  2. Thanks gr8 ambition you r always gr8

  3. hi prasad thanks a lot for given this information its realy helpful for us again thanks

  4. thanks prasad its really helpful..
    can any one explain the second topic of precise......

  5. Thanks prasad, and can u give me one more conformation regarding aptitude i.e they ask only DI or any other topics also

  6. TY Prasad .Very helpful

  7. Thnx a lot Prasad :) Its very helpful for us :)

  8. keep u r mobiles and bags at home only take pen pencil and money ur id card admit card photocopy of id card. otherwise for taking care of ur bag and mobile college or institute would take 20 to 40 rs as fee

  9. for DI paper screen should be horizontally divide instead of vertical so that we can see pie chart and table along with it, in one go. tabels and graphs too were very broad. so lots of time is wasted in scrolling left and right again and again . and it all gets messed up.

  10. Thank you so much mate...hope that will help..for online shopping...


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