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June 30, 2014

Important Scientific Instruments and Usage


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Friends, below is the list of important scientific instruments and their usage. This list will be helpful for you in the General Awareness section of upcoming SBI Clerks, SSC CGL and IBPS RRB Exams. Happy Reading :)

  • Altimeter : It measures altitudes and is used in aircrafts
  • Ammeter : It measures strength of electric current (in ampere)
  • Audiometer : It measures intensity of sound
  • Barometer : It measures atmospheric pressure
  • Binocular : It is used to view distant objects
  • Calorimeter : It measures quanty of heat
  • Cardiogram : It traces movements of the heat, recorde4d on a cardiograph
  • Chronometer : It determines longitude of a place kept onboard ship
  • Dynamo : It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
  • Dynamometer : It measures electrical power
  • Electrometer : It measures electricity
  • Electroscope : It detects presence of an electric charge
  • Endoscope : It examines internal parts of the body
  • Fathometer : It measures the depth of the ocean
  • Galvanometer : It measures the electric current of low magnitude
  • Hydrometer : It measures the specific gravity of liquids
  • Hygrometer : It measures humidity in air
  • Hydrophone : It measures the sound under water
  • Lactometer : It determines the purity of milk
  • Manometer : It measures the pressure of gases
  • Mariner's compass : It is an instrument used by the sailors to determine the direction
  • Microphone : It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations
  • Microscope : It is used to obtain magnified view of small objects
  • Odometer : It is an instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is measured
  • Phonograph : It is an instrument for producing sound
  • Photometer : This instrument compares the luminous intensity of the source of light
  • Periscope : It is used to view objects above sea level (used in sub-marines)
  • Radar : It is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plan by means of radio microwaves
  • Radiometer : It measures the emission of radiant energy
  • Seismograph : It measures the intensity of earthquake shocks
  • Salinometer : It determines salinity of solution
  • Spectometer : It is an instrument for measuring the energy distribution of a particular type of radiation
  • Speedometer : It is an instrument placed in a vehicle to record its speed
  • Sphygmomanometer : It measures blood pressure
  • Spherometer : It measures the curvatures of surfaces
  • Stereoscope : It is used to view two dimensional pictures
  • Stethoscope : An instrument which is used by the doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds
  • Stroboscope : It is used to view rapidly moving objects
  • Tachometer : An instrument used in measuring speeds of aeroplanes and motor boats
  • Telescope : It views distant objects in space
  • Thermometer : This instrument is used for the measurement of temperatures
  • Thermostat : It regulates the temperature at a particular point
  • Voltmeter : It measures the electric potential difference between two points
  • Wattmeter : It measures the electric power (or the supply rate of electrical energy) in watts of any given circuit
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  1. Sir ji, im very depressed,as i cant get success in any competitive exam..too afraid to prepare 4 any xam..

  2. friends plz do suggest me a book for arithmetic and data interpretation. I am a non maths student.

  3. thk u so much.....
    pls provid complt matrls for sbi clrk....
    v r eagrly waiting...

  4. Try to focus on current affairs please

  5. Try to focus on current affairs

  6. Hi friends,

    this is Himani here, can you please share with me, how you guys prepare English section.
    I found it as the toughest section in SBI PO.

    you guys help will be really appreciable.

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  7. good work and very useful

  8. pls provide IB PA exam answer key

  9. pls provide IB PA exam answer key

  10. sir,i am from local language is Telugu which i studied in 10th standard but it is not my subject in +2.i passed Sanskrit as a subject in application their is option please mention local language .whether i leave the option.please help me

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  12. Very usefull information for getting 1 marks in exam if this type of questions set in exam


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