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June 13, 2014

GA Online Practice Test for SBI PO & Clerical Exams 2014 - Set 4


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Which city hosted the 40th G7 Summit on June 4-5, 2014?

Who won the French Open women's singles tennis title on June 7, 2014?

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the G-20 major economies organized between 22 February and 24 February 2014 in which country ?

Who is the present prime minister of Nepal ?

Who is the author of the book "Gandhi Before India" ?

The Madhya Pradesh government has appointed which Bollywood actress as the brand ambassador for its Mamta Abhiyaan (maternal and child health) campaign?

The SLR increases, then the liquidity in the economy increases or decreases ?

The Reserve Bank of India constituted a committee on Customer Service in Banks. The Committee was headed by?

If Statutory Liquidity Ratio increases, the availability of bank loans increases or decreases ?

Para Olympician Sharath Gayakwad won two Bronze and one Silver at the IDM (Internationalen Deutschen Meisterschaften) on 27 April 2014. He is a...

SLR increased by RBI, then inflation level increases or decreases ?

Air India decided to join which international airlines network from 1 July 2014?

If Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) raises by RBI, then bank funds Expand or shrink ?

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court recognized whom as third category of gender and directed Centre and states to grant them all facilities including voters ID,  passport and driving license on 15 April 2014?

Kalisindh Super Thermal Power Plant located in which state ?

Who is the author of the book 'Crusader or Conspirator? Coalgate and other Truths' ?

If the Central bank slashes SLR by 1%, approximately how much liquidity increases in the economy?

Why did SEBI issue detailed corporate governance norms for listed companies on 17th April 2014?

On 9th May 2014, RBI barred Indian companies from raising money from subsidiaries of Indian banks overseas through ECBs to refinance rupee loans. ECB stands for...

Which women Economist became the Chairman of USA Federal Reserve on 3 February 2014 ?
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  1. Mam plz provide GA section in Hindi. Plz mam.

  2. I Think 7th question answers is Increases

  3. no friend it is decreases only.......................
    SLR means banks want to keep it with RBI............then automatically liquidity in economy will Decreases

  4. For woman it should be chair person not chairman

  5. If the Central bank slashes SLR
    by 1%, approximately how much
    liquidity increases in the
    Ans : Rs.60,000 crores

    Mam how approx 60000 has been calculated? what is method of calculating?
    pls rep.


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