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June 26, 2014

How to Prepare for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2018

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How can I prepare for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2018 ? is one of the common question we have been seeing in our inbox from the date the State Bank of India released it's official notification for the recruitment of Clerks 2018. As it is not possible for us to answer all the queries, here, we are giving you a detailed analysis and tips prepared by Gr8AmbitionZ team. We hope this article will help you in clearing all your doubts. Feel free to contact us or use the comments box below if you have any additional doubts. Happy Reading :)

Brief overview of SBI Clerks Online Exam Pattern 2018

  • Online Exam
  • Preliminary Exam will be held in March / April 2018 
  • Duration of the Exam is : 2 Hour 15 Minutes
  • Negative Marking is there (1/4th Mark)
  • Sectional wise and overall cutoffs are there
Let's have a look at the subject wise allocation of marks

Name of the Subject
General Awareness
40 Marks
General English
40 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude
40 Marks
Reasoning Ability
40 Marks
Marketing Aptitude / Computer Knowledge
40 Marks (Roughly 20 Marks each)

Difference between SBI PO and SBI Clerks 
If you have already appeared for SBI PO Exam, then it just will be a cake walk for you to clear SBI Clerks exam. The pattern and syllabus of both the exams are completely same. Only the difficulty level varies. Below are some major differences
  • There are 40 marks for General Awareness and 93% of questions are from Current Affairs.  This will be an advantage for us.
  • Unlike SBI PO, for clerical exam you have to prepare all the topics of Quantitative Aptitude (where as in PO there was only Data Interpretation).
  • They won't give you economy, marketing essays and news articles in English passages as they do for SBI PO Exam. They will give you a simple story or a simple essay. 
  • Basic knowledge of topics is enough.
Difference between IBPS Bank Exams and SBI Clerks
Except General Awareness and Marketing Aptitude sections, the topics of remaining sections are almost similar to IBPS Bank PO and Clerical exams. If you have already prepared / have been preparing for these exams, then you can easily clear SBI Clerks exam. Below are some major differences and similarities of both the exams.
  • No need to prepare Banking Awareness. As we've stated in our earlier posts, basic knowledge of Banking (Terms, Rates and recent updates) is enough. No need to go into deep of topics.
  • The syllabus of English Language, Computer, Aptitude and Reasoning sections is complete same with IBPS PO and Clerical exams. You can prepare those materials if you have any.

Advantage of SBI Clerks Online Exam over IBPS
In IBPS PO and Clerical exams, to solve 200 questions, they will give you 2 hours time. That means on average 36 seconds per question. But in SBI Clerks exam, there are 200 questions. The allocated time is 2hour 15 minutes. On average 40.5 seconds time per question. As you know, even a single second is countable in competitive exams. So overall, you will get 900 seconds additional time in clerical exams. This definitely helps you to solve 25 more questions in the exam.

Preparation Plan for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2014

General Awareness :

To get good marks in General Awareness section, you should focus on current affairs of last 6 to 7 months. It is advisable to read daily news papers and write important points as notes (don't copy the entire news paper. Just write important names, dates etc). You should acquire good knowledge over the recent update of banking sector along with the banking terminology, recent policies of banks, RBI new rates etc. Also read important General Knowledge topics like important dates, places, awards, inventions, books and authors etc. 

General English :

Most of us are from village background. So we feel this is one of the toughest sections of bank exams. But luckily English section of clerical level is very easy when compared to PO level. The difficulty level will be similar to 9th or 10th Standard. To get good marks in this section, you should get good grip on antonyms, synonyms, vocabulary and basic grammar. Reading English dailies not only helps you getting good marks in General Awareness section, but it also helps you to improve your English. Watch English news if possible. You should get good command over basic grammar rules, subject verb agreement and tenses. Any grammar book is enough to prepare for this section. If you are from village background, better buy an English grammar book of your own language (Telugu-English, Hindi-English, Tamil-English etc). This will help you getting good command over grammar.

Quantitative Aptitude :

Non maths students and those aspirants who are appearing to this exam for the first time have some fears about this section. No need to be worried. You have worked with all these problems in your schooling. Trust us, this is one of the scoring sections of SBI Clerks. From the 40 questions.... 15 to 20 questions will be from simplifications (basic maths), 2 to 3 questions will be from number series, 5 to 10 questions from data interpretation and the remaining questions will be from regular quantitative aptitude topics. In order to get good score in this section, you should practice basic maths i.e., squares, cubes, additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions, l.c.m, g.c.d etc. You have to focus on number series, data sufficiency, time and work, time and distance, simple and compound interests, partnership and averages etc. Remember guys, practice is the key to success in Apti and reasoning sections. So practice more.

Reasoning Ability :

The main objective of reasoning section is to estimate the decision taking ability of the aspirant. This section is little time taking when compared to other sections. But, you can reduce the time by practicing more and using shortcut techniques. You should focus more on series, analogy, classification, coding and decoding, directions, blood relations, seating arrangements, alphabet test, ranking, puzzles, statements and conclusions, non verbal reasoning etc. 

Marketing Aptitude / Computer Knowledge :

You can find Marketing Aptitude section in only SBI recruitment exams. Being a clerk, they wont expect you to be expert in marketing and computer. So basic knowledge is enough to get good marks in these sections. For marketing, you should learn the types of marketing, marketing terms, branding, abbreviations etc. For computer awareness, you should focus on basic computer terminology, hardware and software basics, computer usage, basic parts of computer, operating systems, internet, ms office (word, excel and power-point) etc.

How to Get Good Marks in SBI Clerks 2014 ?

Speed and Accuracy :

Speed is the fate changer in competitive exams. No matter how hard you prepare, it will be of no use if you can't solve enough questions during the online exam. "Every mark and every minute counts in banking exam" keep this in mind. You should work with speed solving and mental math techniques for quantitative aptitude and speed reading techniques for passage related questions in general English.You should recollect the related answer while reading the given passage. You can achieve these qualities with regular practice. After completion of reading a topic, observe the previous questions on the topic. After completion of every topic, write a self test. Try to complete it in limited time. Try to write your test in two stages. In first stage answer all the easiest questions and note the time. Later answer the difficult questions and record the time. Try to reduce the time for every test. This analysis will help you in utilizing the given time properly. Make a list of the topics you are unable to answer. Do ask your friends, teachers to explain those topics. Ask us, we are always here to help you. 

Time management 

Usually people tend to read the topics which they are familiar with. This is not advisable. Some times you may end up leaving some topics by the time of your exam. So, better schedule your time to cover all the topics. Leave atleast a week before the exam for practice (by this time you should be get ready to solve any question). As we are running out of time (we have hardly one month left for the exam) try to spend 8 to 10 hours for preparation. Give equal importance for every subject. Spend Sundays to revise the topics which you have learnt during the week. Try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Make your preparation accordingly.

Important Points and Tips :
  • We heard some people asking "Kitne Vacancies Hain? (How many posts are there?) and some aspirants of Andhra Pradesh told us that they are not taking this exam seriously, as the posts allocated to their state are very less. BUT, dear brothers and sisters..... you just need one post to settle in your life... why the hell on earth should you bother about the number of posts ?  So stop making reasons and start your preparation.
  • Questions will be of basic level. Try to read the basics of every topic.
  • Spend at least 4 hours per day for your preparation. Focus more on Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections (Better to spare early morning hours for these sections)
  • Try to learn at least 5 new words per day. Try to make your own sentences with these words. This will help you in answering the questions of correction of sentences (10 marks) and comprehension (10 marks).
  • Try to spend at least 20 minutes per day in reading news papers and note making (not those filmy updates!!!)
  • Group studies will always help you. Try to make a group with those aspirants who are preparing for the exam.  
That's all for now friends. Hope this article help you in your preparation of upcoming SBI Clerks online exam 2018. Ask us if you have any doubts. We are working on complete study materials and online practice tests of SBI Clerks. We will update them soon. All the best.

Download Previous Paper of SBI Clerks held on 27th May 2012 from here

Download Previous Paper of SBI Clerks held on  3rd June 2012 from here
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