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May 20, 2014

Online English Proficiency Test - Set 5


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Friends, here is our 5th Online English proficiency test. Check the below sentences and do as directed. We will post the answer key in 15 minutes.

Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences.
  1. the watermelon / thirst quenchers / in summers / is / one of the best.
  2. in Africa / about 5000 years / grown / ago / it was / first.
  3. around / it is / 96 countries / cultivated in / the world.
  4. the travelers / across  a desert / it was / when they / used by / traveled
  5. every popular / it is / the African slaves / took it / to the / where / USA
Substitute the underlined Idiomatic expression with an appropriate word / phrase without changing the meaning of the sentence.
  1. Consider the pros and cons  of the case
  2. I have hit upon  a good plan to get rid of him. 
  3. I must think over the matter before taking a final decision
  4. He broke down  in the middle of his speech.
  5. His folly has brought about his ruin
Fill in the blanks with appropriate determiners :
  1. There is hardly _________ rice in the house
  2. ______ days rest is all that is needed for his recovery.
  3. "Have you had any rains in these parts ?" No not ___________
  4. I want _________ to help me lift this box
  5. It rained ________ day during my stay at Nainital.
Rewrite the following sentences after correcting the error in each of them
  1. An open-air theater was built at our school. 
  2. I don't think that there is any hope for his recovery.
  3. He came to my house once a month
  4. The bell went before I reached the school
  5. We have chalked out the programme.
Check the Answers Key from here
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