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May 06, 2014

Model Precis for SBI PO Exam's Descriptive Test - Topic 3


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Friends, this is the third topic of our Precis Writing tips for SBI PO Exam series. Read basic precis writing tips from here before taking this test. Happy Reading :)

Write a precis of the following passage in passage in about one third of the original length.

Women have been suffering atrocities at the hands of menfolk since time immemorial. Male dominance and chauvinism perhaps started with the existence of society itself. In the 18th and 19th centuries when India was struggling to gain freedom from the British rule the women were struggling from the evils of sati, pardah, and child marriage. The law passed in 1860 also could not raise the marriageable age of girls to more than ten. Even today gender equality is a myth, not reality. Despite of our powerful judiciary, National women's commission state women's commission and the Human Rights Commission, the crime graph against women is rising. The reason is simple; women in our country continue to have an inferior social status. Out of the total population of 1027 million about 496 million are women and are reduced to status of second class citizens against the domineering male population of 531 million. 

Most of the sections of society are conservative and cruel in their attitude towards women and are invariably successful in establishing male superiority almost everywhere. No amount of political sermonizing, legal manipulations and official smokescreen has been able to bring veneration to women. They are subjected to all sorts of evils and crimes like female foeticides, female infanticide, child marriage, discrimination in wages for equal work done, neglect of female education and literacy, deprivation of rights, general underfeeding, maternal malnutrition, sexual harassment, molestation, rape and even murder. Thousands of women are done to death at the alter of dowry, every year. No place is safe for them workplaces, households, hostels, roads and even buses. What a shame, really! 

The prejudiced males are adamant in their stance that women are biologically the weaker sex. Their only job is child bearing and child rearing and house is their only place. Even the strong legislation and the outstanding feats of many great women achievers have not been able to change this attitude. The feminist movements have done nothing except making some noises here and there. 
The serpent of crime against women is on the rampage like never before. If we are to stop if we have to remove the inferiority tag from the women and grant her equal status. For this a sea change is required within the male because mere law cannot change human behavior.

Title : Women's Equality - A myth, Not Reality

Women have been at the receiving end in Indian society since old times. Under British rule when Indians were struggling to gain freedom the women were trying to emancipate themselves from the social evils of sati, purdah and child marriage,. Despite various commissions for women's rights the crimes against women have increased. Women have an inferior social status in our society. Half of the total population which consistent women are not treated at par with men. Male dominance and superiority is prevalent everywhere. Women are subjected to cruelties like female foeticide, infanticide, discrimination and exploitation. Cases of harassment, molestation rape etc., are rampant. Thousands of women are ill-treated and even murdered by their greedy in-laws who demand regular favors and dowry. Only a change in the male mindset can get women their due status in society.

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  1. In precis writing we have to first writ a rough note and cut it and then write a fair note with title?

  2. can put a title" Barries of women Empoerment".......??????


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