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May 19, 2014

Key to English Proficiency Test - 4


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Friends, here is the key to our English Proficiency test - 4 . Take the test from Here before checking the key. Happy Reading :)
  1. Can
  2. She speaks very politely
  3. Locking the kitchen mother went to the bathroom
  4. She asked me to mind my own business
  5. The thief is being chased (by them)
  6. While Rajeswari was sleeping alone, a stranger attacked her
  7. Cheapen
  8. If
  9. My father was very angry but kept quiet
  10. Nothing succeeds like success
  11. an
  12. the
  13. a
  14. a
  15. the
  16. Don't you have any friend in the other section?
  17. Being completely deaf, he can't hear anything
  18. I've already spent the few rupees I had
  19. We have enough time to get to the airport
  20. She spoke to every person at that party.
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  1. Nice test admin..For the 1st question, I used 'should'. For 3rd, I wrote "Mother locked the kitchen and went to the bath room'. Are these answers correct?..

    1. Ofcourse you are correct Kishore. Me too thinking to add these additional details in the key. Anyways, thank you so much for the suggestion :)

    2. Thank you ma'am.. :)

  2. in the 1st question, the father being angry should be using commanding words.
    in such a case "will" would be the answer.
    am i right shivani mam?

  3. 9) My father being very angry kept quiet.
    can this be the correct answer for the 9th question?

  4. This type of test will increase our efficiency in english...

  5. it is better to test us every day... :-) thank you...:-)

  6. Mam......can u clearfiy the 7th sentence


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