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May 02, 2014

IBPS PO3 New List has Less Posts than The List that came in April With Results


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Friends, it seems there is something wrong with the new allotment list of IBPS PO III. If you clearly observe it, you will notice that the new IBPS PO3 allotment list given on 30th April 2014 has LESS POST'S than the list given at the time of declaring results of IBPS PO III in April. May be this is the reason why some of our friends have missed their roll numbers in the list. Seems the same thing happened with IBPS Clerks and Specialist Officers lists too. Hope IBPS will clarify this issue soon.

Difference between the old and new lists of IBPS PO III Allotment

Name of the Bank
Posts in Old List
Posts in New List
Allahabad Bank
450 Posts
440 Posts
Andhra Bank
173 Posts
161 Posts
Bank of Baroda
2360 Posts
2342 Posts
Bank of Maharashtra
880 Posts
874 Posts
Canara Bank
3500 Posts
3403 Posts
Central Bank of India
273 Posts
272 Posts
Corporation Bank
410 Posts
406 Posts
Dena Bank
586 Posts
527 Posts
30 Posts
30 Posts
1000 Posts
980 Posts
Indian Bank
1130 Posts
1185 Posts
Indian Overseas Bank
2280 Posts
2193 Posts
Oriental Bank of Commerce
500 Posts
487 Posts
Punjab & Sind Bank
1088 Posts
1074 Posts
Punjab National Bank
931 Posts
923 Posts
Syndicate Bank
2000 Posts
1932 Posts
UCO Bank
1300 Posts
1291 Posts
Union Bank of India
1095 Posts
1050 Posts
Vijaya Bank
601 Posts
578 Posts
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  1. Thank you Sunil. are you the same guy who selected for Andhra Bank ?

  2. same thing happened in clerk

  3. In andhra pradesh total posts in clerk r 671 for obc..10% waiting list means 67 people. but now only allotment for 538 posts. now the difference is more than waiting list..i unable to understand it..

  4. only 543 pwd seats empty

    post to show how ibps & goi is biased towards general category. this will also explain why difference in ibps vacancy and allotment list.
    as per my info all seats in po 3 have been filled. except 543 hi vi oc seats.after doing simple maths i have found data which reveals many thing.
    total seats including hi vi oc category wise
    3208 sc 1827 st 5799 obc 10846 ur total 21680

    actually alloted figures excluding hi vi oc
    3183 sc 1824 st 5667 obc 9950 ur total 20624

    21680-20624=1056=total number of hi vi oc vacancies.

    hi vi oc seats are to be taken from each category in same ratio . however what ibps did illegally
    25 sc 3 st 132 obc 896 ur
    896/1056 seats were deducted from ur instead of 528/1056!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thus ibps illegally converted (896-528) 368 ur seats into hi vi oc. ibps has destroyed carrer of 368 unreserved candidates. ideally no of allotments in ur should be 9950+368=10318.
    as per govt rule pwd seats cannot be converted into normal category.thus 543 pwd seats will always lie vacant as no candidates are further available.
    please share your comments on what you all think??

  5. please upload sbi quick reference asap

  6. oriental bank of commerce ne po 3 ki notice lga di h joing will in 3-4week of june

  7. are the chances for waiting candidates reduced or increased

    1. ofcourse chances for waiting candidates is reduced......,

    2. sorry i'm not get can you say that chances are reduced..?

      OTHERWISE IF IBPS KEPT THOSE 200 CANDIDATES also into reserve list for the NEXT ALLOTMENT THEN THE CHANCES OF RESERVED LIST ARE DECREASED as ibps will select these 200 candidates first(plz do remember that these 200 candidates got may be .1 marks more than the reserve list candidates, so first preference to these 200 candidates)

  8. Yes its true in tamilnadu region nearly 400 post is reduced plz make its series 'coz some of friends may get chance ....

  9. Syndicate bank kidhar ho aap.. Sabse last me nikaloge kya list. Intehaan ho gyi intezaar ki......aayi na kuch khabar mere bank ki..

  10. Is it possible that candidates having less than 60% in graduation get selection according to ibps but banks reject them in there final list? Plz ans if anyone hav idea...

  11. @ Sunil Kumar : Chances have increased as there are more seats available and ibps has taken less no of student that means all the reserve list students will get allotment and those who are in the unreserved list will also be called for allotments because banks will be coming up with more vacancies and there are high number of back log.

    1. yes, as your point of view you are 100% right. But we don't know did the IBPS rejected the other candidates minimum 200 candidates. If they are rejected then reserved list candidates chances of selection is increased. But what if they are not rejected and kept in waiting list????????

      If bank's releases 400 seats for next allotment
      then they will recruit first 200 members who we talked at the above sentence(which decreases the seats for reserved list.)
      If these 200 members are rejected then ibps will select the members in reserve list(which increases the seats for reserved list.)


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. will all the candidates in unreserve list get allottment?please reply

    1. For PO'S very very less chances only if they want huge no.of vacancies then there will be chances....,
      It's better to concentrate on next exams than waiting for another allotment to unreserved list..........,

    2. Thank you.What about clerks?Do you have any idea?


  15. 10 % of seats in each category are in reserve list :!

  16. Bank of india so ka lab tak joining karega plz any boday somthing about boi idea....

  17. Mostly bank ko ka allotment detail and joining detail aa gaya but Bank of india ka avi tak kuch v nhi aaya ......plz help...

  18. Reserve list valo ka number kb tk aega..plz rply
    I am waitng......

  19. Sunil kr @ Bank of india So ka avi tak student allotment detail and joining detail nahi deya hai kab tak aa sakta hai koi idea h tel me something about Boi....

  20. Reserve list valo ka number kb tk aega..plz rply
    I am waitng......

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. total vacancies of clerk 3 in MP for UR category was 668(as per ibps annexure) , however actual allotted vacancies are just 453, closing cut off is 60.20, i got 59.40 and considered for reserve list.
    so what are my chances now ?? really confused, plz help...

    1. Bhai meri bhi yahi kahani hai..

      the cutoff in MP was very high in clerck, so they hv nearly 70% common people as po n clerck..., dont know how they will manage with only 10% now..

    2. Mera 59 marks hai from mp mujhe smjh nai at a that 10% se kaise mng hoga I think list niche jaegi hi cz kam logo ko select kiya hai students Jada hain..list dwn honi hi chahiye..

  23. Sory i dnt knw abt BOI.
    It's a worst sugestn but i'm gvng one whch workd for many bnks.
    Keep on calling the H.R Department of BOI then they will paste notifctn regardng joing dates like other bnks did....,

    1. hi friend not a frequent visitor of this site.
      i hav a doubtful question n would like ur sugestion on it.
      i scored 36.6 in obc category n am in waiting list of PO III.
      whats the chance, if any or not, whats ur sources say.
      times running out of my hands. had to work soon.
      what should i do...
      very disturbed and lookin into private job.
      SEEK ur suggestion.

      i dont visit this site often.
      so if ur willing to help plz mail me ur most needed sugestion at -

  24. lets urge ibps to atleast alot all general candidates who hav passed interview..last tym they hav published 5 lists..n dis tym...this is really not fair..they are playing wd our careers

    1. Lets wait for 2 months n see what solution they r having, otherwise move on to court...
      its a fraud case dear, they r manupulating everywhere.....

  25. will all reserved list candidate get selected as a po?

  26. How they alloted the banks our preferrence order is not performed properly.
    Mine is 44.40 in IBPS PO-III and they have alloted me UCO Bank which is my 4th preferrence but many people below my mark got andhrabank and bank of baroda which are my 1st and 2nd preferrences.

  27. I got 44.40 in IBPS PO-III and alloted UCO bank which is my 4th preferrence
    But many people below my marks has got andhra bank and bank of baroda which is my 1st and 2nd preferrences.

    Then why they have taken the order of preferrences of bank??

  28. I got 44.40 in IBPS PO-III and alloted UCO bank which is my 4th preferrence
    But many people below my marks has got andhra bank and bank of baroda which is my 1st and 2nd preferrences.

    Then why they have taken the order of preferrences of bank?

  29. respected sir
    plzz tell me wen vijaya bank will give joining dtes any clues

  30. Why Is the order of preferrences not performed properly in recruitement?

  31. When will you approve our comments?

  32. in Punjab, there was 979 vacancies as notified in April by IBPS but the actual allocation of vacancy near 640.. i mean more than 300 vacancies for which the selection was not made.. as there are a few of my frnds who say nearly 25% will go vacant=979/4=195+339=534
    IBPS did not come with an explanation that apart that there was 979 vacancies, why the filled vacancies are 640

  33. Guys guys don't be stupid, u know what, even if reserve list do not exist the chances of those not in reserve never changes know why? B'coz the whole candidates who have cleared the interview are arranged as per their marks i.e; merit basis so if u didn't make it in the reserve then ur scores are lower than that and u can not have an open competition for u have to compete with those who have scores higher than urs n u wouldn't stand a chance

  34. Hey Sunil...Did you find any candidate who is allotted a bank in first list of IBPS on 1st april and doesn't have his roll no. in the list which was declared on 30th april... as we can see the difference of atleast 300-400 candidates clearly.. I haven't find any such candidate yet..if you know about that plz reply

  35. Can anyone pls tell me when will bethe next list comes???

  36. Hi everyone...i am from oc category and got 42.00 overall marks. Bbut my number is not in the final list, but the last allotted person in oc fromA.P got 33.20. Why???

    1. Only high court can answer itt,now.....

  37. Hi friends can anyone say when will be the next list of po3

  38. Can anyone say when will be next list for clerk?


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