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May 16, 2014

English Grammar Practice Test - Set 2

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Friends, thank you so much for the wonderful response to our English Grammar Online Practice exercise Set 1. Here is another Grammar Exercise. In this online practice exercise we are giving you 15 English sentences of various types. For each sentence below 1 to 5 we gave instructions in bold letters. Read them and do as directed. Later there is a passage with 10 blanks. Fill the blanks with appropriate words. Take a rough paper and write your answers. We will post the answers in 15 minutes. Happy Reading :)

  1.   The teacher has gone out in anger. He would bring his case.
    • (Complete the sentences using 'to bring')
  2. He is over eager for praise.
    • (Rewrite the sentence using 'too' without changing the meaning of the sentence)
  3. Mohan isn't educated ____________ he earns more money than most graduates.
    • (Fill in the blank with an appropriate connective)
  4. The traveler said, "what a beautiful sight !"
    • (Change it into reported speech)
  5. He is said to be a spy.
    • (Change the voice)
Complete the following extract by filling in the blanks with the appropriate words.
We have made tremendous progress ____(1)____ almost all the  fields of human endeavor _____(2)____ Independence. Our production _____(3) _____ increased by leaps and bounds in both agriculture and industry. Judged by our progress, ____(4)______ rightful place must _____(5)_____ with the highly developed nations of the world. _____(6)_______ the harsh reality of the situation points ___(7)_____ the other way. Nearly 60 percent of our people are ____(8)_______ the poverty line having _____(9)______ money for their bare needs. Thus our ____(10)____ of living is amongst the lowest in the world.
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