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April 21, 2014

Important One Word Substitution Questions for Competitive Exams - Set 3


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Friends,  this is the set 3 of One word substituttion practice exercise of English Crammer. You can check Set 1 from here and Set 2 from here. Happy Reading :)

Belonging to the same country and having same interests and feelings

  1. Patriot
  2. Comrade
  3. Compatriot
  4. Native
  5. None of the above

A person who eats too much
  1. Glutton
  2. Reveller
  3. Sensualist
  4. Omnivore
  5. None of the above

An imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise
  1. Pseudonym
  2. Pen-name
  3. Nickname
  4. Homonym
  5. None of the above

Likely to break apart easily
  1. Breakable
  2. Thin
  3. Brittle
  4. Harsh
  5. None of the above

Government by one person
  1. Dictatorship
  2. Monarchy
  3. Democracy
  4. Oligarchy
  5. None of the above

The life story of a man written by himself
  1. Life story
  2. Philosophy
  3. Autobiography
  4. Biography
  5. None of the above

A general pardon granted by the Government to political offenders
  1. Pardon
  2. Excuse
  3. Honesty
  4. Amnesty
  5. None of the above

A person living in a foreign country
  1. Native
  2. Foreigner
  3. Abroader
  4. Remote
  5. None of the above

A person who is out to destroy the Government
  1. Anarchist
  2. Destroyer
  3. Atist
  4. Theist
  5. None of the above

One who plays a game for pleasure, and not as a professional
  1. Sporter
  2. Playful
  3. Amateur
  4. Non Professional
  5. None of the above

Perceptible to the ear
  1. Audible
  2. Laudable
  3. Praiseable
  4. Adorable
  5. None of the above

Public sale in which articles are sold to highest bidders
  1. Sale
  2. Auction
  3. Wholesale
  4. Retail sale
  5. Marketing

A Government that is carried on through officers
  1. Bureaucracy
  2. Officiousness
  3. Class One
  4. Dictatorship
  5. None of the above

The system of having two wives or husbands at a time
  1. Bigamy
  2. Polygamy
  3. Polandry
  4. Polygyny
  5. None of the above

The state of being unmarried
  1. Unmarriedness
  2. Celibacy
  3. Lonely
  4. Aloofness
  5. None of the above

Animals that east flesh
  1. Herbivorous
  2. Omnivorous
  3. Carnivorous
  4. Vegetarian
  5. None of the above

A person who readily believes others
  1. Creditor
  2. Creditable
  3. Credible
  4. Credulous
  5. None of the above

People working in the same department or office
  1. Fellow workers
  2. Colleagues
  3. Work mates
  4. Companions
  5. None of the above

A person living at the same time as another
  1. Historical
  2. Contemporary
  3. Time-fellow
  4. Chum
  5. None of the above

One who familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.
  1. Metropolitan
  2. Cosmopolitan
  3. Citizen
  4. Denizen
  5. None of the above

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  1. thank u mam. waiting for the current affairs quick reference xm is on sunday :)

  2. thank u so much mam....

  3. can you please explain the difference between pseudonym and pen name?

  4. Good one mam :)
    please give some more items on idioms and phrases
    Abhishek :)

  5. Thank you very much

  6. Highly appreciate your efforts.

  7. Thnx for ur efforts...keep updating such kind of stuff..thnx

  8. please share your views on how to score in close test

  9. in sbi po exm there is descriptive type question ,we have to write a the question paper there maintain that address or name should not be my question is should we write any name randomly instead of our own name.....or we should write ABC.........PLZ REPLY ........

    1. Write any alternate name buddy... It looks Awkward to See ABC or XYZ there...

      VinaY D!f!c!L

  10. Mam pls provide current affairs in questn ans format..that wud b v useful to us ...thanks in advance.


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