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March 07, 2014

SSC CGL Study Materials - Soils of India


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Friends, this is the Fourth Lesson in our SSC CGL Geography study materials series. Read previous lessons from below before reading this lesson. All the Best :)
  • Soil Erosion  : Washing away of the fine and fertile top most layer of the soil cover.
  • Forms of Soil Erosion 
    1. Sheet
    2. Rill
    3. Gully erosion
  • Serious constraint on red soil : Sheet erosion
  • Sand - dunes are formed by : WInd erosion
  • Major consequences of soil erosion : Desertification and heavy siltation
  • Countour bunding : Soil Conservation
  • Tribal People : Jhumming or shifting cultivation
  • Average erosion of fine soil per hectare in India : 16.4 tonnes
  • The older alluvimu soil : Bhangar
  • The new / younger alluvium soil : Khadar
  • Alluvial Soils : Formed by river systems through deposition of fine grained sediments.
  • Bhangar : More clayey and darker colour
  • Khadar : Sandy in texture and light colour.
  • Black / Regular / Chernozems soils : Most clayey and moisture retentive capacity.
  • Red Soils : 
    • Derived from weathering of crystalline and metamorphic rocks.
    • Absence of lime, kankar, and free carbonates.
    • Loamy (fertile) in deep depressions.
  • Laterite Soils : Very poor in fertility
  • Mountain Soils : Immature soils
  • Desert Soils : Formed under arid and semi-arid conditions.
  • Cotton : The most suitable crop of black soils or regular soils or chernozems.
Synopsis  :

Types of Soils :
  • Alluvial Soils : These soils are formed by river systems through deposition of fine grained sediments rich in lime and potash, deficit in Nitrogen and organic content.
    • Bhangar (Older Alluvium)
    • Khadar (Newer Alluvium)
  • Black Cotton (or) Regular Soils : Black soils have developed over Deccan Lavas, Gneisses and Granites under semi-arid conditions. Tropical chernozems with deep black colour.
  • Red Soils : Derived from weathering of crystalline and metamorphic rocks. Absence of lime, kankar and free carbonates. 
  • Laterite Soils : It leads to the leaching away of the much of silica from the original rock. These soils are composed of a mixture of hydrated oxides of aluminum and Iron. 
  • Mountain Soils : These are immature soils. Usually deficient in nitrogen, phosphorous and humus.
  • Desert Soils : These soils are formed under arid conditions. They include wind blow loess formations. Rich in phosphate content but poor in nitrogen. 
Types of Soil Erosion :
  • Sheet erosion : (Weathering Process in the form of layers). This erosion is common in the heavy rainfall areas of Shiwaliks, Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats, Assom and North Eastern parts of Peninsula.
  • Rill erosion : Finger shaped grooves (Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc.)
  • Gullies : Rill may deeper and enlarge. (Banks of the Yamuna, the Chambal and the Mai River)
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