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March 05, 2014

SSC CGL Study Materials : India - Physical Features, Relief & Drainage


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India is divided into four major geomorphological components. They are
  • The Himalayas
  • The Indo - Gangetic plain
  • The Peninsular plateau
  • The Coastal plains
Himalayas :
  • The Youngest fold mountains
  • Once Himalayas were occupied by a sea - Tethys
  • The north part of the Tethys sea - Angara land
  • The south part of Tethys sea - Gondwana land
  • The area of the Himalayas - 5 lakh sq kms
  • The longitudinal distance of the Himalayas - 2400 kms
  • The parallel ranges of Himalayas - Three, those are,
    • The Himadri (greater Himalayas)
    • The Himachal (lesser Himalayas)
    • The Siwaliks (outer Himalayas)
  • The Arunachal Pradesh Siwaliks are called - Mishmi hills
  • Important peaks of Himalayas and their heights:
    • Mt. Everest (8848 mts) 
    • Kanchenjunga (8598 mts) 
    • Makalu(8481 mts)  
    • Dhaulagiri (8177 mts) 
    • Manaslu (8156 mts) 
    • Chooyu (8153 mts) 
    • Nanga Prabhath ( 8126 mts)  
    • Annapurna (8078 mts)
Indo Gangetic plains :
  • Also known as - The North Indian River Plain
  • Named after - Indus and Ganga
  • Irrigated by three important rivers - the Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra
  • Punjab means - Land of Five Rivers
Peninsular Plateau : 
  • It is a table land
  • Formed due to the drifting of the Gondwana land
  • It is considered as the oldest land mass.
  • It can be divided into two regions :
    1. Deccan Plateau 
      • the biggest part
      • stretches over eight states
    2. Malwa Plateau
Coastal Plains : 
  • Formed by the Peninsular rivers
  • Two types :
    • Eastern 
    • Western
Few more Important Points to Note :
  • One of the oldest mountain ranges - Aravali ranges
  • The highest point in Aravalis - Gurusikhar
  • The highest peak in the world - Mt Everest (8848 mt)
  • 2nd Highest peak in the world - k2 (8611 mts)
  • K2 mountain peak is in - Karakoram
  • The highest peak in Nilgiris - Dodabetta (2637 mts)
  • The highest point in peninsular India - Anai Mudi (2695 mts)
  • In Arunachal Pradesh Brahmaputra is called - Dihang
  • "Thar" desert is also called - The Great India Desert
  • Western Ghats are also called - The Sahyadris
  • The Largest - River among peninsular rivers - The Godavari
  • The second largest river among peninsular rivers - The Krishna
  • The Important Geomorphic features :
    • Bhabar - Pebble studded porous beds zone
    • Terai - A wide marshy tract
    • Bhangar - Older alluvial plain
    • Khadar - Newer / Younger alluvial plain
    • Reh (or) Kallar - Barren, Saline efflorescences
  • West flowing Rivers - Narmada, Tapati, Mahi, Sabarmati
Synopsis : Major Geomorphological Components :
  • Himalayas :
    • Himadri (Greater)
    • Himachal (Lesser)
    • Shiwaliks (Outer)
  • Indo-Gangetic Plain
    • Bhabar Plains
    • Terai
    • Bhangar
    • Khadar
    • Reh / Kallar
  • Peninsular Plateau 
    • Malwa Plateau
    • Deccan Plateau
  • Coastal Plains
    • Eastern Coastal Plain
    • Western Coaastal Plain
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