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March 13, 2014

SSC CGL Study Materials - Challenges Facing our Country Today


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Friends, as you know, our India is the 7th Biggest country in the world with the 2nd highest number of people living in our country, have developed so many socio-economic problems for itself. Illiteracy, Communalism and Casteism are three main challenges facing by our country today (ofcourse, there are so many other serous challenges too.. but unfortunately our government don't want to talk about them, so obviously you wont get any questions on them in ur exams). As far the Competitive Exams concerned, their main focus will be on Illiteracy. 

  • Communalism : A narrow aggressive and divisive outlook on the part of a section of people
  • Regionalism : Regionalism is the tendency to preserve and promote the language, customs, culture, economy and the way of life of a particular region. 
  • Casteism : It opposes the democratic principles of liberty, equality and fraternity
  • Scam : Large scale swindling of public funds
  • Social evils that oppress women : Dowry System, Illiteracy and Early marriages
  • Six types of freedoms given to an Individual :
    1. Speech and Expression
    2. Peaceful Assembly
    3. Forming Associations and Unions
    4. Free movement throughout the country
    5. Residence and Settlement
    6. Practicing any profession or occupation
  • 2 important rights of a Child :
    • The right to life, health, nutrition and adequate standards of living
    • Freedom from all forms of exploitation, abuse, inhuman treatment and neglect
  • The National Policy of Education Published in : 1986
  • National Policy of Education : Provides education to all children between the age group of 6 to 14 years
  • National Literacy Mission : 1988
  • India and Pakisthan were separated : on the basis of Religion
  • A basic human need today : Education
  • The Government Document : Education for all (1990)
  • First Linguistic State in India : Andhra Pradesh
  • Habeus Corpus : A writ, that provides remedy for wrongful detention of a person
  • Depressed castes : now called scheduled castes
  • Scheduled Castes : also called "Dalits"
  • Lok Ayukta and Lok Pal : to check corruption

Articles :

  • 17th Article : Untouchability is forbidden and prohibited
  • 21st Article : Right to live
  • 24th Article : Prohibition of employment of children in hazardous work
  • 29th Article : Minorities have the right to safeguard their own language and culture
  • 30th Article : Minorities have the right to establish educational institutions

Acts :

Prevention of Corruption Act : 1988
The Children Act : 1933
The Employment of Children Act : 1938
The Factories Act : 1948
The Government of India Act : 1935
The Protection of Civil Rights Act : 1955
Dowry Prohibition Act :  1961

Particulars of Literacy (as per 2011 Census)

  • India currently has the Largest Illiterate Population
  • India's Literacy Rate : 
    • Adults - 74%
    • Youth - 82 %
  • Female Literacy Rate : 65.46%
  • Male Literacy Rate : 82.14 %
  • Highest Literacy State : Kerala (93.91 %)
  • Lowest Literacy State : Bihar (63.82 %)
  • Literacy rate in S.C : 37 %
  • Literacy rate in S.T : 30 %
  • Growth of Literacy Rate from 1947 to 2011 : 12 %
Important Note : As you know some of the details mentioned above have changed during these 3 years. For example, Tripura beat Kerala with the Highest Literacy Rate 94.65 % (as on 7th September 2013). But its better to follow the official reports (of 2011) till we get the new census report until and unless they clearly mention the year.

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  1. Gr8 Post as usual :)

    1. Is it True that the CGL Tier-1 dates has been postponed to June...???

      VinaY D!f!c!L

  2. I want this materials in pdf format try to keep it in pdf also thank u

  3. Using chrome browser u can also create pdf of any web page..
    Go for print options as pdf..

  4. Will this much knowledge of these topics be enough or this is just overview?????

  5. is tier 1 exam postponing ?

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    1. kyaa yaar kya ho gya hai is india ko ....rat din mehnet kar kar ke mar jate ..aur result corrupt aatata hai ....kya hoga yaar ....


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