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March 18, 2014

IBPS Specialist Officer Interview Experience 2014 - IT Officer Scale I


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Friends, I am Arpit Gautam from Noida. Today I had my IBPS IT Officers Scale I Interview. Here is my experience....

Name - Arpit Kumar Gautam 

Time - 8:30 AM

Venue - Bank Of India Training centre, Sandipani, Noida, Sec-62

Panel - 1

Date - 18/03/2014

I Reached the venue at 8:00 AM but gates open at 8:30 AM,than document verified till 9:15 AM, and interview takes place at 9:30 AM.
I am first for interview, I enter in room,there are 6 interviewer(M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,F1), 5 Male and 1 Female I wished all of them Good Morning.

M3- so you are?

M3- ok, sit

M3- what is your qualification?

M3- are you working somewhere?

M3- Do you know something about Banking?

M3- when banks were nationalized,and how many banks were Nationalized?

M3- why Banks were Nationalized??

M3- What is Financial Inclusion??

M4- Why do you want to join Bank?

M4- what is the role of IT Officer in bank?

M4- Have you also applied for any other Bank Exam?

M5- What is RDBMS?

M5- Difference between DBMS & RDBMS?

M5- What is Normalization?

M1- what are the basic ingredients of IT?

F1- you have account in any bank and in which Bank and u use ATM?

F1- What is Brown Label Atm?

My Interview lasts for around 10-12 minute,all the interviewer are very cool ,polite and supportive. Good Luck Guys :)

Thanks to Arpit for his continuous cooperation and support (this is his third interview experience in We wish him great success in this interview too :)

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  1. Best of luck.... thanks for info

  2. Thanks boss. Nice interview. All the best :)

  3. i have query from Gr8ambitionz team. I have submitted wrong experience letter during PO Interview, will by mistake be rectified, i issued my certificate which is in records of my previous company HR Department. the letter i submit, is what i issued from president which is not in management now. Kindly reply

    1. As far as I know, it won't cause you any problem friend.. If there are any issues, the verification team wouldn't let you attend the interview. Stay cool and wait for the good news :)

      All the Best.

      Note : Try to arrange the proper documents so that you can show them and rectify your mistake at the time of joining..

  4. thank u for sharing
    and all the best

  5. I really condemn to the aboveanonymous 1 comment.
    marketing guys, please share your experiences too....
    give an idea whats happening in documents verification session with the major/minor issue of specialization .

  6. Dear Shiv mam,

    please tell me the vacancies in ibps so 3.

  7. Hi.

    I attended it officers 2 interview today at Bangalore. Panel consists of 7 members.. all above 50..they asked only banking related questions..

    Like why you want to change job and what will you do If you are bank head and all the systems are down and customers are shouting.. what is repo and reverse repo. What is safety deposit locker.. mostly I feel they had an answer in their mind and they want to hear that only.. overall avg

  8. Can i know your score???

  9. what is marketing officer cut off (obc) ?

  10. My also interview for so marketing
    Interview was only average not best
    Don't have enough marks above cut off

  11. My Interview in Marketing Officer was good..

    Panel consist of 5 Members. They asked me questions related to Marketing as well as Banking.

    What is Cross Selling ? What are 4 P's of Marketing, Bank Ombudsmen, Corporate Loan and Retail Loans.

    As I am from Gujarat, they asked me Brand ambassador of Gujarat Tourism and Tagline of Gujarat Tourism.

    Overall Interview was good and Panel was very Calm and Supportive.

  12. Dear Team,
    I have a query during my specialist officer application form i showed the experience but in actual i do not have any experience letter because i used to get salary in cash. During interview they did not ask for the experience letter but now i got selected in BOI. Will they ask for experience letter???

    Please let me know


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