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March 20, 2014

IBPS Speacialist Officer HR Scale 1 Interview Experience


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Hi Friends, I am Priya. I would like to share my Interview Experience of IBPS HR Officers. I had my interview on 19th morning 8.30 AM (1st shift) at  Bank of Maharashtra Training College, PUNE.

I reached the venue on time and there were around 25 candidates in each panel and there were three panels. I belong to panel 1. There were law candidates and they interviewed them first and later on HR. We were around 10 candidates belonging to HR. they started Verification of certificates at 11.30. They are very vigilant and don't allow any discrepancy in this. If we do not have any certificate we at least need a missing certificate from Police. I had missed one and police certificate, only then was i allowed. thank god. :) I was the 7th in the list but because of this issue moved to the last candidate. Here goes my Interview Experience.

Name : Priya

Category : General

IBPS Score : 95 (Cutoff - 93)

Panel : 7 Members (only 1 madam)

Interview Venue : Bank of Maharashtra Training College, Pune

I entered and said good morning. They too said good morning and immediately said good afternoon. I again said good afternoon.. :(
M4: So what should we call u. A little discussion on my name
M6: Now u are working with ........... Solutions so why do u want to enter banking.
I told them that I was interested in banks hence i did my MBA but later on i got an opportunity to work with foreign bank hence i opted for that company.
M4: How many are there in your family.
I told them.
M4: What does your husband do?
M4: Where are your parents?
M4: What does your brother do?
M5: How much do you earn in your current job?
M4: You will get only half of it is it fine?
Yes sir, I am really interested in this career.
M6: We have transfers here. How will you manage.
I said my family is supportive.
M4: If we post you to Assam , your husband don get job there,. I told him we will manage.
M4: What have you prepared for HR?
I said i read the policies of my company and tried to relate it to bank( this drove the interview further)
M4: So what are the policies.
I told him all.
M4: Did you hear about disciplinary policy ?
I said yes.
M4: How will you take up a suspended case?
I told him I will form a policy  for the action. He said it is already there. I told him i will take letter from the employee, he said some thing else,. I waited.
Then they said will u conduct an enquiry. I said definelty . So he said you have tell that right? I then said yes sir.
M5: How will you create a self belongingness in the employee.
I told him making him involve in decision making and giving more roles and responsibilities.
M5: Is suspension necessary every now and then.
I said no. They asked me to justify. They said it would hurt the morale of the employee.
M1: How will you deal a Non vigilance case.
I did not understand the term and hence requested them to kindly explain.
M4: Asked me some new term. I told him I knew it but could not explain.
M1: If a person does a mistake unknowingly, what will you  do ? Will you suspend?
I said no, will give him a warning
M1: Warning or advice
I todl him first would be Advice and next warning
M4: Don you have non attrition Policy in your company?
I said no sir.(They all laughed)
M2:(Madam): What motivates you.
I told personal things
She asked me in an organization
I told her that performance appreciations, award etc.
M6: Hobbies
M6: Weakness.
I told both the same. But could not justify it. They said it cannot be and said thank you

Kindly let me know if there are any chances of me clearing it.

Thanks to Priya for sharing her Interview Experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview :)
Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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  1. Good one Priya. All the best.

  2. friends anyone knows how many days these SO interviews conducting

  3. hi priya nice but i hope u can do better for the above questions


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