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March 20, 2014

AP Forest Officers Exam Syllabus, Model Practice Papers and Preparation Plan


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Friends, this post is for AP Forest Department's Officer Exam 2014 Aspirants. In this post we shall discuss about the pattern of the exam, syllabus and study plan. Luckily, unlike the other competitive exams like IBPS and LIC, the AP Forest Department has clearly gave us the detailed syllabus and model practice papers of the exam. Earlier, the forest department itself used to conduct the examination. But this time the JNTU (Hyderabad) is conducting the recruitment exam. Before going into details, lets have a look at them.

Download the detailed Syllabus of AP Forest Department Officers Exam 2014 from here

Model Practice Papers of AP Forest Officers Exam

Assistant Beat Officer

Forest Beat Officer

Forest Section Officer

Technical Assistant

What are these posts ?

To preserve forests and natural resources there are seperate departments in every state. The AP Forest Department is looking after these issues in Andhra Pradesh. The total forest area of Andhra Pradesh has divided into into 12 territorial circles and 43 divisions. In addition, one Senior Officer of the rank of Deputy Conservator of Forests functions as Planning and Extension Officer in each district. For every circle and division, they need staff to look after them.

Check detailed Job Profiles of AP Forest Officers from here

AP Forest Officers Exam Pattern :

The selection consists of two parts. Those are, 
  1. Written Test 
  2. Waling Test, Medical Examination.  
As you might have already observed, the exam pattern of AP Forest Department is little different than the other competitive exams. The written test will be same for all the posts except the Technical Assistant Posts. There will be three papers. Those are,

Paper I : General Essay

They will give you Three topics. You have to pick one topic and should write essay (in 500 words for FSOs, 250 words for others) on that topic in 60 minutes. This paper carries you 20 marks.

Paper II : General Knowledge

This paper consists of 50 questions from various parts of General Knowledge. You have to answer them in 90 minutes. Each question carries 2 marks. So total marks of this paper are 100.

Paper III : General Mathematics

This paper consists of 50 questions of 100 marks. Given time 90 minutes.

Note : For Technical Assistant post Paper II and Paper III are same. But for Paper I they don't need to write essays. Instead of this paper they will have Draftsman (Civil) trade in ITI.

Preparation Plan of AP Forest Officer Exam 2014

Initially they announced that the exams will be held from 6th April 2014 to 4th May 2014. But luckily the exams got postponed due to general elections. Possibly the exams will be held in the end of may or june. So you have enough time for your preparation. Make a proper use of it. Now let's have a look at the preparation plan of this exam.

Paper I : General Essay

Being a Forest Officer, you have to write Case Histories. For this, you have to attain good knowledge on Current Events and GK. So the Paper I test these skills. As we have already mentioned above, you should write an essay of 500 / 250 words. You can write this essay in any of the English / Telugu / Urdu languages. Choose the language in which you are comfortable.

Things to consider while writing the Essay
  • Read the question properly and try to get what they are asking. Sometimes they will ask you describe, some times they will ask you to explain the pros /cons, Elaborate... Read it properly and write your essay accordingly.
  • Better write in Telugu unless and until you have good command on English / Urdu. 
  • An Essay consists of Three Parts. Those are 
    1. Introduction : This should explain what your essay is about. 
    2. Body : This should the information on what was mentioned in the intro. This is where you prove your point or provide information on your topic.
    3. Conclusion : This is where you summarize what was in the body of the essay to make sure you got your point across.
  • As Telugu (or Urdu) is our mother tongue we can simultaneously perform the thinking and writing tasks. I mean,  your mind will search for a new point and make it ready while your hand is writing the previously gathered points. If you try to write in English, first you have to think the appropriate point in Telugu and you have to convert the same in English and write it down. I had the same problem while writing an essay for my exam. The point I wanted to write was " Government ఆ చట్టాన్ని implement చేద్దాం అనుకుంది, కానీ కొన్ని అనివార్య కారణాలవల్ల వీలుకాలేదు". I was struck with the equivalent Telugu word for "వీలుకాలేదు / కుదరలేదు". So I wasted 5 minutes thinking the suitable word for the same and ended up writing "unable to do so"... Hope you got my point :P
  • Don't beat around the bush. You wont get any extra marks even if you drag same point and make an essay of 100 words. Infact, it may make you lose your marks.
  • Don't be overemotional. Write the points the given question required. Don't inject your personal opinions and emotions. Assume that they have asked you about the Telangana issue or Pawan Kalyan's political party. Don't take too personal. Ofcourse you may support / oppose the Telangana and may be you are a hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan. You have to balance your essay with the views of both sides of the coin. Don't let your enthusiasm / emotions dominate your essay.
What to Prepare ?
Maximum chances are there to get one topic related to Forests (Details of AP / Indian Forests, National Parks, Various Types of Forests, Resources, Advantages, Various Forest Products, Conservation, Problems the Forest department facing etc. Apart from these prepare general essay topics and current important events.
Note : Don't mugup the essays from books and websites... Make your own essays... Keep in mind that there are thousands of people who will be preparing same essays from the above mentioned sources. So obviously you can't make any good impression if you too write the same.

Paper II : General Knowledge

The GK syllabus of Forest Officers / SSC CGL / Postal Assistants / APPSC Exams / VRO / VRA / Panchayat Secretaries is almost same. So if you are preparing for any of those exams, you can use the same material for your preparation of Forest Officers. Focus more on Important Points about Andhra Pradesh (if you have already appeared for VRO / VRA / Panchayat Secretaries exams, then that material is enough). There are 6 sections in General Knowledge. Those are,
  1. General Science : Prepare important topics of your Science Text books
  2. Current Events of National / International Importance : Currently happening and important events (not so important for this exam. you hardly will get 4 to 5 questions).
  3. Geography : World Geography and Geography of India with Focus on Andhra Pradesh.
  4. History of India (both AP and Indian History) 
  5. Economy : Indian polity and Economy – including the Country’s political system – rural development – Planning and economic reforms in India.
    • Note : for above 3 sections our SSC CGL study materials are more than enough. Or you can prepare from your 9th & 10th class Social Studies text books.
  6. Mental Ability : Prepare basic reasoning topics (Both Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning)

Paper III : General Mathematics :

Being a Forest Officer, you have to keep track the number of trees, their measurements, areas etc. So Paper III will test those abilities. This section consists of 50 questions. Question 1 to 10 will be very easy. These questions carries 1 mark each. Question 11 to 40 will be of Moderate type (not so easy and not so difficult). Each question carries you 2 marks. Question 41 to 50 will be little difficult when compared to other questions. These questions will carry 3 marks each. People tend to start with the 3 mark questions as you can shoot 3 birds with a single stone. But we suggest you to start with the 1 mark questions and switch to 2 marks and then 3 marks. It not only increases your confidence but also helps you to land in the safe zone. For this section the syllabus will be similar to SSC CGL's. If you are a bank exam aspirant then you have to focus more on Trigonometry, Geometry. Others should focus on all areas including basic simplification techniques, profit loss, speed distance, time distance, Simple and Compound Interests, Trigonometry, Geometry etc. In simple words you should prepare the topics from your 8th to 10th class maths text books (you can leave functions and matrices).

Bottom Line : The difficulty level of this exam will be very low when compared to SSC CGL and Bank Exams. In an interview, the principal chief conservator of forests  Mr. B. S. S. Reddy has clearly stated that even though the qualification for some posts (Forest Section Officers) is Graduation, the exams will be of 10th Standard only. You can expect basic questions. The job profile will be very cool and peaceful. No hectic work schedules like SSC and Banking Sectors. If you work hard, you will be in your dream job by July last week. So, all the best and give your Best :)

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