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February 20, 2014

Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank Interview Experience


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Name : Manju Bhajantri

Post Applied for : Office Assistants

Venue : Pragathi Krishna Grameena Bank Head Office, Bellary

Date : 19-02-2014 1:30pm

Document Verification Finished in 10minutes.

I got Call For Interview At 3:30pm nd Finished in 10 minutes.

There r 4 Panelists Including Female

Me : Gud Aftrnon Sirs nd gud aftrnon madam
Panelists : Gud aftrnoon sit down
Me : thanku sir

Chairman : asked my native Place Details
Me : Answered
Chairman : How many types r ther in Income Tax ?
Me ; Direct nd Indirect Tax

Chairman : means wat nd Direct means how nd Which r the Indirect Taxes /\
Me : direct tax means Tax which is collected by directly from the Public direct Tax r .Income Salary .HP,Business or Profession,Capital Gain nd Income from Others  and Indirect Tax means the tax Which s Collected indirectly means in way of Service Tax Sales Tax, Vat Etc.

Panelist 2 : What r the Components Of HRM ?
Me : Training,Development ,Selection ,Motivation
Panelist 2: Tel me Serial ?
Me : Recruitment Selection Training Motivation Development.

Panelist 3: Namaste
Me : Namaste Sir
Panelist 3 : Who Is The Lokasaba Speaker ?
Me : Meera Kumar
Panelist3: Who is Rajyasaba Speaker /
Me : I dont Knw Sir
Panelist 3 : Its k U knw  who is Speaker Of Karnataka assembly :
Me : S Sir Kagodu Timmappa

Panalist 4: U knw Abt EBT  ?
Me :I Dont Knw
Panelist4 : Do u ve AAdhar Card Nd Wats Use of the Card :
Me : s We R using the Aadhar For the Purpose of Receiving Subsidy nd Identity

Finally They Said U can Go.

Thanku Sirs/Thanku Madam  

Thanks to Manju Bhajantri for sharing his interview experience with us
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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