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February 16, 2014

My Interview Experience from Tirupati - Manohar Babu


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Hi Friends, this is Manohar Babu. Here I am posting my personal experience of interview. They asked me a few of Questions. Here goes my Interview experience of IBPS Clerks.

Name : Y. V. Manohar Babu  

Qualification : BTech (CSE)

Interview venue : Andhrabank School Of Mangement, Sv University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Interview Timing : 01:00

I reached the venue at 12.45 am and the documentation process started by 01:00 but my turn came at 03:05 and interview start at 04:10 and it goes around 12-14 Minutes.
Interview panel 4 members one lady and three gents..
All are aged above 50. I entered the room and wish the lady first and than gents..
They offered me a seat and I thanked them..
They didn't take my introduction just ask my name and ask what is ur qualification and where  u from and how much percentage like rapid fire.

I replied my name and other details...

Now questions asking start.
M1: you are 2012 passout what are doing till now..
Me: replied
M1: Y banking field..
M1: DO u know mute cheque?
Me:thinking 2.. 3.. seconds.. said dnt know exactly sir.
M1: Do u know stale cheque..?
Me: answered.
M1: If the cheque is expire then what are the actions taken by bank..?
Me: replied partially..
M1: what is the difference b/w cheque and draft…?
Me : replied.
M1: what is NPA?
Me : answerd
M1: If customer not paid both.. then what is bank action.
Me: replied partially.
M2:what is 1G,2G,3G… what are the differences between them…?
Me: replied and 2 min conversation is going on…
M3: who is our present CEO of Micro Soft?
Me: relied. Satya nadella and he is expert in cloud computing
M3:Then what is cloud computing?
Me: replied.
F1: she is observing everything.

        Totally it was good.

And they wished me best of luck and I thanked them and left the room.

That's all happens in my interview.. Hope it will help you.

One thing is … at the time document verification they will give one white paper to write something in TELUGU  to know person know telugu or not and must and should you have  one or two questions on that matter .

Everything  is depends on how confidently you are telling….

Be cool and be confident.

Thanks to  Manohar Babu for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Thank you Manohar Garu!!!


  3. hello manohar... interview is in english or telugu??? pls rply me... i hav intrvw 2mrw

    1. Interview will be in local language itself :)

  4. what is ur panel no

  5. Congrats manohar,thanks for the effort in explaining the interview process !


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