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February 16, 2014

IBPS Clerks Interview Experience from Patiala - shared by S. P. Singh


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Hey  GUYS i want to share my Interview Experience of IBPS Clerks 3.

Name : S. P. Singh

Qualification : MBA Finance

Interview venue : PNB Circle office, Patiala

Date : 10-02-2014

  verification done by 12:45 and interview starts at around 1:00 pm.

There were 4 members in panel, m1 m2 m3 m4. the interview was too short, it went around about 5 minutes.

    So, here it goes...

me: may i come in?
m1: please, take your seat.
me: wish them Gudftrnoon.
m1: ok, tell something abut urself?
m2(a lady member): tell something about your studies?
m1: what is your major in MBA ?
me: it's finance sir.
m1: ok, what is a bank and what are the functions of it?
me: accepting deposits and give loans.
m1(with some anger): yaha jo bhi aa raha hai, yehi definition kyu bata raha hai., bank ko koi aur kaam nahi aata kya..?
    me told them that this is major function a bank can perform.
m1: ok, what you study in finance?
me:told the subjects i have studied.
Lady membr: what is the meaning of hr (i have studied hr as a minor subject in MBA).
m3: what r the qualities of a
good hr proffesnal?
lady member: what is cross-selling?
m1: tell something abt ur family?
me: xplained that my father is a govt. employee. my bro and my sister both are in banks.
m2(lady): in which banks?
me told them that my sis is in BOI and my bro is in SBOP.
    On hearing this they looking at each other with smile.. i don't no why?
m1: ok, you may go now.
Overall the interview was good. just told one thing that concentrate more on subjects you study in your graduation, post-graduation.


Thanks to  Mr. S. P. Singh  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  2. Have Gone good.. Ol d very best.. What's ur score..nd category..

  3. wish u all the best

  4. wish u all the best

  5. my score is 115 gen from odisha,score is very low so am very much tensed,any suggestions plz....i have intrvw on 19th feb.


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