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February 16, 2014

My Interview Experience from Andhra Pradesh - Sarath Babu


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Hi Friends, Myself  P. Sarath Babu, Yesterday i finished my interview at Vijayawada. This is my interview experience. My score is 118 marks cutoff is 111.

My interview date is 12/02/14 at 1:00p.m but i reached the venue by 1:20. Before 1:00 certificate verification has been started.

At first they gave me an A4 paper and asked me to write something in my local language(telugu). At that moment i didn't remember anything so i wrote a poetry about nature in telugu. Later i finished my certificates verification quickly by 1:50p.m.

It took nearly two hours to take my turn. Finally my interview bell rang at 4:03 p.m.I took a deep breath and decided there is only two possibilities whether i get or wont get the job so i feel there is no need to tense and worry.

I entered the room by seeking their permission as "may i get in sir's"

The total interview is done is telugu they don't allow to talk in english

There are 4members in the panel 3males and 1female. There is no oberserver for me, bcz everyone asked me questions

I entered and said gudevening sir;s and gudevening madam

they asked me to sit.

F1:you looking good. By the way, is it evening ?
me: i said thank you and yes mam it already 4'o clock.

M1: what's ur name?
my name is sarathbabu

M2: any significance of ur name ?
yes sir sarath is name of a season

M2: how many seasons are there
i said its 6sir (according to telugu i.e ruthuvulu)

M2: in which month (Telugu months) your sarath season will start
i said i dont know sir, then he said entire list of telugu months. i said thank you sir.

M2: you wrote poetry is it ur own?
yes sir, I wrote it for telugu peotry on environment competiion in my college.
he said good.

M1: tell me about ur educational qualifications in detail.
i answered, he didn't asked about anything from that

M1: u did mca, right ? so what you know about bank and its funcions ?
I answered, they were impressed for that answered.

F1: what are the different types of banking
i answered

F1: how to transfer money through online
me through rtgs and neft

F1:what is difference b/w rtgs and neft
i answered

F1: can u directly transfer money through online
yes mam, only two things we need they are i must have account in that bank and  another one is i have to know others IFSC code to transfer money

F!: what is ifsc
i answered. she look impressed and didn't enven asked a single question then

M3: what r different types of lones
i answered

M3: what type of lones provided in your place

M3: what's security for gold loan
me answered as nothing but the gold we put

M1: what is SWIFT

M1: are you satifsfied with your marks
(my marks are 118)
may be sir because due to financial problem i'm working as DEO in an institute its morning 9 to night 7 sir so I didn't  have that much time for preparation. but due to my hard work i am before you now sir.

he looks impressed
M1: how much they are paying
4,500 sir
he said ok

M2: sarath means "vennela" its the season which is pleasant and peaceful
i said thank you sir, i learnt a lot about me form you.

M2: your smile looking good, keep smiling
again i said thank you sir.

M1: asked others anything to ask, they said no
M1: k all the best sarath, have a bright future.

i said thank you sir

M1:you may leave now

i said thank you to all sir;s and especially to madam in separate.

I think i have done my interview with smile and confidence and they are looking very simple and make me cheerful all the time. I'm very happy and hope i get good marks.

Thanks to  Sarath Babu for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. nice interview..hope u will get selected.all the best.

  2. very nice intervw experience share chesinandu thnku very much and al d very best

  3. sarath... thanq for sharing ur intrvw... by the way meku compliments baga vachay...nice... u will be selectd sarath...

  4. thank u very much......... to all...

  5. nice interview sarath garu hope u'll select. thank u for sharing ur experience

  6. very nice interview nenu chepinatu bane chesaav good good. anyway all the best


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