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February 16, 2014

Interview experience of IBPS Clerk 3 - Kolkata


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Name -  N. Pal

Category - OBC

Marks - 110 (Cut off is 84)

Qualification - B. Pharm

There were 4members. 3males n 1mam. She was quite old n very sweet. :-P

M1- introduce yourself.

M1- wat does ur father do
- wat is ur fav. Clor.
Told black n white. Mam smiled n said.. oo thats why she  is wearing white. :-P

M1- Your place is famous for what ?
Told guavas. M2 n mam said ki there is also chikoo n jackfruit. But m1 said no.. mainly its guava.
Then he asked ki which is the no. 1 sweet shop in ur area? I told. (May b he worked in my place bfr)

M2- why banking aftr b.pharm? U have excellent results.
I told ki i tried for jobs. But wasnt satisfied. Qualified in clk 2 got interestd in banking. He asked abt my clk 2. I told that i ws not qualified for 0.2. :-(

M1- hobbies? Me- music n surfing.
M1- surfing? Facebook?
I said no. Since i am from science background.. i surf to clear my concepts in banking. He smiled n said.. oo.. mention that. Otherwise i thought its fb. :-D

M2- gave p.o. ? How much did u get? How was the interview?
Since all of them r retired. They cudn't tell abt my chances. :-( i got 75.

M1- ok.. tell me wat is banking.
Wat is financial inclusion? I was explaining.. but he was cnvinced n told me to stop half way.

Mam- wat is the meaning of manifestation? :O
Me- too shocked to reply.
Told in bengali.. but not ok.

Mam- how will u use ur b.pharm in bank..
Me- it took me 5mins to explain them that i am.. in fact eligible for clerk. :-(
M1- i am done.

M3- wat is zygote?
Explained in detail.

M3- IDBI n nationalized bank. Wats the diff?
Me- brake fail. Told both r nationalised. (Wrong)

Then he asked ki how did u know this? From net  ? :-X
I said no. It was included in p.o. form. :-D so i conclude that its nationalised.

M2- then wats ecgc? I said no idea.
But its in p.o. list too. He said really?? Ecgc through p.o.? I said yes.

M2- how much did u get.
Me- 110.
All of them said.. ok.. u may leave. I said thank u.

The story is not over.. ;-)  i put my ear closely on the door n was listening to their conversation.
M3- i give 78.
M2- no no.. giv 65.
Mam- she is such a nice girl. I like her. ( wat a joke) :-D
M1- ok fine. Give 71.
M 3- nooo.. i said 78.
In the mean time our guard enterd in the room. N i lost concntration. Cudnt finally know my marks. :'( :'(
But its between 65-78. That i can say.
The end

Tip  - After u come out of the hall. Pls dont rush. Wait for some time n try to listen. They will discuss marks. Atleast u can get a range of marks like I got. It will calm ur nerves. The girl b4 me got 71.
All the best to all of u. May all of us get job in this year.

Thanks to Nabita for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. Haa haa.. I wish i had listened at the door too ;) That sounds like fun :P

  2. Aapki Tip kamaal ki hai ji!!!! :-P

    Thank you...

    By the way nice interview!!! All the best ji....

  3. where was your interview nabita Pal ????

  4. u vl get PO no doubt about it.......anyway all d best...

  5. Ipsit.. it was at the ubi. United tower.


  7. Thank u.. manoj n akshaym n all the best to u.

  8. plz provide any so previous papers for practice to my mail id i am applying sbi so (2014)

  9. any help...i m too M.Pharma..too afraid ...intrvw is on 19th.. general 121 haryana

  10. difference between head office and corporate office . plz reply my friends . plz.

  11. M.pharma..

    Did u give the qualification in the application form? If no.. pls don tell that u have done it. But if u have alrdy metioned.. i don know. Mujhe khud hi boht prblm hua cnvince karne me

  12. Hai
    frnds i have my intrvw on 2mrw. I have entered my ugmark as 89 instead
    of i have entered the pg mark correctly.wil it create a pblm in
    interview or getting job? What should i do pls someone help

    1. Hi shiv mam. Pls clarify my doubt

    2. No problem sis... From now onwards you enter ur real marks.. . No need to be tensed. Focus on your preparation. All the best.

  13. @N. Pal, Before document verification, did they ask you to write essay in local language?

  14. I see.. I have my interview at the same place.. on 21st february..I have got 121 (Gen) ..hoping for the very best.

  15. hw was your result...i am the M.Pharm guy from haryana, i m in reserved 121 in written but still...kya kr skte hn

  16. I got 121 in written too and interview got 74... total was 63.2 % and allotment cut off was 64 percent i missed even the reserved list for which cut off 63.4.. i missed by .02 ... :-| tough luck here !!!


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