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February 17, 2014

Interview Experience from Visakhapatnam


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Hi friends, I have noticed that none from Visakhapatnam have shared their experience in this particular site, so I just wanted to post mine. Hope it would be of any help to you.

Name : Sreeeranjani S

Qualification : Masters in Journalism & Mass Comm.

Date : 16.02.2014

Time : 1:00 PM

Venue : Andhra Bank, Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam

Panel : 2

Category : General

Score : 133

I reached the venue by 12:45. By that time instructions were already given and everyone were writing their own topics. I took the paper and started writing.
My turn for verification came around 4:00 PM. I was 20th member out of 25.  Interview started at 5:45

I entered the room seeking permission. Wished the madam first and later the rest.
M1: Why bank after doing journalism?
I: Sir i have already worked in a channel and I felt that i couldn't fit in. I have chosen this because it's a respectable job.
M1: So where u worked u didn't get any respect?
I: Sir the environment was entirely different and I preferred to quit that.
M1: Okay. So you are a straight forward person? ( nuvvu kuda ni mukku la mukkusooti manishi anamata) :)
I: Yes sir kinda :)
M2: What's your full name?
I: Replied
M2: Father's name?
I: Replied.
M2: Did u attempt PO?
I: Yes sir I did
M2: What's your score?
I: 74
M2: How much did you get in clerical?
I: 133 sir.
M2: If you get both PO and clerical, which one would you choose?
I: PO sir obviously.
M1: But it's hell lot of job for us and you are going to choose PO?
I: Sir what am I supposed to do when the results aren't declared yet.?
M2: He made of fun of M1, yes sir answer her (M1 is from IBPS it seems)
M3: What is yellow journalism?
I: Tampering with facts and publishing their own news or their desired news
M2: What were your subjects in graduation?
I: Literature, psychology and journalism
M2: Which literature?
I: English sir
M1: Oh you have great combination of subjects
I: Yes sir.
M2: What did they teach You in literature?
I: Basics in literature, American literature, British literature, evolution of words and etc.
M2: Good. Got it
M3: Who is psychiatrist?
I: One who treats mental illnesses
M3: Here sir asked another type of psychologist n I answered i never heard sir.
M2: Who is nature poet?
I: William wordsworth
M2: Are you sure?
I: No sir, I guess it is him (wrong, it's John Keats)
M2: Who wrote Paradise Lost?
I: No idea sir
M2: It's John Milton. He said dome poets' names here
M3: Do you know___some author name
I: Never heard of sir.
Here everyone discussed saying he is famous and everything
F4(lady): Spoke for the first time, may be she had only basics in graduation
I: Yes ma'am :)
M3: Why most of the journalists are joining Aam Aadmi party?
I: Sir he started his campaign saying he wants to bring a change in society, no corruption in India and all, those who work as journalists join media thinking that they can help society in some way, so that might be the reason they r joining AAP.
M3: Would you join AAP?
I: No sir
M3: What's the reason?
I: I am not interested in politics sir.
M2: You have very different subjects, why didn't you try for civils? Psychology would fetch you marks
I: Yes sir I heard of that but I haven't considered about it.
M3: He told about some word
I: Sorry sir i never heard of it
M1 & M3 explained, the one who predicts the electoral results
I: Thank you sir
M2: But why banking?
I: Told again saying that I can be comfortable, stability and moreover it's a govt. job
F4 came to my rescue saying that girl already mentioned about having respectable job.
So none of them contradicted her and left that topic
M2: But you would be blocking a place for another candidate.
M1: And we had to work so hard taking interviews.
I: Sir even we put in lot of effort to reach so far and we can't take a risk losing an opportunity when the other one is unsure.
M1&M2: Yes that's true too.

I didn't encounter even one question regarding banking nor current affairs in particular.
The interview was in Telugu and only M3 spoke in English. I spoke kinda pure Telugu. No questions were asked from my written topic too.
In the end everyone told me that they are done and wished me good luck in unison.
M1 said I hope you would get the PO
I: Even I sir :) smiling
Thanked ma'am first and later everyone and said Good day.
The whole interview lasted around 10 minutes that's it.
Wishing everybody all the very best! 

Thanks to Sreeeranjani for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. Admin Sir and team members I have emailed u my interview experience but u didnt published it yet....Its my humble request plssssssssssssssssssss publish it at once....My name is nilesh Khandarkar date of interview-16 feb 14.....Byeee

    1. A few more experiences are pending Friend. We will post yours by today's evening.

  2. Excellent experience akka. All the best to you :)

    I have my interview tomorrow.

  3. Admin, pls post more experiences from trivandrum,if any

  4. all d 1

  5. @swarna good luck :)
    And to everyone too :D

  6. plz post interview experience from Maharashtra... if any... do they ask questions in marathi?

  7. Vaammo kummesav ga Sriranjani. Performance adiripoindi. Definitely you will be selected according to me.

  8. admin please post interview experience from karnataka

  9. @Harish
    haha thanks. Even i hope i wud get it.. Andaru friendly ga unnaru, M3 tappa. Good luck to u.

    1. Thank you. Naadi kuda same situation like you.I mean I have cleared PO and Clerk as Well. Both Interviews completed.

  10. wish u all the best

  11. Can anyone help me what will be the answer If they ask why banking after english literature ??? Any points are welcome

  12. all the best sri ranjani garu... nice interview by you.. and all the best for PO. I am also facing the same problem as your's. Mine is PO:77, Clerk:127 ....

    any how thanq for sharing @ sriranjani.....

  13. @everyone
    I am sure about one thing, panels r tired listening to bank is a growing sector, I can use my technical experience when any prob arises blah blah.. just speak ur mind and state the obvious that when one have financial n job security he'd put in efforts to retain that position.
    It's just a suggestion but I am not implying u have to say exactly these words.

  14. of luck....

  15. thanks of luck....


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