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February 13, 2014

IBPS Clerks Interview Experience 2014 from Salem


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Hi frndz .. I am Dhivya . Here I want to share my interview experience with you all ..


TIME     : 8.30, FEB 11th

VENUE : IOB Regional Office, Salem


My document verification started by 11 am . I called for interview by 12.30 pm. There were 4 members ( m1,m2,m3,f1)

I entered the room asking permission.

M1 : at first he gave me a blank paper and smiled.
ME : i took it from him without questioning him

M2 : Tell me about yourself
ME : i replied

M2 : so dhivya ,tel me about your father's profession (my father is working as a postmaster).
    * what are all the new advanced systems used in post offices ?
    * Like bank,whether post offices offers any savings account ?
    * How many time you visited post office with your dad ?
ME : i replied

M3 : Why banking after MCA ?
        he gave me Tamil and English newspapers and asked me to read 3 lines .

ME : I did

M1, M2, M3 : panel members were asked me to write few point about women empowerment in Tamil ?
ME : I wrote 5 points.

at last lady interviewer shoot me a questions about banking

F1 : inflation and deflation
       functions of RBI?
       How RBI gets money ?

ME : i replied .she satisfied with my answers

they offered me a chocolate and wished all the best ....

I thanked all the panel members and came outside :)

My own suggestion to u frndz .. don't be panic with panel members ...they are friendly ..try to answer with smile..

ALL THE BEST FRNZZZ ... Thank u all :)

Thanks to Dhivya for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. thank you fr sharing ur experiecne divya ... all the best

  2. hi divya...wat was ur ans when they asked u hw rbi gets d money plz rply

  3. U r mark and category, r u a fist person get enter the panel

  4. hi divya, i want to know your reply for the question
    "why banking after MCA"?

  5. how rbi gets money???

  6. thanks for sharing ur interview divya all the best..

  7. may i know your mark and community...?

  8. how rbi gets money?

  9. In Tamilnadu First they ask about urself then about ur parents profession if u added in tell me about yourself question that your father is this and ur mother is that.Second they give u a newspaper and ask to read and write something in Tamil.Third if ur profession is BE then why banking after BE If u get a highly paid software job will U go or still join as a clerk. Forth about basic banking terms and finally comes the 5th section THe GK "Basic ones" but dont worry They will make sure you wont answer all. I attended the interview and this is the format Trust me. Just read the banking terms and stuffs like rbi governer ,finance minister,head of planning commision and past 3 days newspaper from the time of ur interview date Thats it It is a piece of cake unless u r unlucky :P

    1. Thank U man that gave some confidence

    2. And one more thing guysIf they ask u Software or clerk say clerk "Dont say work pressure but job stability" But if PO/Specialist officer or clerk say PO/Specialist officer DOnt say clerk You will get screwed and your mark goes down and they will ask more questions like why...And they finally get know how you look when you lie :P All the guys Follow my 5 section format and success is for sure :)

    3. Thank ur frnd. thanks a lot

  10. Name : saranya

    Qualification : msc

    Interview Time : 1.00 pm (documents verification started @4.00pm and interview started at 4.30pm)

    Interview panel : 1

    Interview venue : IOB, salem
    Written mark :81 (obc)
    There are four members in the panel one lady(L1) ant 3 Gentlemen (G1 G2 G3)

    I asked excuse me and wished them good evening sir and good evening mam
    G1:They told me to take ur seat
    Me:thank u sir
    G1:where are u from?
    Me:I said
    G1:tell me about ur family?
    Me: I said
    G2:wht is ur qualification?
    Me: I said
    G2:asked to read tamil and English news paper?
    G3:asked to write in tamil,y u want join bank?
    Me:I wrote
    L1:asked wht is ur father?
    Me:I said
    L1:how much land do u have?
    Me: I said
    L1:wht ur cultivating?
    Me:I said
    L1:and asked about my home town and nearest banking ?
    How village people using bank like…
    That’s all ,only some questions only asked in English others are in tamil….little conversation that’s all.

  11. interview me girls ne suit or jeans me se kise prefer kiya tha


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