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February 15, 2014

IBPS Clerks Inerview Experience 2014 from Trivandrum


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Name - Anees 

Qualification - B.Tech ECE and Currently pursuing MBA (Finance)

IBPS Clerk Score - 123 Experience

IBPS P.O Score - 69

Interview Date - 14-02-2014

Venue - Canara Bank, Trivandrum

Panel - III

I reached the venue at 1 pm. Document verification was completed at 2 pm. I was called for interview at 3:30 pm.

As usual there were 3 males and 1 female of which one male was of my age (23).

P2: Which is your native? (In Malayalam)

P2: Family? (In Malayalam)

P3: Suppose if you get both P.O and clerk; P.O in Lucknow and Clerk in your hometown. Which'll you choose?

Me: Lucknow as P.O..and mentioned reasons for that like studied in
Bangalore, love learning different cultures etc.

P4: What did you learn from your hostel life?

Me: Communication skills, Coordinating Skills

P1: You are offered a job in ICICI as well as SBI, Which will you prefer?

Me: I chose SBI and talked about priority sector development

P1: Is foreign account system good for the country?

Me: I wasn't aware of it and I said so.

P4: How do you help the economically backward people with your job?

Me: Talked a bit on Financial Inclusion

P2: All the best and offered me chocolates.

That was it. Interview was about 10 minutes and as already I have attended PO interview I created a belief that I'll get the P.O post itself.

Thanks to  Anees Mohamed for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Good luck Anees !! And thank you for your valuable time.
    u think there are chances for allotment with 69 score in po..even i got the same!!

    1. yes...i believe i can around 14-15 atleast in PO interview and get selected in the first allotment itself...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hey Anees, If they offer u choclates what should u do, take it or say no thank you?PLZ REPLY

    4. a definite yes..take one or two chocolates...

  2. thnx a loot anees.. all the best

  3. am also having intrvw in ur same centr on 20th.. my scr 126..dnt knw what happns..

  4. interview schedule of KERALA GRAMIN BANK officer scale-1 is out...

  5. somebody post your interview reviews of catholic syrian bank po pls.............................

    1. they asked personal details............why you have chosen CSB? your qualification? then some banking terms such as financial inclusion, KYC, current account interest rate,etc

  6. whether panel members are same for all interviews? i have intrw on 18 feb, panel 3.

  7. what is foreign account system???


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Thanks for the review Anees.. Did they ask the all the questions in malayalam or just the first two?

  11. Hello... wud it matter if I don't have the degree certificate? Have got only the provisional certificate. I passed out in 2012.

  12. Hi friends, My interview was on 21 Feb 2014.
    My score : 110
    Category : General.
    Venue : Canara Bank, Trivandrum.
    When I reached the venue, most of the girls there were studying notes and discussing about balance sheet, RBI rates etc etc. As soon as the verification finished, we were taken to the interview panel. I was the fourth one and the three persons before me told us that the interview was very tough. I too entered with a fear in my mind. There were 4 members. They told me to take my seat.

    M1: So you are Rakhee. Where are you staying.
    Me: In Trivandrum only
    M1 : Tell me about yourself.
    Me: I replied
    M1 : What is your husband? What is your father? What is your mother? Your hobbies? etc
    M2 : Told me to read a Malayalam news paper and asked to write that paragraph.
    M3 : What is Bank rate?
    Me : Rate at which RBI lends money to commercial banks.
    M3 : Who is the RBI Governor?
    Me : Raghuram Rajan.
    M3 : Diff between Nationalised Bank and Private banks.
    Me : Private banks are owned by private individuals where as Nationalised Bank is the one in which Government has share.
    M3 : One in which Government has majority share. You have to tell like that.
    Me : Ok sir.
    M3 : What is the interest rate of a savings bank account.
    Me : I have a savings account in HDFC. There it is 4%.
    M3 : How do a woman manages work and family?
    Me : Sir, I have experienced that. The important thing is we have to get up earlier. When a child comes responsibilities increase. We should find time for everything. Time management may seem difficult at first. But after some days it becomes our routine.
    M3 : Are you ready to work anywhere in Kerala. since you are a married woman I guess you can't.
    Me : No Sir. I am ready to work anywhere. Since my husband is in Oman it doesn't matter whether I am in my hometown or anywhere else.
    M3 : Thank you Rakhee. Best wishes.
    Me : Thank you sirs, Thank you ma'm

    The female member didn't ask anything. She just translated what M3 asked me about working women in Malayalam. Overall it was a very good experience for me. But I don't expect much because my score for test is low. Everything left to God.

  13. Can anyone tell me, why the job in SBI is better than ICICI, Please tell me the each and every reasons,
    Yesterday I argued with a person who is working in ICICI as branch manager(he himself says that he is a branch manager, I doubt) regarding this. He also said that that he got selection as PO in SBI and did not join else he joined in ICICI before 3 years and he is getting higher salary than SBI and so on, can this be true?


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