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February 11, 2014

IBPS Clerks 3 Interview Experience - Andhra Pradesh


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Name : Suresh U

State : Andhra Pradesh

Venue : Andhra Bank Zonal Office, Vijayawada

I reached the venue at 7:00am. The Document Verification started at sharp 8:30 and surprisingly they gave a white paper and asked us to write down something in telugu to check our proficiency in Telugu.The Interview questions were based on what we wrote there. I wrote about myself.

At last My turn Came....
I asked the permission to get in and enterd the room.
There were 3 males and 1 female in the interview board.

Q1 : tell me about urself ?
I said : I m suresh kumar from nathavaram ,visakhpatnam dt.I have completed my in Information Technology in 2012.My father is a farmer and mother is a home maker.I have an elder sister.Singing songs,browsing internet are my hobbies.Hard work,self descipline,gud communication skills are my strengths.

Q2 : U completed ur B.Tech in 2012.Den wt have u been doing til now ?
I said : I hav been in preparation sir..In my first attempt,i didnot clear written exam and in my second attempt i missed in 2 soon after results i analysed systematically to know where i went wrong.I learnt some techniqs to overcome those mistakes and this has given me a gud result as i m before u just bcz of correcting my mistakes dat i had committed prevoiusly..this has taught me failures come succes follows it by overcoming those problems...
(They luked impressd for this ans )

Q3 : Why Bank Job After Information technology ? Why not S/w Companies?
I Said : It is bcz of Uncertainity of future and growth in IT Companies.
I See banking is the Secured and one of the fatest growing sectors..
As far as my edcation is concerned,Information Technology is a branch which is applied anywhre throughout the globe.and in my banking sector is Technology driven...most of the banking transactions today are based on Information technology..So my Professional Qulaification will help me to add some extra benifits to my jo.and i can serve my customers efficiently..Moreover Bank job is not something dpositing and granting loans..its a kind of socila provides a way and satisafaction to serve society...

Q4: What do Know abt NEFT,RTGS,Internt banking ?
I Answered.

Q5:Do You have account ?

Q6: In which Bank ?

Q7:what kind of services u enjoy through ur account.
I said :check book, net banking ,mobile banking, ATM Card

Q8:How bank is useful for a common man in society/
I said it develops saving habit among provides loans who are in need and for farmers it provides agricultural loans.student loans for educational assistance..and recently it introduced locker facility for protection of documents and valuable goods,..
(they luked impressive)

Q9:they asked abt shipyard and beach in vizag ?
I didnot answer them properly..

Q10:Why ur interview in Vijayawada? u have panned in vizag...den why here???

I said : I did my graduation here.. so i m familier to places here...i have an idea abt colleges ,banks and major institutes in vzwada more than for my comforbility i choose vzwada..

Q11:who is baba ramdev ?
I Answered.

Q11:what is Information technology?Define
I said :Information is the knowledge dervied from the study,experience or instructio...and Technology is the use of this Knowledge for practical purpose such aas engineering ,inventing etc.

Q12:later 3 questions on my Sub C#, Asp.Net, OOP principles, domain server.


Overall performance was satisafactory...

Suggestion : As many said...dont be tensed...believe in ursef...answer confidently..
Wish u all the best for the aspirants....!!!

Thanks to Suresh for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his Interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. wish you all the best
    thankd for sharing

  2. what's u r score frnd?

  3. thank you so much its very usefull as im an IT student who chose banking :)

    can u plz provide ur email id... so tat i can help from u in clearing he written examz... plzz

    1. contact : 9000959725
      its my pleasure to help my IT students preparing for bank exams...

    2. very impressive! thanks a lot for sharing.

    3. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing!

  4. thank U soo much for sharing..

  5. ThanQ so much Gr8Ambitionz for Publishing My Interview Experience here..Thanx a lott..Delighted to c my post here

  6. Anybody felt very nervous and totally blank in interview... ? as i was totally blank in IBPS PO interview... Took sum time from them and started again... i knew their ques's answers.. whatever i said after sum time but first impression is the last impression....

    1. Hey shelza..I read your interview was for clerk i guess..u did well there..dont know about PO..its human tendancy to get get nervous on such occasions,,but we have to overcome it somehow..

  7. why every btech stduent goint to choose bank as a carrer. why u create competition for commerce student..?? if u have the effect of unemploymemt thn other are also have .. commerce student can not go for technical interview thn why u ppl create comepetion if j have interest in bank than y dont u choose eco or commerce as a course ... u unemployed btech ppl are increasing like virus shitt man

    1. ohh...mannn grow up kid...:) we r living in a competitive world....dnt cry on others..believe in urself...dn't post such crap comments.......u silly fellow

    2. shit.....learn spelling first haha

  8. it was grt to read, all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wish u all the best and thanks for sharing

  10. Can anyone tell the practical limit of NEFT & RTGS?

  11. Hi Suresh, thanks a lot for sharing ur interview experience, this helps me a lot. As even I am from IT background. I wish you all the best.

    Your buddy :)

  12. neft is mainly used for the transcactions below 2 lakhs and there is no maximum limit for it

    where as rtgs is used for transactions above 2 lakhs and there is no upper limit for it both are used to transfer funds using electronic mode

  13. plz help me out of dis...
    while applying for clerk 3 exam i entered my p.g marks as 64.91 instead of 64.42,is dis will be a problem for interview?

    1. As you are not in border I.e 59.91 instead of 59.42,ther will be no problem..

  14. Interview Telugu lo jariginda leka English lo na...?

  15. thank u mr. suresh. do u have that c# subject in It?

  16. local compulsory means mine is telugu and i dnt know 2 write?will i face any problem?
    and interview is in telugu or english?in which lang.we should rply plss tell me iam fully confused wat 2 do 15th is my intrview

  17. thanks for sharing you interview experience Mr. Suresh.....

    Could you please share the technical question asked from C#, OOPS, and DOMAIN-SERVER ???

    It would be helpful....


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