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February 18, 2014

IBPS Clerk-III Interview Experience from Karnataka - Ashok Wajantri


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Name : Ashok Wajantri
Date : 11/02/2014

Qualification : B.E (ECE)

Time : 8.30 AM

Venue : Syndicate bank, Bangalore.

Dear aspirants, here I want to share my IBPS Clerk-III Interview experience. Hope this will gives little lamp light to take steps of upcoming interviews in dark room of SHARP COMPITITION WORLD.
    I was reached venue within the mentioned time. Document verification started at sharp 10.15am. After strict verification I was in queue towards cabin with bit scare. Finally my turn came. There were 4 members among them 1 was woman and rest all men. I entered the cabin gently and confidently. Here my real Interview goes…
Me: May I come in sir?
Panel: Yes come in. Please be seated.
Me: Thanking you, and wished all.
 M1: Mr. Ashok, are you from?
Me: Bagalkot sir.
M1: What are visiting places in your district?
Me: Badami Banashankari temple, Koodal sangam, Aihole, Pattadkallu, Aalamatti dam, etc.

M3: Ok. How about horticultural crops?
Me: Good sir, most of fruits been importing to other places, widely chikku fruit.

M2: well, you secured good score in Engineering degree, why banking?
Me: Banking is sunrise or booming sector. It is one of fastest growing sector in Indian economy. Moreover providing wide range of opportunities to graduates, so I want take an opportunity to join in bank.

F1: Of course Mr. Ashok, you can also find better opportunities in IT sector na, why more interested in banking?
Me: (I was bit trouble, but convinced her in effective manner) I agree with you madam, but I scored less percentage in 12th class and could not eligible for most of companies. Where I found banking sector is best suitable for me to reach my goals. And also I can get job security, job satisfaction as well good social respect as BANKER.
(I hope they were satisfied with my answer)

M3: What is banking?
Me: Answered.
M3: What you know about RBI?
Me: Answered.

M3: What are monetary policies?
Me: These are process conducted by RBI, in order to control the supply of money, availability of money and adjust rupee liquidity by using tools like Repo rate, SLR etc.

F1: Good. Have you came across concept of FDI?
Me: Yes mam.
F1: what is that?
Me: Foreign Direct Investment. (All were started laughing)
F1: (With laughing) means what?
Me: It is foreign company having stocks/shares in Indian companies.
F1: Can you differentiate FDI and FII?
Me: Answered.

M1: what is team work?
Me: It is a work assigned to certain people to finish successfully within specified time. (I think They were impressed)

M2: Can you write KANNADA?
Me: Yes sir. I studied 1st to 10th in KANNADA medium only.

    Finally they gave a Kannada news paper and asked me read a sentence, tell the meaning and write it on paper. I did same……

Ok. You may go now.. They wished me in Kannada “DEVARU OLLED MADALI” (may god bless you) And offered me a chocolate. I also thanked them, exit room gently.

That’s all friends………..

My suggestions : Dear aspirants, if you know the answers explain it neatly, if you don’t know tell directly “sorry sir, don’t know.” But don’t create unnecessary noise in panel. Because they are more expecting confident level, communication skills rather than correct answers. Also Smile is imp, so maintain it throughout session. Few questions will ask in local language only. 

    I need comments and opinions about my interview from you people. So your comments are always welcome…

Thanks to Ashok Wajantri for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Nice Interview Brother :) I too have intervw in Vijaya bank head office bangalore on 20th. Are they asking in KANNADA or English ?

    1. Both languages. But will prefer candidates those who know KANNADA well. Good luck man..))

  2. Dear admin and team members my interview experience.......My name is nilesh khandarkar pune (maharashtra).....I have sent u email so many times,,,,,,pls upload it at once

  3. very nice intrw bro...u done a great job...thanx 4 ur sharing

  4. This is fake interview i also attended there on 17 but taking interview procedure different they told to write in kannada to all candidates

    1. Hey, You attended on 17th, but I attended on 11th. So they might changed Interview procedure. Moreover you won't get same panel members as was in previous day. While commenting somebody be aware. Don't miss guide aspirants..

  5. Is der any chance tat dey can fail us in interview.. Actually I gave my interview today in Bangalore canara bank n it dint go verywell. I expected Lots of questions from commerce or banking coz I hav done but dey jis asked 3 q,s n it got over in 5mins...m very score is 121

    1. my self also @himani surana ... they are just asking 4questions...

    2. @ Himani Surana, As you are it's not like that. Just they will give marks for interview section. They don't reject directly from selection process. First of all I congrats you, because u have scored very well. they will check our local language proficiency. So no need to worry at all. You will be IN. Just hope for the best. Good luck...))

    3. thanx ashok
      i wish u d same dear...
      hoping for the best for everyone

    4. thanx ashok
      i wish u d same..
      hope for best for everyone...

    5. Thank you surana..
      Good luck..))

  6. Hi himani i also had an interview on 18feb afternoon canara bank mg road ..same thing happend with me interview were last for 5min only... ....and in last they offer me toffee...please guys can anyone tellme whether they can fail us in interview or score 109 gen-cat

  7. i gave my interview on 18th feb @ canara bank, mg road... they checked local language proficiency.. after that they asked me are you willing to work in rural area....

  8. can we know ur score in written exam @ashok wajantri


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