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February 18, 2014

Interview Expereince from Ahmedabad


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Name : Lakshmi

Place : DENA Bank, Ahmedabad

Score : 113, Gen

Hi Friends,
I am done with my interview today and I’m happy to share it. I thank who had posted their experience before mine. I also thank Gr8ambitions for this great contribution.
I think my experience boost confidence in those who don’t know Guajrati. (So tensed, as I was told interview will be in guj)
There were total 4 members in a panel. I entered room asking permission and wished them .
 M1: Tell me about yourself
Me: Replied (General intro)
M1: Asked abt family
Me: Replied
M1: Do you know Gujarati (GUJ)
Me: I can write and read. But, cannot speak fluently( I’m in the process of learning)(Guj)
M1:  “nari shakthi” (he asked me to talk few lines related to this topic)
Then he told y it is necessary for a clerk to know the local language.(GUJ)
Me:I understand sir. (Guj). (but friend I didn’t lost my confidence. I told them I cannot give speech right now . I’m ok with general conversations.(hin))
M1: so how much time u need to learn(guj)
Me: I’ll learn within a month (GUJ)
He asked again r u sure you’ll learn in a month. I told yes(guj)
 I think he was convinced.
M1: Do you think your studies will be helpful to banks.
Me: Replied (I was prepared for this…as I am an Environmental engineer). ( banking terms like neft , rtgs, ecs etc.,  were included in ans to explain paperless work  and so….)
Now, it’s a M2 turn( who was busy doing some other work till now).
M2: What were u doing all these years( gap of 6 yrs after studies)
Me: I worked for 2 yr after that I was looking after my son and now I’m here.
M2: what are carbon footprints( as I used this in my last ans to m1)
Me: replied
3 questions  related to that . I explained .
M3: What is cross selling
Me: Other products of bank offered to an existing customers of a bank.
M3: What are the Products
Me: Loans, advances …….intrupted here
L1: Types of loans
Me: education, home, agri  and to start any business
L1: what is working Capital  
Me: Explained( capital required to set up and to run an organization.. but I think could have given better ans)
L1:name any 5 women in any field
Me: sunita will, kiran bedi, usha ananthasubramanyam, chanda koccher (explained with their fields)… interrupted by M3
M3: Sonia Gandhi
Me: yes sir
M1: what is CORE banking? Diff between old and new banking system.
Me: replied.( also included CORE- centralized online real-time electronic)
M1: R u Ready to work in a village
Me: yes sir.
M1: will your husband agree for that
Me: yes. So I’m here.
M1: Do learn gujarati (smile)
Me: sure sir.
I thanked them and left the room. The interview was around 10-15 min.
Please rate my performance.

My Suggestion :  Be confident while answering. Face each question as it is first one to u, don’t think about the last question/answer.
All the best .

Thanks to Naga Lakshmi for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team


  1. Dear admin and team members my interview experience.......My name is nilesh khandarkar pune (maharashtra).....I have sent u email so many times,,,,,,pls upload it at once

  2. my interview was in jalandhar and i answered each and every question confidently but phir b nahi pta kya hoga result ka

  3. Hey i also had int in jalandr..wat was ur score..?? Nd category..?? Mine also gone gud..!!

  4. my marks is 121 general

  5. hii lakshmi i am also appearing frm gujrat..i dnt knw gujrati...i want to ask u did they ask or u tld them in vry first stage...

  6. hi meet i m from punjab my interview was at PNB circle office where was yours? my marks are 121 plz tell me what is the highest marks from punjab

  7. anyone who have interview on 20th dena bank ahemdabad panel 1st time 1:00pm


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