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February 13, 2014

IBPS Clerk III Interview Expereince - Manjunath B From Karnataka


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Name : Manjunath. B 

IBPS Score : 80 ( cut off is 47) 

IBPS Clerk III interview Venue : KVG Bank Head Office, Dharwad 

State : Karnataka 

Time : 8.30

Category : SC

My document verification is finished at 10.50am nd called for interview there r 4 panelist 1 lady and 3senior male panelists.

me ; may i come in sir
panelist : pls come

me : gud morning sir gud morning madam
panalist : pls sit down
me :thanku sir

chairman : u have completed na and any higher education ?

Me : answered

chairman : r u working presently nd how much s ur salary ?
Me : answered

chairman : which subject u've studyed in ur Degree nd Pg ?
Me : answered .. HRM a/cs. Etc

chairman : wat is HRM ?
Me : i gave hrm definition

chairman : tel me meaning wat it includes
me : while explaining meaning hrm meaning i use the motivation word ?

Chairman : wat is motivation give me example nd explain ?
Me ; i have given my present company example nd explained

panalist (lady ) 2 : in balance sheet which items will under fixed nd current assets nd why ?
Me : answered

panalist 3 : explained regarding freedom fighters nd asked what is the  slogan of Bhagat singh nd wat u knw abt subhas chandra bose ?
Me : only answered regarding subhas chandra bose
panilist 3 : very Gud

panalist 4 :asked family details nd in which bank u've account ?
Me : answered

panalist 4 : if u selected r u ready work in rural area ?
Me : answered nd explained my current job interaction with rural peoples

finally they said u can go
me : thanku sir's

One more thing friends they asked all questions in my local language and they also checking candidates weather the candidates have local language knowledge nd writting nd communication by giving a topic to write an essay in local languag. All the best friends :)

Thanks to Mr. Manjunath for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. thanks for sharing...on which topic you wrote the essay.

  2. anyone from Kanpur please share your interview experience.

  3. Thanks for sharing your interview experience friend.whether the interview is in kannada or in english manjunath????????????

  4. Karnataka guys Hi any one having interview on 17 syndicate bank koramangala branch morining shift

  5. you will be definately selctd congrts

  6. had interview at bangalore
    was given a sheet and asked to write 2-3 lines on anything in kannada
    questions were
    digital signal processing and image processing uses(because graduation BE ece)
    why canara bank(my 1st preference)
    what is mangalayan(mars mission)
    top bank of country
    is sbi nationalized
    is rbi nationalized
    is rbi a govt bank
    is rbi under control of govt
    are u ready to work in rural areas
    who was chief guest at republic day
    anything significant of his visit
    why banks after B.E.
    why not if you wanted 2 go for banks

    1. thank you so much for this information. which place in bangalore was your interview in? and when they ask you to write an essay how long should this essay be. should it have paragraphs or just a few lines?

    2. no need of any essay.just write 2-3 lines in kannada like my name is so and so.i am from ------place.thats enough.if u want add whatever u like(i said -- is chief min of my state)
      canara bank in mg road

    3. thank you so much. mine is also in the same place on the 20th.

    4. whats your score and cat? vijay

    5. all the best.obc 118

    6. in which bank you're interview.....

  7. how many nationalised banks are there? are sbi and its associates nationalised bank? plz calrify

    1. Total Nationalized 19+Sbi and Associates 6+IDBI=26 Now Bharatiya Mahila Bank also PSU bank


  8. thank u Vijay , they were communicating in which language Kannada or English ?

  9. BOTH.
    Speak in kannada when they speak in kannada and in english when they speak to u in english

  10. In kannada only they will speak and ask the questions ....... essay may rbi,rti,customer services i choosed rbi

  11. why karnataka cutoff is 47 kerala cutoff is 109 is there any difference??is karnataka xam is tougher than kerala??or few people is writting xam in karnataka?

  12. karnataka cutoff is 63.. not 47...

    1. For Gen OBC it is 63. Are you sure for SC ST also it is 63?

  13. no for sc st its different i think 47

  14. You will be asked to read and write kannada..

  15. You will be asked to read the kannada newspaper and write two sentences in kannada.

  16. In karnataka interview is in kanada only


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