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February 11, 2014

IBPS Clerical Interview Experiences - Leelanand Kumar


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Name : Leelanand Kumar Yalla

Qualifiction : B.Tech

Interview Venue : Andhra Bank, Sultan Bazar, Koti.

Time : 8:30 am.

I entered the room at around 12:15 pm. I wished them all. after that they supposed me to take your seat. then i thanked.

They are watching my Attached documents. in which one panel member asked me your name is Leelanand Kumar Yalla ?
Then i replied yes sir.

Q: Where are you from?
ans: iam from kothagudem, khammam district.

Panel M1: Oh you are from kothagudem. do you know rudrampur? he asked me..
ans: i know sir,

panel: he asked me about how many kilometers from kothagudem to Rudrampur?
ans: i replied.. i think those p[anel members are discussing about my native place..

panel: what are you doing right now?
ans: sir recently i got job in ICICI as a PO but didnt join in that post. I am awaiting to get a job in public sector i replied.

panel M2: Look Leelanand, why you didnt join in that post. It is High cadre than this post as well as it is one of the Largest Private sector bank in india as well as it has branches in Abroad also. there might be work pressure is full and here public sector also work pressure is there but not to some extent. like the way he is saying about my opporutnity.
Ans: then i answered that sir i have one friend he is currently doing work in ICICI as a po. He supposed me to join in Public sector itself. and one more thing i have to do Diploma MBA in Manipal Academy. They will spent around 3 lakhs and i have to pay back by working in that organization only like the way iam answering..
 (Here a lot of discussion took place)

Panel m3: your family back ground?
I replied....

Panel m2: you have done in which stream?
i replied In Electronics and communication Engineering.

M2: He asked one question that leelanand garu, see here in table itself most of the goods are imported from china, japan, korea...
tell me about electronic growth in India...Ans: sir, i have an idea about my subjects but and then replied that most of the intelligents from india are Contributing their sevices in another countries and there they are getting good salaries. this is one of the reason like the way i am answered.

M2: Look leelanand If satya nadella will make a call to u and offering one billion Salary to u. then what will u do say frankly...
ans: i said i will go... then he said not only you every one will go..
Then i said that in telugu Government has to privide some benefits here. then there might be a chance to get Growth in india.

M2: you used the word Government. ok is Government is Stable.. Then suddenly the Question not sink to my answer then i replied Govrnment may change after getting elections. then they are asking my question is not relationg to political parties. is Govrnment is stable?
then i said sorry sir, i dont know...

M1: what are you doing right now?
ans: Now im free sir, preparing for Banking Exams and up to so far i had qulified 5 times in IBPs but didnt get job.

M3: In which Bank you have an Account and how much score did u get?
iob sir...

M3: U will go to bank or doing transaction in atm or internet?
ans: hardly went to bank sir..

M3: what is the role of a clerk in Bank?
I said wrong here. giving loans....

M4: even didnt ask a single question. she is just observing me...

Then they said Ok leelanand All the best... I said thank you and leave.

This is my Interview Experience Friends. Hop it helps.. All the Best :)

Thanks to Leelanand Kumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in his Interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. All the best friend.Questions asked in which language?

    1. 2 members were asking in english and one member in telugu..

    2. They will ask only in the language that you have mentioned while applying for examinations...So don't worry too much about the language part.

  2. can you please tell me the reasons behind your not getting job last 5 times,if you don't will help to me

    1. Due to less marks.. with out coaching i have written....

  3. how many marks did you got and category please

  4. Brother.....You have lots of grammatical mistakes in the above typed experience.Don't take it in a wrong way .....You can definitely do well....Thanks a lot for sharing.......

    1. wch year pasedout student?????5times aa,chala patience unatundi niku.hw cud u missed all d 5times man.u bt gon for icici po man,its a prestgious role.anyway,,,gudluk to u leelanand.

    2. i did my on 2010. after that Gate qualified presently pursuing and parallely applying for this job.. 5 times ante Rural regional banks-2, cwe clerk-1, previous year RRb, Clerk..........

    3. k k ....tanq anand......gudluk

  5. Anybody from karnataka state who had their interview, please share your experience. it really helps us.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Me too from karnataka state .... I have interview on 14th at canara bank.......

    3. i am from bangalore bt my intrvw on feb 18...........what about u

  6. thanks for sharing, i too have interview in the same panel on 14th..

  7. mee category and marks chepthaara leelanand gaaru

  8. hey can i ve ur email id leelanand bcoz im also preparing for bank exam... if u help me out then i can too get qualified in written exam plz....

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. plz help me out of dis...
    while applying for clerk 3 exam i entered my p.g marks as 64.91 instead of 64.42,is dis will be a problem for interview?

    1. No problem. But u may be over qualified for the post. i am also Pursuing but didnt mention about that.

  11. hai im swetha i have interview on 15-april in ibps instruction issue obc certificate after
    2013 april but i have 2007 issued certificate in ap there is a telangana band wat i can do
    pls give rly ............

    1. You may try to get in online.

    2. hello sweta...2007nundi bandhs nonstop ga jargutunaya??m also from AP.dnt b reckless,panel wil asu d same thng if u tell ds der also.if u tel dis in d interview it shws ur recklessness wch wil hav an impact on ur job


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