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February 13, 2014

IBPS Clerical Interview Expereince 2014 - Vijay Kumar


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Name : Vijay

Score : 108

Category : SC

Venue : Andhra bank apex college, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Date : 10/02/2014 at 1:00 PM

Panel no : 07

I rushed there at 12:45 pm. Certificate verification completed in 20 mins.

All candidates need to submitt originals along with one set of self attested xerox copies : Application printout,(10th, intermediate,graduation) marks memos,graduation provisional certificate,caste certificate,if any work experience is there then need to submitt that too,it's not mandatory.

At the verification they gave us 3 topics and asked all of us to write any one topic in Telugu cause they just wanna know our regional language writing skills,they cleared us there are no marks for that.

I was called at 2:15
I asked them permission to allow me to get in..
Replied yes please come in ..
There are 3 male and 1 female in that panel as usual..
I wished them good afternoon sirs,mam,
They wished me and offered me to sit,
I said thank you..

M3: So you're Mr. Vijay
Me: yes sir
M3: tell us about yourself
M3: interrupted me when i was saying about my family and asked what about your siblings?
Me: sir I'm the only child to my parents.
M2: Tell us about your native place?
I replied..
After that he was sharing with other panel members.. he worked as a manager in my native place.
M2: being as an engg.graduate you've experience of one year in your core field, so why you've chosen banking ?
I replied and they seemed like satisfied.
M1: what's banking?
I replied
M1: Do you've bank account?
I said yes sir.
M1: okay tell us about types of banks in India?
I replied
M1: does private banks can be called as nationalized banks?
I said NO
M2: how many kinds of deposits are there ?
I replied
M1:can you elaborate ?
Yes sir and i answered.
M1:what's financial inclusion?
I answered
M3 : looked at madam... and she said nothing.
M3 : okay Mr. Vijay Kumar you may leave now,
I said thank you sirs,mam.
Friends only mam in the panel didn't ask me at least a question! She kept on observing me during that whole time.

I was interviewed in my local language that's in Telugu only.

I felt very easy and satisfied.
But I'm not understanding till now why they made it easy like this.
It's purely God's grace and hope for best score-fingers crossed.
My suggestions are -don't act much just be yourself.
Maintain smile during the interview and eye contact perfectly,
leave your unnecessary tension at out side of the door and enter with confident face.
They may ask you banking basics or current issues or may be your subject basics.
All the very best...
Yours vijay.

Thanks to Vijay Kumar for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. thanks for sharing..
    is it in telugu or english and what are the topics they had given u?

  2. plz share your interview experience any one from bangalore syndicate bank plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    thanking you in advance its really helpful for us plzzzzzzzz

  3. thanks for sharing...what were the 3 topics can you tell me please?

  4. all d best&thanks vijay. i have an interview in the same pannel on 16th

    1. i also have an interview same day panel 07
      what is ur name

    2. i also have an interview same day panel 07 on 16th
      what is your name?

  5. hello vijay ..what is ur 1st bank preference

  6. Please let me know about essay topics. If candidate is from english medium background .how he can write essay in telugu. Their might be mistakes while writing essay.

  7. Vijay what was ur ans to the Question?? Being in core field?? Same case here.. pls help.

  8. Hi friends i'm sorry for this late reply..
    ithe topics we were asked to write ..
    1)banks role in rural areas
    2)banks role in Indian economic development.
    3)what the banking system required more to reach customer satisfaction.

  9. My answer for that question why you've chosen banking,instead of your core field?
    i replied...
    My power plant was shut downed for a long time due to some technical problems,
    so i've lost my job,
    after that i've decided strongly to be settled in any public sector side we don't have this much of recruitment like banking,
    my education what i've achieved so far,it's more or less,
    i can contribute my knowledge to the banking and i wanna develop myself along with the development of organization where i'm going to be placed.
    that's it!

  10. My friend you asked me being as an english medium background student how can i write in telugu?,
    but the thing is they are asking just to know about our writing skills so my suggestion is just practice some 5-8 lines of banking essay and check spellings at home.
    put that as you practised at home.
    why because if the panel members observe your spelling mistakes that may creates a little bad impression on your telugu writing skills.

  11. Thanks all of you for your wishes,
    my first preferred bank is andhra bank..
    all the best to everyone,
    be cool,ready to enjoy ur interview..

    1. Solve my confusn frnds.... If anyone says gudmorning sirs. Den sirs is ryt or wrong?

  12. If there are more than one male person in the panel we need to convey our wishes in plural manner at a time.
    soo there is nothing wrong ...

  13. If there are more than one male person in the panel we need to convey our wishes in plural manner at a time.
    soo there is nothing wrong ...


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