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February 01, 2014

Expected Questions for IBPS IT Officers Exam - Operating Systems


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Friends, as the date of IBPS IT Officers exam is approaching, we've decided to post some practice questions. We've already gave you the multiple choice questions of Data Base Management Systems (you can download the pdf file of mcqs from here). Today here we are giving you the practice mcqs of Operating Systems. Hope these will help you in your preparation. We are working on more sets. You will get them soon. Happy reading :)

The simplest way to break a deadlock is to
  1. preempt a resource
  2. rollback
  3. kill one of the processes
  4. lock one of the processes
  5. none of the above

Which of the following file format supports in Windows 7 ?
  1. BSD
  2. NTFS
  3. EXT
  4. All of these
  5. None of these

A page fault means that we referenced a page
  1. outside the memory boundaries
  2. with an incorrect I/O request
  3. that was not in secondary storage
  4. that was not in main memory
  5. none of these

The part of machine level instruction, which tells the central processor what has to be done, is
  1. Operation code
  2. Address
  3. Locator
  4. Flip-Flop
  5. None of the above

For multiprogramming systems, most UNIX operating systems use
  1. Swapping
  2. Demand paging
  3. Shielding
  4. Either (1) or (2)
  5. Neither (1) nor (2)

The Process is
  1. A program in High level language kept on disk
  2. contents of main memory
  3. A program in execution
  4. A job in secondary memory
  5. None of the above

A static partitioned memory management system has a total of six partitions. If one is allocated
to the operating system, this will allow a total of
  1. five user jobs
  2. six user jobs
  3. thirty-two user jobs
  4. thirty-six user jobs
  5. sixty-four user jobs

Process cooperation in a Readers-and-Writers problem requires that the
  1. Writers always call two procedures
  2. Writers perform a Test-and-Set
  3. Readers always call two procedures
  4. Readers perform a Test-and-Set
  5. none of these

An imperative statement
  1. Reserves areas of memory and associates names with them
  2. Indicates an action to be performed during execution of assembled program
  3. Indicates an action to be performed during optimization
  4. None of the above
  5. All of the above

An assembler is
  1. Programming language dependent.
  2. Syntax dependent.
  3. Machine dependent.
  4. Data dependent.
  5. none of these

Shell is the exclusive feature of
  1. UNIX
  2. DOS
  3. Windows
  4. System software
  5. Application software

Program ‘preemption’ is
  1. forced de allocation of the CPU from a program which is executing on the
  2. CPU.
  3. release of CPU by the program after completing its task.
  4. forced allotment of CPU by a program to itself.
  5. a program terminating itself due to detection of an error.

The primary job of the Operating System is ?
  1. to manage commands
  2. to manage users
  3. to manage programs
  4. to manage resources
  5. all the above

Load address for the first word of the program is called
  1. Linker address origin
  2. Load address origin
  3. Phase library
  4. Absolute library
  5. None of the above

Which amongst the following is not an advantage of Distributed systems?
  1. Reliability
  2. Incremental growth
  3. Resource sharing
  4. Low cost
  5. None of the above

The translator which perform macro expansion is called a
  1. Macro processor
  2. Macro pre-processor
  3. Micro pre-processor
  4. Assembler
  5. None of these

Analysis which determines the meaning of a statement once its grammatical structure
becomes known is termed as
  1. Semantic analysis
  2. Syntax analysis
  3. Regular analysis
  4. General analysis
  5. Fundamental analysis

The FIFO algorithm
  1. executes first the job that last entered the queue
  2. executes first the job that first entered the queue
  3. execute first the job that has been in the queue the longest
  4. executes first the job with the least processor needs
  5. None of the above

Translator for low level programming language were termed as
  1. Assembler
  2. Compiler
  3. Linker
  4. Loader
  5. Low compiler

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