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February 19, 2014

Clerk Interview experience from Guntur - Ashok Kumar Reddy


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Name :  Ashok Kumar Reddy Jakkireddy

Category : General

Score : 127 cut off  111

Qualification : MBA (HRM & Marketing)

Location : Andhra Bank , Guntur

Date : 16/02/2014

I entered the venue by 08:15AM.  There they given a white paper and asked us to write something in Telugu. I wrote about the causes for the under Development in India. I am the 4th person in my panel. My certificate verification was completed by 9:00am & My turn came at 9:30.
I knocked the door and asked the permission to enter the room and wished all of them with a warm wish. There were 3 Sirs and 1 madam.
M1: What is your Name?
I told my name.
M1: Tell me about your family members?
I told all the details about my family.
Now all of them combinely asked me about my qualification and my college and its location.
M2: You completed your MBA in 2011 since from that time what you did?
I said sir from 2011 to Dec 2012 I was worked with Ramky infrastructure Ltd as a HR officer sir.
M1 : why you left that job? I think your company is having sites at Vijayawada and Hyderabad also so why didn’t you ask them to post you?
I told them sir actually when I was selected they have openings at Bangalore site only sir so they posted me there it self-sir. I think he convinced with that answer.
M2: what you did there?
I said sir almost all the administrative and HR activities sir. He said ho good you did all the administration work. He looks like convinced and impressed with that answer.
M3: do you know about negotiable instrument?
I said yes sir; Cheque and DD are the negotiable instruments sir. This should be transferable to any one sir. He asked me that do you know any other instruments. I said sorry sir I doesn’t strike sir. He said do you know anything used by business people? I said know sir. He said bill of exchange. That time I remember it and I said yes sir. Then he asked me to explain about bill of exchange.  I said about the bill of exchange and its time period etc.
M1: Tell me something about infrastructure and how it is useful to the economy and is it useful to economy or not?
I said yes sir it is useful to the economy sir. And if we don’t have infrastructure companies we even unable to run a small organisation sir. We don’t have roads and buildings and flyovers railway lines etc., without infrastructure we don’t have the entire facilities sir. He convinced with that answer and said so it is useful to the economy also. I said yes sir.
M1:  for the development of infrastructure one Prime Minister worked good and provided some facilities also who is he?
I said sir exactly I doesn’t remember sir, he said take time and think I said P.V. Narasimha Rao garu He said no think again I said Rajeev Gandhi garu, this time he said no its Vajpayee garu, I said sorry sir, I to study about that but didn’t recollect it.
M1: He implemented one plan can you tell me about that?
Sorry I don’t know sir. He said he kept one rupee for one litre of petrol for the development of infrastructure. He is the only cause for the development of the country we should need to know about such great leaders. I said yes sir.
M2: Do you think you will get more pay than your previous salary?
I said may be sir. He asked me what your pay there is. I said about my salary details. Then he asked me do u know the salary for clerical cadre? I said I don’t know sir.
F1: the bank doesn’t provide the facilities that your previous company is providing. I said its not a problem madam.
M2: why you left your job? And why you doesn’t tried by continuing in that job?
I said I can sir, but my timings are doesn’t suits for that sir, I tried to do that, but it was not possible that time sir. Because I need to stay there in my office from since morning 7:00 to sometimes mid night sir. So I left my job and from that time I am in preparation for the bank exams sir.
Now some discussion was went there between M1 and M2. And they convinced with my answer.
M3: Did you went to bank coaching?
I said yes sir. I went for coaching in Guntur itself sir. He said ho ok.
Now its madam turn?
F1: who is the deputy chief minister of AP?
I said Damodhara raja Narasimha garu madam.

Who is the minister of rural development ?
I said  Dokka manikya vara Prasad garu. Madam said ya right.
M4: he is the MLA for  you?
I said know sir, he is from Tadikonda constancy, and for my constancy it is Masthan vali garu. He said yes good.
F1: asked mea about my permanent address?
I said.
M2: what is your native place?
I said Guntur itself sir.
HE asked me that your own place?
I said it’s a village near chimakurthy of Prakasam district sir. Now he said yes basically all in that area are settlers from those regions. Now M1 asked is it true. Then M2 said yes all most all the persons are came from that Prakasam and Nellore region and settled in that area. M1 said ho ok ok.
M2: asked something about my essay in telugu language.
M1 : did you write any officers exam?
I said yes sir, I wrote PO exam and qualified and my interview also completed here sir.
M2: asked me for marks?
I said 77 sir.
F1: What is the cut-off?
61 madam.
M1: What is your clerical score?
I said 127 sir cut-off is 111
Madam again asked for the same details again I said all the details.
Now they said ok you can leave now, I replied thank you sirs and madam. Have a good day sir.
They smiled and said the same.

Tip : Just go through your basics and say the answer clearly. If you don’t know say the same.

Tell me friends how was my interview?

Thanks to Ashok for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. interview motham telugu lo ne chesunara bayya?

    1. ha avunu boss..... complete in local language. and
      if u dont know how to answer in telugu u may answer in english...


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