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February 18, 2014

IBPS CLERK 3 Interview Experience at Vijayawada - Srinivas Rao


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Name : Dasari Srinivasa Rao

Qualification : B.Tech EEE

Interview date :13th feb -8.30 AM

Venue : Vijayawada, Andhra Bank Zonal Office

I reached at 8.20 AM. The document verification done at 9.30AM. My turn came at 11.00 AM

I entered into room by asking may i get in sir?
there were 3 male and 1 female in the room

m1: yes,come in.
me:thank u sir,gud mrng madam,gud mrng sirs.

m1: ok..take ur seat...
me: thank u sir.

m1: ok dasari srinivasa member already done intrvw with surname 'dasari',do u know her?Are u relative to her?
me: no sir

m1: ok..u have already done ur intrvw for i right?
me: yes sir..

m1: did the po result come?
me: no sir.

m1: thats why u attended this intrvw...
me: no sir,my po marks were less

m1: ok u r frm konthamuru(my village) ,there is a big school in ur village did u knw?
(i think he know something abt my school)
me: yes sir ,i hav studied in that school sir..

m1 :ur school principal name?

m2: tell me how many exams did u qualify?
me: replied

m2: any other?
me: no sir

m3: (he has very gud knowledge in my subject) he asked me very tricky questions in my subject
me:answered some...some not answred

f1:just observing and smiling

m2: did u read news paper?
me :yes sir

m2:which matter did u concentrate?politics?
me: i read abt politics sir but i like sports

m2:why cricket is popular in india?
me: confused a bit then answered

m2: which award sachin got?

m2:another got same award?
me:mr. c.n.r.rao

m2: for what?
me :chemistry sir

m1: ok u can go now.....

My interview lasts about 20 mins. All the best to all.

Thanks to Srinivasa Rao for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. My interview experience from Odisha.....
    Communication in Regional Language Only...
    Satyabrata Muduli
    Qualification- MCA
    Date-15-02-2014 United Bank Bhubaneswar
    Panel-IV Interview time 8.30am
    Members r very cooperative....
    I entered in to the room at 12.10pm wished them.. & exit 12.25pm
    Panel consist of 3M & 1F....
    First they ask my name , Qualification ,Family, & about Brother ....
    Why u want to join bank?
    Tell 3 public organization in Angul (because it is my home town)..
    Why u r not interest in private sector ....Angul is one of the best industrial area in India & also your brother working in JSPL,Angul
    Why your mark is less in IBPS_III (i said sir due to lack of english knowledge...english mark is less)...
    what is your english mark 14...Ok
    What r u doing for english...(they told me read english news paper)
    Then next tell 3 english news paper ,3 odia news paper and their producers name.....
    then difference between private & public sector...
    Gyanpitha award Gallatry award ......Prativa Ray Book name.....
    who is Binova Bhabe. Why he was famous...... After that they r talk with each other and M3 give me a choclate thak u satyabrata best of luck......... I give all answer except why binova bhabe famous & Gallatry award..... This is my first interview i feel happy & cool ..... I feel Interview is good.......out of 4 member 2 r scanning your body language & eye contact....other 2 r asking questions......

  2. wish u all the best

  3. how to post interview experience

  4. gr8ambitions wrost because not publishing my interview......its bloody site

    1. Agreed dear. But there are 80+ interview experiences are still pending in our inbox. Just imagine, is it possible to post all those interview experiences with the similar content.... So, we are randomly picking the experiences. Sorry for the inconvenience. Good day.

  5. My interview on 18th at canara bank bangalore. They asked me more of personal questions and local language and two three technical questions. Dont take tension for local language as most of the candidates were from other states. They asked me about single window operator and difference between current a/c and Sb a/c.

    1. boss mine was also in canara bank.bangalore. but my interview was not good.i am a local candidate.....hw many marks do they give me?

  6. all the best for ur po and clerk also..................

  7. Dear Ma'am,
    How can I post my interview experience?....

  8. R u from RK 2013 SBI PO batch

  9. how much you got in PO

  10. can any 1 get failed in the interview...? my interview was not good.but i am a local candidate belongs to karnataka.


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