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January 02, 2014

What to Prepare for VRO / VRA Exams ? - Detailed Syllabus


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As people still have been confused and wondering what to prepare for upcoming Andhra Pradesh's VRO and VRA Exams, here is a small post which helps you to get a brief idea on the required topics for the preparation. Based on the previous years' papers and the syllabus of VRO / VRA Exams given in the website, we made the below list of topics to prepare with a brief analysis. Hope it helps. Feel free to use the comments section below if you have any doubts. All the Best :)

Where to Preapre ?
Ofcourse, there are a number of study materials for VRO and VRA are available in market. But the standard way of preparation is to prepare the text books of Science, History and Maths from 6th Class to 10th Class.

What to Prepare ?

We can divide the syllabus into three sections. Those are
  1. General Studies
  2. Arithmetic Ability and
  3. Logical Skills
General Studies : This section carries you 60 marks. For this section, you have to prepare the following topics
  • Awards : National and International Awards like Nobel Prize, Sahitya Akademi, Film Awards, Jnanapith Awards, Sports Awards etc of the year 2013.
  • Books and Authors : Recent Important Books and their authors (focus more on books by famous personality and the controversial books).
  • Science & Technology : Recent developments in Technology and Science.
  • Politics : National and International. Focus more on Telangana issue and AAP.
  • Economy : Current economy related issues, Five Year plans, Projects, Self Employment Schemes and various rates.
  • Budget
  • Sports : Important Trophies, Awards, Places etc
  • Physics, Chemistry and Zoology : Basics are enough. Follow your N.S and P.S text books of 10th class.
  • History : History of Andhra Pradesh and History of India.
  • Geography : Geography of Andhrapradesh and India and a little about the world. You should prepare all topics like the types of lands, disaster management, forests, famous places of AP.
  • Polity : Indian Polity, Basic Rules, Principles, Sections, Challenges, Human Rights, United Nations Organization etc.
Arithmetic Ability : This section carries 30 marks. If you already have been preparing for competitive exams, this section will be a cake walk for you. If you are writing the exam for the first time, then you should work little hard in this section. First mugup all the basic mathematical formulas. Prepare math tables upto 20. And squares and cubes upto 15. You have to cover all the math topics of class 6th to class 10th. Here are some important topics you should prepare,
  • Simplification (Basic Maths, BODMAS rule)
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Averages
  • Percentages
  • Heights and Distances
  • Profit and Loss
  • Percentages
  • Mensuration (basic level - areas)

Logical Skills : This section carries you 10 marks. You should focus on following topics.
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Series
  • Odd man Out
  • Directions
  • Calender
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
As we've mentioned in our last post, this time the competition will be really tough. Every single mark is crucial to decide your fate. So you need to work hard. All the Best :)

Download the Pdf Version of VRO / VRA Syllabus from here 

Read detailed analysis of VRO and VRA Exams 2014 from here

Uma Kantha Madala

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  1. thank u and pls provide material for vro and vra mainly for general awarness

  2. Hi, Error found in pdf of syllabus - not working. Thank you

  3. Do the VRO/VRA exam have any negative marking?

  4. respected admin..
    my self getting "page not found" as i want to download vro vra syllabus pdf files
    please checkit out once..

  5. Please send me the detailed syllabus vro/vra to my mail

    1. Please send me the detailed syllabus of vro/vra to mail my mail id:

  6. No sir their no vro updated syllabus sir please send me mail id :

    1. Sir please send me detailed syllabus to mail :

  7. hii sir I am from Rajasthan can I appear for this Exam

  8. hii sir I am from Rajasthan can I appear for this Exam

    1. Sorry bayya. You are not eligible.

  9. plz provide material for vro sir ....

  10. hello sir kindly plz provide material for vro...

  11. syllabus ok please provide material also so that it will be helpful

  12. Thanq u madam and please provide general knowledge material for VRO. .

  13. question paper will be in telugu / english

  14. please do reply admin...!!!
    in which language the exam will be telugu or english..!!??
    wht abt negetive marking..!!??
    time details..!! and number of questions..!!??

    1. Telugu english and urdu langauges

      no negative marking

  15. good afternoon sir which books should be followed the text books have been changed previous text books or new changed books to prepare for VRO sir plz respond sir

  16. no.of questions for vro exam.....

  17. can anyone say i have completed upto PUC in prakasam dist and now we have settled in chittoor dist if i apply for VRO post can i keep the address of chittor or can i apply

    1. U should complete four consecutive years of study in your district.
      All the best..

  18. Hi sir,

    Please send the General Knowledge soft copies for the preparation

  19. Please provide the General Knowledge soft copies for preparation

  20. Thanks for giving syllabus in detail

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    can you know any one, which material is very useful for VRO in Telugu medium people’s.

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