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January 05, 2014

Questions Asked in IBPS PO III Interview - Amar


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Name : Amar

Qualification : BE (IT)

Place : Bank of India staff tr col,,, Noida sec62

Date : 2nd Jan 2013

Panel : 7th,,,

Time : 8:30,,,,

Room no : 108

Reached on time,,,, 9:30 document verification,,, after then they sent me to waiting room. At approx 11 they called me for interview. Went inside wished them and they offered me to sit.

4 panelist are there. They asked me in hindi.

Questions asked in my Interview are :

m1: telll me about ur self
me : answering but they asked in between
m1: from where u did ur engeneering and what was the fee
me: answered
m1 : u r passed in 2011 what r u doing now a days
me: told doing job
m1: what is ur current salary
me: answered
now m2: how many types of  soils(bharat me kitne prakar ki mitti payi jaati hai)
me:  quite surprised by this ques,,, but answered some types like black red and sand
m2: in which place black soil is found
me: i dont know sir
m2: when rivers bring new soils why it is os fertile
me: try to give some answer but he is not so satisfied
(i think in my mind is it po interview or is it agriculture officer interview,, so be ready for some unexpected questions)
again m1: do u have any knowledge of banking
me: yes sir
m1: tell me about atm card and credit card
me: answered
now m3: what is cbs
me: answered
now m4: just going through my certificates,,, in my 10th marksheet it is written rashtrabhasa hindi,,, then he asked me when is rahtrabhasha diwas
me: i dont know the exact date
m4: how many languages are in india
me: answered
m4: who is president of india
me: answered
m4: who appoints governor
me: answered
now m1: u r from IT field why u want to join banking sector
me: answered (wahi ghisapita jawabb like job security, higher growth etc... )
 m1: suppose u r posted in rural area then how willl u manage because there is lack of facility
me: sir i can work in anywhere in india and i will love to work in rural areas,,, because i m also belongs to rural area(trying to give diplomatic answer)
now they looked each other and told me to u can leave now i said thanks to alll they said all the best and i thanked again and come out side

The interviewers were very friendly and co-operative ,,,they were smiling through the interview

Suggestion : be confident and be ready for some unexpected questions as in my case they didn't asked so much questions from banking side i don't know why....

Thanks and best of luck...

Thanks to Amar for his valuable Review. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hello, Amar All d best. while document verification consolidated marksheet is needed? I have all other marksheet and provisional degree certificate.

  2. I'm not amar. But gave my interview yesterday at Hyderabad. I too only have PC. In my case they asked me to write letter of undertaking and allowed fr interview.

  3. What about consolidated mark sheet. Is it really necessary? My college didn't give me Consolidated marksheet, only 4 annual mark sheet. Will I allowed for the interview or not.
    Please reply!!

  4. Hi friends! I am from assam. Scored 64, belong 2 Sc category. I ma an MBA graduate (2009) & since then i am assisting my dad in his business.
    I entered the room & wished them gud evening, they offered me to sit and i thanked them.

    1st ques( Chairperson): You r an MBA, wat r u doing?
    my ans: Sir i am assisting my dad in his business.
    (CP): wat business ur dad have?
    ans: Sir, we manufacture batteries/inverter & also other electrical works & services.
    CP: its been almost 5 yrs 7 now u suddenly decided for a job?
    ans: sir, i was happy to be looking after my dad's business but offlate since a year probly i have been feeling that there is something missing in my life...its my identity.

    they laughed, asked me wat identity u r taking about?

    i contd.: sir, watever i am is because of my dad. people knw me as my dad's son. its like i am in his shadow and i dont have any identity of my own. so i have decided to get into a job that wud giv me an individual identity & respect. i discussed with my dad and family and they asked me to go for it.

    then they wer convinced ( i felt so)...
    CP: wat do u think of the 1951 riots & the fight for citizenship?

    ans: sir, honestly i dont have a gud idea abou it.
    Cp: its a burning issue isnt it?
    i said yes sir, but i dnt have proper knowledge m sorry.

    2nd interviewer: wat is marketing?
    ans: sir, marketing is an activity that helps determining the needs/wants of the end consumers & any organisation uses this tool so as to give the desired product/services to its customers & satisfies their requirements. for e.g banks usually organises loan melas or product display in a trade fair wer many ppl come and give their suggestions/complaints and feedbacks. this data is analysed by the management and then the makes the necessary corrective measures/decisions regarding any product or any service. it ultimately helps to satisfy the consumers which is the main objective of marketing.

    they wer convinced...

    3rd interviewer: wat are fundamental rights?
    ans: i said sir i cant remember all of them but i mentioned freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of press & right to vote. i hust smiled and said sir m sorry i cudnt remember others...they also laughed and the CP asked me: u say freedom of speech, so if i abuse u or say anything nonsense is it okay?
    i answered: sir, freedom of speech is the right of a person to express his personal views or opinion about any subject or issue but he cannot disregard or harm any other person in any way by his views or opinions.

    4th interviewer: okay, now that u wil join in a bank wat wil be ur strategy?
    ans: sir, banking is growing at a rapid rate. RBI has alos issued licences to many other new banks. so the competition level is now alarming. so my focus wud be on customer service. it is the most imp factor if i want to retain them. only gud service wl allow me to maintain a gud relation with the customers and i wud be able to retain them which wud help the bank in the long run.

    they seemed to be satisfied with my answer.

    again the 3rd interviewer: how wil u launch a new product?
    ans: sir, b4 launching any product first i wud segment the market according to the needs and wants of the customers. i will make a survey on the diff customer groups/their lifestyle/ income and most importantly the demand of the particular area so that i can give the best product to the customer.

    i think they wer again satisfied.

    Cp : thank you.
    i said thank u to everyone and left.

    this was my experience and throughout the interview i maintained a cheerful attitude and they too wer enjoying as i feel. I think i was gud enough i i expect to get selected. rest is upto god. wish me luck guys and all the best to all of u.

    Sumrit Kumar Das
    jorhat (Assam)

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  5. M

    Hi please

    Feroze. I did my interview at 4th and I think it went bit bad... like I answered for certain questions then they know abt my hearing pbm and said me to speak boldly... I got 53 marks and cut off is 26. And do u think I

    news...? Worried a lot. Ur suggestions ll help me

    1. dont worry it is all right.nobody is perfect


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