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January 14, 2014

Interview Experiences of IBPS PO III - Zeenat (Kanpur)


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Name : Zeenat

Place : Kanpur

Qualification : BCA

Category : General

Batch : Evening

IBPS Score : 73

Panel : 1

Interview Date : 9th January 2014 

I reached at 1 am as it was raining and doc. verification was going on i waited nd it finished at around 4 pm then finally i was called at 6 pm i entered the room there were four male member all of them in
fifties except one who was around 30 yrs(m3, he was the one who was with a plane phase throughout the interview). i asked to come in and wished them good afternoon they wished back and offered seat ,,
m2 asked me Zeenat??
me: yes sir Zeenat .

m2 ok tell me about your Family background and educational backgroung.?
me i was telling him about my fam. background at last he stopped me

m2 ok your sister working where in igate
me Sir actually she has been placed bt se is in last sem.

m2 ok, so Ur Doing BCA??
me yes sir,

m2 so why you want to join banks
me Sir because i goy inclined towards banking after my 12th,, ....stopped

m2 so why u hav not opted for commerce??
me Sir because i was good in studies and every parent want thier child
to take science nd being the 1st child this was the expectation wid

m2 so why u hav nt done commerce??
me sir because my passion was computers,, i was interested to learn it
as i hav opted IP as my optionl subject At 10+2 and i liked the

m2 so what is Ip
me Sir its Informatiocs practices

m2 ok tell me how can u be usefull to banks being a BCA student?
me sir because i have technical knowledge and unlike non It students i can handel small errors while working instead of consulting IT dept,, hence saving the time secondly while programming i hav developed problem solving skills handling frequent errors in and patience as programming requires it.

m1 ok zeenat tell me what is kaleidoscope?
me thinking then i said sorry sir right now iam t able to recall it ,, i can tell u if u can give me a hint

m1 its ok, tell me what will happen if a light ray fall on convex mirror
me(i got confused and said) sir it will diverge

m1 ait will diverge??
me yes sir it will diverge outwards

m1 ok , if there are tho plane mirrors facin each others how many images will b formed??
me sir infinite,

m2 ok tell me something about banks
me sir banks are fin. organisation that basically takes deposits and grants loan ,, that means they act as an intermediatry btweem the one who have surplus money and the one who needs it,

m2 can you tell me something about NPA
me sir these are the loan that has not been repayed for 90 days or more hence they are treated as non performing assets

m2 what is SHG??
me sie its self help group in which womens of same community takes deposits and grants it to the one who needs it,,

m2 are these grp only of womens ??
me i said no sir they are people from same community

m2 and what do u know about priority sectors??
me sir there are 3 sectors primary sector is the priority sector which includes farming fishries etc.. and banks are bound to invest a
particular amount wid these sectors, that is 40% of total NDTL

m2 its not 40% of NDTL its.......(i dnt remember what he said)
me thank you very much sir.

m3 ok  can u please recall for me the best moment of ur childhood??
me sir when i secured merit position in 7th standard inspite of being an average student i worked hard due my parents challange and made it true.

m3 and what was thw proudest moment of ur life??
me sir when i got athlete of the year awards as i participated in 3000mtr and 1500mtrs races at regionals and won them.

m3 capital of bangladesh
me dhaka

m3 capital of saudi arabia?
me riyadh

m3 PM of pakistaan
me Nawaz shareef.. sorry sir MR. Navaz shareef :p

m3 its okay ,,and 1st PM of free india,??
me sir Mr Rajendra Prashad.. Sorry Sir Its Mr Jawahar lal Nehru.

m4 what are demand deposits??
me sir the deposits in which there is no boundations of no of times of withdraws and deposits.
that's its friends all the best to you all :) :)

Thanks to Zeenat for sharing her valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. i want to share my interview experince, could you tell me how?

  2. Thank you Zeenat for sharing your interview experience. The best part I liked was when you showed how your problem-solving skills and patience developed during programming will you in a bank career. Good luck!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Madam/Frnds i hv clerd clerk 3 and hv a doubt,i am 2010 passed out(B.Tech IT) then after 1 yr i got job in software field, and worked their for 1n half yr, now i quit my job for preparing for bank xams...But in clerk ap[lication form i didn't mention my xperience...may i produce my xperience while interview...what should i do?...plz suggest me frnds....

    1. Same case was wid me po 3 intervws they had not asked for the exp certif but yes they will definitly ask u fr the tell them abt ur exp...nt an issue buddy :)

  5. Thank you mayank and wish u good luck in future


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