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January 07, 2014

Interview Experience of IBPS PO III - Anurag Kumar


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Name : Anurag Kumar

Education : B.Tech Ele Engg

Marks : 68

Category : OBC NCL

Interview Date : 05.01.2014

Venue : Union Bank of India, Bhubaneswar
I arrived at 8.00 am, the verification process started at 8.30, Those whose verification was completed nearly 9.00 am went for interview.
My turn came at 12.45pm!!
I went and bid "GOOD AFTERNOON SIRs"
There were 4 members M1,M2,M3,M4 in there late 50s.
They asked me to sit down and be at ease.
M1: So Anurag, where r u from?
Me: Basically I am from Darbhanga, Bihar.
M3: So You r from Bihar! How come you get to Bhubaneswar.
Me: For Persuing My.......Cut down before completing my sentence.
M2: Yes, Yes for doing your From Which District??
Me: XYZ.(for viewers, its a naxal affected area)
M1: Oh God!!!  Why did you get there???
Me: Looking at the colleges record & Age.
M3: Koi baat nahi beta, ab to paas out ho gye, ab kahe ka sochna. Achha abhi aap kaha rahte ho???
Me: I have been living in Bhubaneswar for the past 2 years.
M1: and Why?
Me: Sir bcoz my brother........... Again CUT DOWN in before completing..
M2: Arre aapke bhai kahi bhi rahte ho iss se aapko kya lena dena???
Me: Sir, he is employed in Railways, too from technical field and preparing for UPSC, So I thought He'll be a better Elderly Guidance for preparing any general comp exam.
M2: Oh, To aap unke saath hi rahte ho.. Gud.. M4 please ask your question.
.M4 who hasn't asked a single question yet..
M4: What is Quick Silver?
Me: Sorry sir, I am not sure about it.
M4: What is WATT?
Me: It is the unit of POWER. V * I.
M1: Achha aap ye batao ki Aap Banking Sector ko kya de sakte ho? Since you r from a technical field?
Me: Sir, Bahut saari aisi qualities hai jo ek engineer me develop ho jati hain, while doing his CUT DOWN AGAIN
Me: Line INNOVATIVE Thinking, Resoursefulness............CUT DOwn again before Completing.
M3: Detail me samjhaiye... Koi jaldi nahi hai hume.
Me: Sir jaise hume sikhaya jata hai ki same resourse ko use karke maximum output kaise de, and consuming lees time....... And also I am a Quick Learner...... Again Not allowed to complete the sentence.... :(
M2: Uski Chinta aap nahi lijiye, Ye jo aap Resource & Innovation jaisi baate kar rahe ho ye hum Commerce wale ko bhi sikha dete hain. Tell us how Could you be Useful to Us?
Me: As I already said, I have a technical mindset and As I am from a Core Technical field and we are seeing a lot of BAD LOANS in Banking sector...... CrossQuestioned again before I Completed my sentence..
M1: Don't say that. Aap jo bol rahe ho na ki You'll help us at the office finding whether a loan is good to give or Not... Uske liye bhi humare paas already Technical staff hain...... Aur aapko kya lagta hai ki Commerce stream wale jo Din Raat 3 saal Banking padhte hain aap Unse better Banking jante ho???
Me: No sir,maine ye nahi bola, But I think Jitni banking knowledge ki mujhe jarurat hogi wo 2 saal ke probation period me mujhe sikha hi diya jayega.. And I am A Good Learner so mujhe Koi problem bhi nahi hogi aur main jaldi seekh bhi jaunga.
M3: O.k. tell us what is a bank??
Me: Bank is a financial intermediary which........CROSSED Again
M2: Wo to sabhi jaante hain, kuch aur bataiye??? Ye kis group me aata hai???
Me: It comes in Public sector.
M3:No....Try something else
Me:Sorry sir, But I didn't get your point.
M3: arre baba, GDP jante ho ki nahi?
Me: Yes sir, Its Gross Domestic.........Its Gross Domestic Product.
M1: Aur wo kya hota hai
Me: Ye Hamare economic strength ka meter hai sir, jo ki total product from various sector ko mila ke bataya jata hai.
M1: LOOKING at me.......... Padhe ho ya yun hi Bana rahe ho??
Me: Padha hoon sir??
M1: Aap Technical waale na, Tangential bahut baaghte ho,, Come to the point.
Me; I am extremely sorry but I couldn't recollect more than this.
M3: GDP is the total of products and services from different sector... So banking comes In SERVICE SECTOR.....
(W.T.F was it going to prove, Service sector? not Financial sector? Seriously???)

M2: So tell us any organisation which is not banking???
Me: N.B.F.C...M3: Very good, Any other?
Me: Co operative societies. M3: No it is also banking.. any other
Me: Development banks...
M2: Koi baat nahi ek to bataya na..Now tell me what is the BANKING PERSONELL Problem?
Me: Sorry, but I couldn't get what you r asking?
M3: Financial Inclusion samajhte ho??
Yes sir
M3:Kya samajhte ho?
Sir to spread banking more aggresively in un banked areas.
M2:Good, and what are we doing to acheive it?
Me: a lot of steps have been taken, like in recent news we heard about Ms.Chanda kochar giving 9000 tabs to employees to make door to door banking possible, also Banking on Wheels is effective.. RRBs.............CUT again.....
M1: You are not going to work in a Chanda Kochar bank. Do you?? Aapko ek rural area me posting di jayegi jaha aap Data Entry karte paaye jayenge.. Aapko ye pata hai na.
Me: Jarur sir, Bank jobs has its Versatilities....I will be happy to do that.
M3: So tell us. RBI GOVERNOR....Has given a speech of  26th dec.. what was he concerned about., some points one or two?
Me: Sir he has raised concerns on Not upto the mark development of Mobile and internet banki.........
M3: Ye to jara sa point hua ye tension ka subject nahi hai......
I was so exhausted by this Ragging that i Said:
Me: Sorry sir:
M1: News paper padhte ho na?
Me yes sir, padhta hoon, Padha bhi hai ye news but Main abhi frame nahi kar paa raha ho kuch points.
M2: Kaun sa book follow karte ho?
Sir, I read Arihant.
M2: Hindi me mat padho.
Sir, english me hi padhta hoon.
M2:But You are not able to converse in english properly.....
I thought, now when did it happened in the world???
Me: Sir, I speak english very well, It is just that I have not been speaking it for last 4 years as in my college...
M3: What in your college? Do they teach in ODIYA?
Me: No sir, they teach in Hindi+English+Odiya. & even there Hindi and English is having Odiya tone in it.
Then there were questions on BIHAR, DARBHANGA, My Locality i.e MAITHILY.etc.....
All: O.K. All the best for your future..

Overall It was TOTALLY EXHAUSTING... They all were asking Questions All of a Sudden. While I was answering One of there questions, rest changed the previous one and again asked Other Questions, All athe the same time....... I think they were looking how Fragile we are in those situations..
We Thank Mr Anurag for sharing his valuable Interview Experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Horrible interview.... All the best....:-)

    1. Ya, It was really horrible... I thought if i were there for some more time, they might have started beating me..!! :D

    2. They asked me a lot of questions regarding indian economy and current affairs...I have no sound...almost cried...prepare well the current affairs and RBI regulations if u want the job...all the best

    3. Will they create any prblm coz i have mention in online form that i have mentioned I have diploma in computer operation bt actually i have diploma in cmouter is it like that they will not allow me for the interview ha...........pls let me know....i hav passed ibps pls tell me......

    4. ANURAG:
      @Anonymous at 3:06PM_ They are mainly checking Graduation certificates which should be Properly dated before 01.sept 2013. other qualification certificate shouldn't create any problem.

    5. Thank u.....and anythng regarding obc caste u have any knowledge regarding this......i have obc caste certificate.....and non creamy layer certificate plsss tel me....pls...myself riya yadav

    6. ANURAG: Hi RIYA, If you have your NCL certificate, then it should be of the same format as in IBPS advertisement. Mine was in HINDI so they raised the questions about the format. I was firm on my point and said that Official language is HINDI or ENGLISH so please View it sentence by sentence, as it is exactly same formate. It should also be dated after APRIL 2013.

  2. Hiii,,,plzzz could you plzzz tell that my passing date in last sem is 22jul bt by mistake i wrote 23 july would it b a problem..............

    1. ANURAG:
      no it wouldn't be a problem as long as you have completed your grad on or before 01. sept 2013

    2. Hi,... Pls help me my graduation passing date is.. 5 Aug 2008 but by mistake i filled 5 june 2008 ,,,,would it b a problem...but i filled PG passing certificate correctly,,...

    3. ANURAG: @UNKNOWN at 5:30PM_They are not concerned about your PG dates. but as your passing year is 2008, they will allow you to attend. They may ask you to sign an undertaking form in there presence. Don't worry, you will be allowed.

  3. Dear Admin..!!! As an Admin i Know how much difficult it is to update a competative website..
    I have been preparing for the competatives for 1year ...and just few more days to achive my goal..During my journey yours website role was unforgetable..I always browse gr8 ambitionz only for any update or regarding any are really doing a superb jo by guiding number of students...I dont think its not a team Work...Excellent work..and for your grace,...i am ready to work for u if u really needed..i feel its my pleasure to be apart of ur outstanding work..thank you admin...I m Suresh Kumar Urla 9000959725

  4. it is advisable to have a Tab named WINNERS GR8AMIBTIONZ so that numbe rof students who make use of this website have a chance to deliver their gratitude and advice to the readers..why dont you try for it admin ?

  5. i enjoyed reading this interview..all the best for your future, thnx 4 sharing

    1. ANURAG: Even I enjoyed it, but only after coming out of the interview room. So, posted each n every bit of it.

  6. maar-li teri to...
    ja Bihar ja wapas B*#@$C

    1. Well, Dear, It depends.. Only after publication of results you can say anything about him..
      I think he had a good interview and he didn't loose his confidence...

  7. Dear All,
    I have Qualified for IBPS CLERK 3. I have one doubt.Am a 2012 Passed Out... I wrongly mentioned my date of passing (date and month)on the day which i completed my last exam of B.E...Now i am very much scared about interview,whether they will seriously look at the date and month of Passing!!!!!!!
    KINDLY GIVE ME A SOLUTION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ANURAG: They indeed are checking it precisely. If your date of passing is also in 2012, then You will be alowed to attend it,,, They may tell you to fill a form of Undertaking regarding Date mismatch which they have with them. Rest is O.K... But Provisional certificate MUST CONTAIN PASSING DATE as it is a MUST.

    2. Thank u so much..... Yeah am a 2012 Passed out only and also i mentioned the same year in my Application form.....But my doubt is about DATE and MONTH of Passing.... My Provisional Certificate contain only month and year(APRIL 2012)..,they didn't mention the DATE..And i put 06.06.2012 in my Application form as my (batch) exam got over on that day..KINDLY TELL ME WHETHER THIS CONTAIN AN ISSUE????????
      PLEASE ANURAG............

    3. Thank u so much..Yeah my year of passing is 2012 and i also mentioned the same in the Application form but my doubt is about month and year of passing. In my Provisional Certificate they mentioned as APRIL 2012 but actually my (batch) exam got over on 6th JUNE 2012 only....So i put the same date (6.6.2012 )while applying for clerk 3... Is there any issue regarding MONTH AND DATE which i mentioned (6.6.2012 )in my Application form????????????
      Whether they will allow me to Attend interview?????
      I am Very much SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have original passing certificate but date is not mentioned ovr der......but in my last semester marks card is written like plss need ur guidance.....its Riya

    1. u dnt need to worry dear...n its not like dey'll thorw u out of dre...if dre's a genuine prob dey do take into consideration n in ur case dre isnt prepare well n all da best

    2. ANURAG: Dear RIYA, If your Original Passing Certificate doesn't Contains Date, then YOU NEED TO WORRY. Many were disqualified in front of me on this perticular point.
      What You Need to do is:
      Go to Your UNIVERSITY WEBSITE, Search for any Notification Displaying that The FINAL RESULTS were PUBLISHED on XYZ Date. Take its printout and keep it with you at the Venue. If They don't Query It, then O.K but If Certain situation Arises, You'll be prepared with It.
      UTKAL UNIV guys were directed to do so by the members who were reviewing the certificates.

  9. Replies
    1. ANURAG: @rahul_ Aisa kabhi kabhi hi hota hai interview.. Abhi to ye padhne me maza aa raha hoga but I swear when i was infront of them, Mat poochho kya haal tha mera..

  10. my provisional certificate contains only month&year that's enough? plz anyone reply

    1. Ya, that is enough if it is of month before August 2013...

  11. hi everyone. I am having a small doubt. I am btech final year student preparing for ibps 2014. Many are saying that from the next year btech students are not eligible for bank exams. Is that true??

    1. @abhi_ No it isn't true. If it were, then where is the notification??

    2. @funwall thanks a lot buddy.. :)

  12. I dont have application form and i hv also checked ibps site it is showing that the date for application print is over.plz suggest me wat cud b done.i really need some sort of solutn.plz help.


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