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January 07, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Kannan (Chennai)


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Name : Kannan G.B

Date  : 06/01/2013

Venue : Chennai, IOB regional office

panel : V

TIME : 8:30AM

CERTIFICATE verification will be done first an then you will be called in the order in which they will mention at the starting itself

My interview took place only about 5 to 10 minutes

Four member panel (all are men )
me : may i come in ?
M1 :yes Yes

all others were busy in getting thier tea from tea boy
I was standing then one gentle man said M2 : sit down ( with a rough facial expression )
He maintained the same mannerism throughout the interview (always in harsh voice )
M1 : you are kannan ?
me : yes sir
M1 : so you finished ur degree in 2010 but wat were u doing stil date ( i didnt mention any experience so this que may arised )
me : sir i was trying for govt exams ,i couldnt clear any
M1 :do u ve savings account ?
me : s sir
M1 :if u ve nil balance in ur savings account ,but now u want 100 ruppes in ur account . is it possible to get 100 rupees from ur account though it has 0 balance ( here u cant tell anyone to put money in ur account -this is condition also
me :(very simple ans ) i dono sir
M2 :for 3 yrs u didnt clear even 1 exam ? wat is ur score ?
me :64
M2 :people who studied for 2 months ve got 84 in sterdays interview ! wat s this ? you must join good institution to get gud scores . okay ?
M3 :(Now he reacted ) yes yes yes yes
me :k sir
M4 not at all bothered of wat s going on
M1 : have u ever visited any of the bank websites ?
me :s sir , indian bank , IOB ,RBI ,Canara
M1 :hmmm ..! so many banks !!! k tel about indian bank ?
me :sir indian bank was startedf in 1907 by chidambaram chettiar . CMD T.M.Bhasin , recently Indian bank gae 3.5 crores to uttarkhand for its rebuilding purpose
M2 saw M3 and asked him to ask smethng
M3 : do you know 2 types of monsoon in india ?
m2 : south east and north west
M1 M3 M4 laughed because i told a wrong answer ( very funny panel right ?)
now its turn of M3 to see M4
M4 :in very low voice he asked "do u know magsaysay award ?
me :yes sir ,it is given in Philippines raman magsaysay former president . It is given for .......(i told wrongly then he corrected )
M4 :who got it last ?
me :i dono sir
M4 :you know Arvind khjriwal ?
me : yes of-course sir
M4 :he only got it
me : i smiled
M1:okay kannan thank you
me : thank you sirs

i am really down ., i could feel that they are not satisfied with my performance :-( . Anyways... all the best to all...
Thanks to Kannan for sharing his valuable Interview Experience with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. hi frnds.. is der any one who attended interviews in karnataka region...

  2. Hi bhavani. . This is manju from karnataka . . I m having interview on 11 th in bangalore. . U can reach me in my mob. .9738539410

  3. Generally this IOB Intw pannel officers are rude

  4. Hey friends what about United Bank of India pannel? Can u tell when will clerk interview occur?

    1. ANURAG: Well I had the interview at Union Bank Of India_ Tip for those who are going to attend intrvw there: Don't be discouraged inside the hall. They try to prove that you don't know anything and you are of no use. Be confident and Stick to the point that you are better than others. Read past 15 days banking news.

  5. if u want this job prepare well for the indian economy an d current affairs questions...otherwise better not attend the interview at all

  6. Nice...Interview......All the best...and one doubt frd, I had forgot to mention Experience details in Appication Form. Can i mention at the time interview...I am having Exp Letter.....Pls reply

    1. Dont forget to get ur NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from ur institution ur working my frnds .( it is must if ur govt employee) if else u wont be allowed to attend the interview

    2. yes of-course, but dont forget to get NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE . It is must if ur a GOVT employee

  7. You can produce the documents concerning your experience even at the time of interview.


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