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January 08, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Peddiboina Ravindra babu


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Name : Peddiboina Ravindra babu

Venue : Andhra bank(zonal office), Vijayawada

Panel : 3

Date : 05-01-2014

Time : 1.00 PM

Hi, I would like to share my Interview Experience with you. It is my First Interview Experince with IBPS.

By 12.45 My certificate verification was completed.Many of the candidates was rejected for lack of OBC certificate(i.e.,Issued after march,2013).My turn came at 1.00pm.
As usual I knock the door and asked “may I come in sir”…
Interviewers m1,m2,m3,m4- Yes come In(I entered the room by saying “good after noon sirs”).Take your seat.
Me-“thank you sir.
M2-your native Is Vijayawada right?
Me-“no sir! It is dokiparru.One year before we came to vijayawada and settled down here.”
M2-You are Mtech ?
Me-“no sir I am MCA”.
M2-Ok.what is Information retrieval system.?
Me-“Sir,whenever client requests for particular Information.Server process the data and  sends that information to the client.”
M2-ok.from where the Information will be retrieved?
Me-:”either from database or datawarehouse.”
Then it’s the turn of M2
M2-what is ECOMMERCE?
Me-“an electronic commerce which we can do online shopping and transactions”.
M1-can you give the flow chart How the transactions will be done.
Me- “sir whenever customer want to buy a product he will search for that product Online.after getting the product he will place the order with his complete details(Including bank a/c details).then the product issuer will check the bank balance of the customer through the bank.(because now a days CORE(CENTRALIZED ONLINE REALTIME ELECTRONIC)BANKING is available.If he had enough funds in his amount,they will deduct the amount by confirming the order.The customer will get the product within the business days.”
M1-how NPA’s will be recovered?
Me-through SARFAESI(securadisation and reconstruction of finantial assets of enforcement of security Interest).under section 13(2) SARFAESI act.
M1-except SARFAESI act how will they recover?
Me-sorry sir I don’t know.
M1-Apart  from banks regular activities what will they do?
Me-Funds Trasfer,Locker Facility,Bancassurance.
M1-what is Bancassurance?
Me-selling of Insurance products through bank.
M2-why so.They had their own business.To sell Insurance policies LIC.GIC…are there.but why banks?
Me-to expand their business through that they can earn more profits.(he was not convinced fully).
M1-now a days banks are lending for 12% or 13%.How about their lending In initial days?
Me-sorry sir I am not aware of that.
M3-why you preferred Punjab national bank as ur first Option?
Me-sir,It is the second largest Public sector bank having morethan 5000 branches across India.It is serving for morethan 38million people Inside and outside the country as well.
M3-Then why Bank of baroda as second option?
Me-“It is the third largest public sector bank sir.”
M3-can You say anyother reasons?
Me-“sorry sir.I don’t know any other except that.”
M3- You are passed out in 2011.what are you doing upto now?
Me-sir,we are finantially from low background,so I have done freelancing(self employment over the Internet.)and I helped my father In his work.earned money,went for bank coaching and I have been selected for IBPS PO.
M2-How many marks you scored?
Me-71 sir
M1-how about your family?
M3-what work have you done In Internet?
Me-sir,form filling and promoting advertisements.
M2-how much they will pay for you and on what basis?
Me-they used to pay around 200-250 per day based on my accracy and speed.
M4-(he is simply observing me,He did nt asked me a single question)
          Finally they said (all the very best)
Me-thank you sir.I had learned a lot things from you.Have a nice day sirs.
       All the pannel members are friendly.They are making us to feel comfortable.

Analysis :
Be confident.If you know the answer express it without any doubt,otherwise simply say “I am sorry sir”.
            Maintain proper  “eye contact” if m1 asked you a question, don’t answer the question by looking at m1 only answer it by looking at all of the Interviewers.

            Don’t show or raise you hands at any cost STRICTLY they are against Interview rules.

Finally I would like to thank “MR.KOMMURI SREEDHAR” who is my Institution(SREEDHAR’S CCE) head, played a lot of role for gaining such a banking knowledge and analytical skills.

Thanks to Ravindra Babu for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. brother can u tell me if u got any experience certificate through free lancing and did u mentioned in online application about free lancing at work experience column plz rply brother...........!

    1. no I did nt got any experience certificate regarding that.Infact Interviewers did nt asked me about no need to worry

    2. thnk uuuuuu......,,,,did u mentioned about freelancing in online application bro...............! plz reply bro.

    3. I did notmentioned it.Because I had no exp certificate

    4. Heyyyy hai ravinder...this is harika.. pls provide details about freelancer.. iam intrested in that.. pls guide me from the starting point like how to get that work and how to join in that etc... pls this will help me alot.. please help me in this issue...

  2. friends I wanted to know about obc certificate issue and when clerk interview will be held...I am aditi from jaipur

  3. i did'nt have obc certificate.just now i m going to get for clerk common interview.will it valid?plz reply

  4. who told u raisng hands s not allowed...???/by just sitting lik dumbass witout moving anytng freely is more worse dan moving........hnds movmnt s gud if v r explning about sumtng.dnt misguid d peopl

    1. Hand movements are worthfull in a stage speech but not in Interview Bro.We are guided by some banking professionals who are retired at general manager level
      I hope u got my point

    2. lite tesko bro...its not a big deal actually.....strictly not allowed ani chepakodadu le....sumtimes v can move dem......

    3. anyway..gud luk bro........

  5. Friends OBC certificate is must and should.It should be Issued after March 2013.Without that No one will be allowed for Interview

  6. i have filled my date of passing as 25/06/2011 but in my convocation only date is written like 28/04/2012 ..... .is there any problem in ibps interview.....myself sweta rai....pls help me guys.........its swetaa

  7. does any one appeared in interview from kolkata?
    if so ,please update.

  8. All d best Ravi....U will definitely get the job...

  9. hmmm,,ok fine frnds,,,
    I have one question for all(aspirants,employees,faculty)...

    BANK jobs are Public Servant jobs????

  10. if we have cast certificate before march 2013, is that valid?? or one has to take a new certificate again before the interview ie.. after march 2013

  11. i(unreserved) got 64.60 from uttar pradesh ,is any chance to select ?

  12. i have filled my date of passing as 25/06/2011 but in my convocation only date is written like 28/04/2012 ..... .is there any problem in ibps interview.....myself sweta rai....pls help me guys.........its swetaa

  13. cool guys..mine was very easy and cool ...

  14. grt interview bro..hope u make it to the finals...@ravindra bro as u had mention that u were doing freelancing online work can u give me datail's of that means how to get such online work ..and about pay and is it safe or not..which sites to look for that..???...that would be of grt help ..plzz


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