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January 14, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experiences - Raghavan (Bangalore)


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Name : Raghavan N

Venue : Syndicate Bank Corporate Office,National Games Village, Bangalore

Category : General

IBPS PO III CWE Score : 82

Date of Interview  : 8-1-2014

Time : 1 PM
This was the first time I was attending an interview for a Bank Job. After several hours of waiting, my turn finally came at 5:35 PM. Entered the room, wished all the members of the panel "Good Evening" and shook hands. There were 4 senior officers, all male M1,M2,M3 and M4.
M2:Could you tell me something about yourself?
Me:Gave my introduction. Mentioned I was from a village in Tamil Nadu but raised in Bangalore.
M2:Asked me my CWE score?
M3:Asked me if this was my first Bank Exam?
Me:I had attended SBI PO as well
M3:What happened there?
Me:I could not qualify,but learned from my mistakes and prepared better for IBPS.
M3:Where is your father working?
Me:Said my father worked as a manager in State Bank of Mysore,quit when I was 6 and moved to private companies. Presently he runs his own company and I worked there for 3 years after graduation.
M2:Since your father was a banker,you may have a good knowledge about banking.Could you tell us what is a bank?
Me:A Bank is a financial institution which borrows deposits and lends to the public
M1:How do banks generate Income?
Me:Was puzzled.Somehow said banks also offer services like Insurance and Mutual Funds,invest in stocks too.Felt somewhat jittery.
M1:Corrected me and said Interest on Deposits.Asked me what loans banks offer?
Me:Education Loan,Medical Loan,Housing Loan,Car Loan etc.
M3:Asked about my father's business
M2:Asked the annual turnover
Me:replied my father is running the company on his own,earns a lakh per month
M2:What is your salary in present company?
M3:Who is the CEO now?
M1:Is your company taking loan or keeping deposits in the bank?
Me:In nervousness,answered taking loan
M1:Smiled and said,your company is one of the largest depositers in the country
Me:Was bit relieved
M3:Why you don't want to continue in your father's business?
Me:My father insisted I need experience and should gain it by working in a large organization
M2:Do you want to join a bank just for experience?
Me:Answered that banking also involved social responsibility and I would like to work in a rural area.
Rest of the questions were asked by M2,M3 and M4 regarding rural banking. Finally M1 signed off asking me “If posted to a rural area,what would you do to help rural people?”
I answered “I would try to understand the problems of rural people better and would encourage educated youth to start their own business in villages by offering loans once I reach that position.
M1:smiled and said “All the best” and gave me a candy. Thanked them and once again shook hands.

The interview lasted for 10-12 minutes and overall the panel was friendly and did not stress me a lot. Hoping for the best.

Tips for candidates :
Don't be nervous. Just go and answer honestly and confidently. Speak what your heart tells you.

Thanks to Raghavan for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Nice Interview.........

  2. Jst wana share my experience wid u all..........and would like your feedback about my performance

    name: Pankaj Saikia
    venue: Pune
    time:1 pm
    qualification: MCA(2012)
    IBPS score- 85

    I reached the venue at around 12.15 pm and soon my name was called for document verification. After verification I was told that I will be the 5th candidate for interview.

    there were 4 members in the panel(1 female, rest all were male).

    As I entered the room asking their permission, M1 called out my name and asked me to take my seat and started with the questions. I didn't got the chance to wish them good afternoon. Now worried about it.

    M1: What does your parents do?
    me: answered

    M1:What about your siblings?
    me: answered

    M1:So you have completed MCA, so why Banking now?
    me: answered

    M1: How long have you prepared for IBPS PO?
    me: Answered

    M1: What have you prepared for the interview?
    me: answered

    M1:What is CRR?
    me: Answered

    M1: What is SLR?
    me: answered
    M1: does it includes only cash or only Securities
    me: Both

    M2: What is cash management?

    M2: what is credit management?
    me: answered but they were not much satisfied

    M3: what is treasury management?
    me: no idea

    M3: Guess something
    me: as the name suggest it must be similar to cash management

    M2 interupted and asked do you think banking is so easy that you will guess whatever u want and he was a bit aggresive
    me: Smiling, told him that thats how i remember the terms relating their definition to the terms

    M4: What are the SAARC member countries?
    me: answered

    M4: u can leave now.

    wishing them a gud day I left the room.

    the whole interview was in English.

    I guess i could not impress them. Friends give ur comments to how have done my interview...I am a bit worried

    1. Good one brother... YOu have good chances :)

      All the Best

  3. i think needy people need bank job people who have companies owned by them what's the need interest of needy must be first .

  4. Raghavan and Pankaj
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    It's interesting to see the variety of questions covered (e.g. names of SAARC countries... this isn't what everybody expects in a bank interview!!). This will help students prepare on a wider base for their own interviews. I think you have done well - because you had an opportunity to answer a wider variety of questions. The question "How do banks generate income" you didn't too well, perhaps you were a little nervous?
    Pankaj: Part of your scoring may depend upon how well you could convince them to the question "Why banking after MCA?" If you could please elaborate your answer, perhaps other students can rate your answer or the admin can help you improve it, if required.

  5. Pankaj here. Thanks mayank.
    I have told them that while growing up i had a liking for banking but that layed dormant. But while working in a project For client mongan stanley this feeling reprised and was like a spark to appear for ibps po and pursue a career in banking

  6. I am khushi from rajsthan..i have cleard my ibps clerk exan..n prepariing for interview...can any body tell me wether interview would be in Hindi or English...i am narvous..

    1. in any language you are comfortable....relax

    2. interview will be in both hindi and english. they will start in english but later on they may ask any question in hindi.......thats how the flow goes

  7. Ye koi jruri to nhi k wo english me hi poochein??kis langiage me shuru krenge wo??

  8. When is the last ibps po intrview and when can we expect the results????

  9. In which panel u hv given ur Interview ???

  10. all general candidates saying they have scored more than 80. What are the chances who scored around 70. How many candidates have score more than 70.


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