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January 09, 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience - Ruba Sareen


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Name:     Ruba Sareen

Category : General

Venue : Andhra Bank Zonal office, Vijayawada (AP)

Interview date : 8/1/14 

Time : 8.30

I reached the venue around 8.20 and after signing i was sent to document verification which had already started. The document verification was over within 5 minutes after my name was called as per the list. Remember to sign all the xerox copies even the application printout.

I was the 8th member in panel-2 and my interview time was at 10.30 went on for 12 minutes. Here's what they asked

All panel members were male so i entered saying Good morning sir to whoever met my eye contact.

m1:sit down (i sat thanking him)
so I've never come across a name like yours what does it mean
me: (told the meaning)
m1: Which religion do you belong to?
me: (answered)
m2:asked me if i could converse in Urdu i said yes
m1: So are you a religious person?
me: Sir i believe in God and doing good not hurting others intentionally. I would say i'm more spiritual less religious.
m2: asked me a few religious things like namaz and if i did it regularly
me: i do pray but not regularly
m1: Why not? it means you are not sincere believer

I was thinking why are they asking me all this why not subject.
finally m3 who was very strictly observing my body language spoke up
m3: tell me about your education
me: I'm a 2013 MBA (F&M) passout
m1: Why is it not in the application?
me: the results came only 2 months back sir.

m3: you are an MBA finance grad with Bcom support
me: yes sir
m3: tell me the three important ratios from a balance sheet you use in a bank.
me: I said debt-equity
m3: what does it do tell me elaborate in detail
me: answered
m3: next ratio
me: i told about some liquidity ratios
he asked me each one what it does and how to calculate
m4(interrupted): ok you gave 2 tell me another one next set of ratios i said turnover ratios
m3: no i asked you important ratios for a bank

me:i said all ratios which i knew
m3: have you heard of debt coverage?
m2: explained when i said nothing

m2: tell me about KYC
me: answered.

m4 wanted to send me away but then m2 asked about my family i answered.
m4: you did not expect your interview to go this way did you?
me: no sir i did expect a few questions about the ratios.
m4: Yes but did you expect the questions about your religion?
me: No sir that was beyond my imagination.
(they all laughed and said Ruba remember goodness is godlines)

guys this is important before i left they pointed out that i was carrying a torn folder. So pay attention not just to your dress but also what you carry.
(I  thanked them for bringing that to my notice and for other points too they gave me)  Just keep smiling all the time. they were all really friendly and helped whenever i was faltering.
 hopefully I've not made too many mistakes. fingers crossed.

All the best to those with upcoming interviews and for the results.

We thank Ruba Sareen for her valuable review and we wish her great success in her Interview

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  1. Ruba,

    U r lucky.. How do they treat engineering graduates?

    1. I guess. Well i had two girls before me from btech-cse one was asked about environmental pollution and another one was asked about banking basics.

  2. Hey.. Great :)
    U'll defntly get +ve response

  3. When ibps clrk 3 scores will publish.. Eagrly waitng...

  4. Hi ruba naaz here .am unfortunitly i was filled obc . Later i know that we r nt cames to obc .so they r directly treat us general or rejecting plz tell me ...

    1. If u r applied under obc u have to carry obc certificate.otherwise they won't allow you to attend interview. This happened at Bangalore interview.

    2. they just follow what you have in the rest of your certificates too. hoping they'll accept yours. i applied under general so i never had an issue naaz i really can't help you sorry.

  5. hi ruba...which panel u got?mine is panel 1 of the same date n same time...

    1. Panel-2 what about you? How was your interview?

  6. apgvb interview scheduled out. but they did not give schedule to officer scale-1

  7. ibps scores out...


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