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January 17, 2014

HR Study Materials - Job Analysis

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Friends,  we have already discussed about several Human Resource Management related topics for upcoming IBPS HR Officers exam. Today we shall discuss another important topic of HRM, Job Analysis. Before going into the details of Job Analysis, we shall start with the basic definitions.

Job : Job is a bundle of related tasks. A synonym for job is work. Work is physical and mental activity that is carried out at a particular place and time, according to instructions, in return of money.

Job Analysis : This refers to the process of collecting information about a job. The process of job analysis results in two sets of data. Those are,
  1. Job Description 
    • Job Title
    • Location
    • Job Summary
    • Duties
    • Machines, Tools,
    • Materials
    • Supervision
    • Working Conditions
    • Hazards
  2. Job Specification
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Training
    • Judgement
    • Initiative
    • Physical effort, Skills
    • Responsibilities
    • Communication Skills
    • Emotional Characteristics
    • Sensory Demands (Sight, Smell, Hearing..)
Job Analysis Methods :
  1. Observation : With the observation method, a manager, job analyst, or industrial engineer observes the individual performing the job and takes notes to describe the tasks and duties performed. This method is useful for repetitive jobs and in conjunction with other methods.
    1. Work Sampling
    2. Worker logbook
  2. Interviewing : It requires that a manager or HR specialist visit each job site and talk with the employees performing each job. A standardized interview form is used. Both supervisors and employees must be interviewed to obtain better understanding of the job as a mediator representative of HR is present. This method is time consuming. This method can be used in conjunction with other methods.
  3. Questionnaire : This is widely used method. A questionnaire is prepare and given to employees and manages to complete. The questionnaire covers the following aspects.
    • Duties,
    • Supervision
    • Decisions
    • Contact with other people
    • Working Conditional
    • Job holder characteristics (knowledge, skills, abilities, training needed)
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about Job Description and Specifications.

Mohana A. Nair

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