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January 29, 2014

HR Study Materials - Introduction to Training


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The Training is an organized procedure for increasing the knowledge and skill of people for  a specific purpose. Training may be viewed as a systematic and planned process which has its organization purpose to import and provide learning experiences that will bring about improvement in an employee and this enabling him to snake his contribution in great measure in meeting the goals and objectives of an organization.

Training also gives as awareness of the rules and procedures to guide their behavior. Training improves the performance of employee on present jobs and prepares them for taking up new assignments in future.

Before going to discuss the objectives of training lets have a look at a few standard definitions of training.

Definitions of Training :

According to Flippo "Training is the act of increasing knowledge and skill of an employee for doing particular job"

According to Dale Voder "Training is the process by which man power is filled for the particular jobs it is to perform"

According to Mathis & Jackson. "Training is a learning process where by people acquires skills and concepts, attitudes or knowledge to aid in the achievement of goals".

Objectives of Training :

  • To help develop capabilities of employees by upgrading their skills and knowledge so that the organization could gainfully avail of their services. 
  • To help existing employees in improving their skills on the present job. In case of new employees training helps in provides with basic knowledge and skills. 
  • To create self confidence and awareness to recognize their responsibilities.
  • To provide new skills / multi skills to existing employees so that they can handle different kinds of jobs.
  • To bring about efficiency ad effectiveness in the organization.
  • To help employees handle new technological, new methods, automation, new equipments, new knowledge and skills. 
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about the differences between Training and Development. happy Reading :)

Attention Readers : As the exams are approaching, we have decided to speed up our posts. You will get the complete set of IBPS HR Officers Study material by 6th February 2014. Meanwhile if you want to learn any specific topic of Human Resource Management, just post the name of the topic in the comments section below. We will update it asap. All the Best :)

Mohana A. Nair

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