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January 30, 2014

Expected Bits for VRO / VRA Exams - Set 7

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Diamond is an example of ?

The process of gamete formation in the gonads is called as ?

who is called "Father of Microbiology" ?

what is hypercapnia ?

what's the minimum distance for proper vision ?

India's first test tube baby was born in Calcutta on october 3rd,1978.what's her name ?

The largest Endocrine gland of the human body ?

what is the largest organ of human body ?

which tissue is responsible for the passage of water in plants ?  

Pulses are rich sources of ?

The smallest flowering plant ?

The study of fossils is termed as ?

The tallest tree in the world ?

Who appoints the Secretary General of the Lok Sabha ?

who was the first biographer of Buddha, who wrote "Buddha Charitam" in sanskrit ?

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