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December 06, 2013

What to Prepare for NICL AO Online Exam 2015


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Friends, as all of you know the National Insurance Company Ltd (NICL) is going to conduct online Examination for the posts of Administrative Officers (AO) from 4th April 2015. Many of our friends are in confusion on what to prepare and how to prepare for this exam. So, here is an analysis based on last time's NICL AO Exam shared by our friend Dhivya Yuvaraj. Hope these suggestions will help you in getting good marks in upcoming NICL AO Exam 2015. All the Best.

English language
  • Try to cover all the basic grammar topics. Concentrate more on Synonyms and Antonyms. Last time many questions were from synonyms.. nearly 5 or 6 out of 25.. They asked synonym of infamy, cessinate, procrastinate, etc..
  • Then sentence correction were lik 4 to 6.
  • Direct to indirect speech-2qns.
  • Better practice with bank exams' English knowledge papers.  That's enough.
  • It was so easy and I was able to attend all the questions.. Basic reasoning questions and it was very easy. So better focus on reasoning basics. No syllogism or non verbal questions were asked..So maximum chances are there that the paper will be same for this time too.. So don't waste much time in preparing these sections.
General Awareness
  • Last time people expected General Knowledge questions more. But to our surprise most of the questions are from Current Affairs. So focus more on last 6 months' current affairs. Some of the questions I remember from last time's exam are,
    • which state is recently constructing project of uranium
    • which of the following is a private bank (options were lik IDBI,Axis, UCO)
    • which bank has combined with the centurian bank
    • which of the following is the term related with economics (answer was deflation)
    • recently in assam a wire fence was contructed, tis forms as border between  india and which country..?
    • Press freedom day
    • which animal is affected by bird flu
    • world bank recently penalised india, for what reason..?
    • who is the costume designer who got award recently and was in news recently
    • which of the following abbrevation relates to food security (options were ASHA,WTO,etc)
    • gold revolution is associated with which of the following..?
    • where physical olympoid of 2011 held.?
    • the slogan, "applying thoughts" belongs to which company - wipro
Numerical ability
  • Focus on basic maths and simplification. Last time they have asked questions from 
    • Numerical ability (quite easy)
    • basic number system, square root
    • then discount question-1
    •  Mensuration
Computer Awareness
  • Computer literacy was kinda tough..
  • There was no basic questions, they asked questions in deep. So you have to focus more in this section.
Descriptive paper :
  • Comprehension was about manual scavengers.
  • Essay topics were, the changes mobile phones have made in communication and the privatizing insurance companies
  • The precis writing was about Indian theaters
There had been ample of time.. and no time management was needed in it.. So all that you have to do is stay cool and be focused. You surely will get good marks.Please share your views below at comments section. All the Best.

Thanks to  Dhivya Yuvaraj for the review

Update : Review shared by Sandeep Swami

Who made first calculator using cathod rays ? ( Correct me if I'm wrong in question )
Uranium project started in which state ?
Vedanta Aluminia is operating in which product ? (
In India forest is ….. % ?
Highest asian GDP country ?
National research center on plant bio is located at ?
Golden revolution refers to ?
Bayan is in which state ?
India and South korea recently signed agreement on ?
Centurian Bank is taken over by ?
Which company have tagline “ Thnik different “ ?
Press freedom day ?
2000th test in between which countries ?
India recently started to make 76 wire fence at which border ?
That's all for G.K

1. Passage
2. Spotting error
3. Meaning and opposite meanings
- barren
- Cessation
- Repartee
- Infamy
- Furtherest

Numberical Analysis
1. sum of two number is 24 and product is 143 then sum of their square is ?
Ans : 290
2. sum of two number is 45 and product is 500 then G.C.F is ?
Ans : 5
3. There is one question time and work ( was simple one )
4. On Volume and surface area .
5. Which is packet switching n/w? ( Ring , LAN , WAN )
Sorry friends , thats all I remember for Numberical Analysis However problems were quite simple.

Reasoning : Was also simple but little bit time consuming
English :
  • Cloze test
  • Precis writing
  • Essay :
- Privatization in insurance sector
- Mobile communication revolutions ( change ways )
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  1. Excellent divya... Thank you so much

  2. Replies
    1. Good one Dhivya All the best for your exam

  3. Dear Mam,

    Thank u so much for ur valuable reply.

    myself soumita aapne mujhe hindi to English grammer ki basics ki book lene ke liye kaha tha, meri 1 request hai aapse ki pls aap hi koi book ka name & writer name bata do, jisse mera purpose solve ho jaye wo mai purchase kar lugi.

    Mujhe books ke bare mai jyada idea nai hai, pls mam help me its my humble request to u.

    1. purchase lucent for english grammer is written in very simple and lucid language .....the more important thing about this book is that everything is explained in hindi....So as ur problem I will suggest this book ......In market there are so many book for it but as u mentioned that u dont have much idea about try for once....

  4. mam pls help me ... how to prepare for technical question in NICL AO engineering.

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    IBPS PO marks avail, please update here.

    score card is out for po

  13. Thanks dhivya. Really very nice review. Thaks for the suggestions

  14. Can you please provide Professional Or Technical Knowledge syllabus for Engineering stream

  15. thank you.I request to upload the NICL AO SPECIALIST OFFICER QUESTION PAPER

  16. Can MBA passing out in 2014 apply for IBPS SO exam?

  17. hi mam can u upload materials for nicl specialist officer cadre

  18. hi this is sunita manoohar i attended todays ibps clerck is so time consuming..and very tough........reasoning section time consuming english is modrate,in math only data interpretation is easy and series quetion,in gk is ok and computer paper also ok

  19. Please send us Finanace syllabus for NICL Specialist exam.ASAP.

  20. i am having nic-adm officers exam on 22nd dec,for that i don't have fee receipt,as i lost that receipt,so can i attend the exam with out fee receipt or not,please tell me madam.

  21. why the reexam was happening of nicl ao?

  22. Please Admin do care to share some ideas about what to study and how to prepare for NICL AO( IT Specialist) interview. They are gonna start the Interview from 10th of March. So it would be very helpful if you update them as soon as possible. Thanks a ton!

  23. Please help us regarding the interview specialist (Engineering) admin...

    It is to be held from 10th of March

  24. Please help us regarding the tips and preparations for Interview( AO-Engineer) admin.


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