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December 09, 2013

Reviews / Questions Asked in IBPS Clerks III Exam held on 8th December 2013 - Evening Shift


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Review Shared by Krishna Chaitanya

Hi Friends this is Krishna Chaitanya……I appeared for Today’s(8th dec 2013)IBPS CLERK Exam in Afternoon session…………………..Paper was moderate……… are my reviews

2 Direction Based Problems
3 Problems on Numbers(They gave one series like 1 3 2 5 6 9 1 5 6 and gave questions like how many number of 5’s preceding an odd number…like that questions)
5 Seating arrangement Problems (Circle) (Little Twists in the given data(2 members are facing inside and remaining facing outside)
5 Seating arrangement Problems (Line)
5 Coding-Decoding Problems (It was easy)
5 Data Sufficiency Problems (Moderate)
5 Syllogisms
10 comparison problems (5 problems on height comparison and 5 on equality symbols (>, <, =)
Suggestions: Practice, Practice and Practice…….more and more reasoning problems before taking an Exam
Numerical Ability :
10 simplification problems (More on Squares and Square Roots………little bit time consuming but will do fast by regular practice)
5 Number Series problems (4 out of 5 were easy i.e., mark options without the use of paperwork)
5 Data Interpretation problems (Table)
Remaining problems were on profit & loss (1), boats & streams (1), Simplification, Ages, Trains etc.
Suggestions: Be Perfect with squares, cubes and square roots & practice more and more Numerical Ability problems for 100% Accuracy.
Jumbled Sentences (5)
Paragraph based questions
Corrections, Appropriate words in the blanks, Cloze Test
Suggestions: Practice previous year question paper and be thorough with Grammar Basics
General Awareness:
60% questions from Banking Awareness----------Some of the questions are
•    International Labour Organization-----------Switzerland
•    India and Japan signed an MOU to do a joint feasibility study of high speed railway system on -------------Mumbai-Ahmedabad Route
•    Chairman of National Commission for Women (NCW-----------Mamatha Sharma
•    Capital of Bahrain ----------Manama
•    Initial capital for Mahila bank in budget-2013 ---------1000Crore Rupees
•    Jason Day is related to which sport-----------------------GOLF
•    International Day of Older Persons-----------------------October 1st
•    Question on Participatory Notes (P-Notes)
•    MSME Stands for-------------------Micro Small and Medium Enterprises
•    Barfi Movie Director------------------Anurag Basu
•    Amish Tripati Novel Series(Shiva Trilogy)----------------  The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras
•    Magnus Carlsen belongs to------------------- Norwegian
•    Questions on NPA, Old age pension scheme, Term Deposits, National assistance programs, Rates of RBI, CTS, Biometric ATMetc.,
Suggestions: Be thorough with Basic banking terms and prepare well recent updates (September, October & November)
Computer Awareness :
All are Direct questions
•    MICR stands for
•    About system unit, Booting, Microsoft Excel(CELLS)
•    Brain of the computer
•    Firewall related question
•    Primary storage medium in a computer is?
•    A Database Table contains?
•    FAT and NTFS are?
•    How can we store data on Floppy Disks?
•    ISP abbreviation?
•    About Computer main functions? Etc………….are the questions
Suggestions : Prepare Basics of computers, particularly abbreviations and practice more and more previous papers

I wish you all the very best to my friends those who will take the exam on 14th and 15th dec ………………………….PRACTICE!!!!PRACTICE!!!!! PRACTICE!!!! is the winning strategy for competitive exams…………ALL THE BEST :)

Review Shared by Yogesh Sharma

Hi Friends,

This is Yogesh Sharma from Rajasthan. Today I have given the IBPS clerk paper in Evening shift. Today's paper is somewhat difficult not as per PO but yes has a much higher difficulty level than RRB. Below is section wise description of the paper.

1) Computer:

This section was quite easy. Not tricky or tough questions. All the questions was direct and if you know basic computer and to operate internet and MS word, its a piece of cake for you. I am from CS background and a computer geek too, so I feel this section very easy.

2) English:

English section is not that difficult. Error finding and sentence rearrangement questions was easy. Though passage and cloze test were not that easy. moderate is the right word as both are not some story type.

3) GA:

In this section most of the questions are related to core banking. If you are giving your paper in next week try to study general banking concepts. only 5-7 questions were from current affairs which is not that current.

4) Reasoning:

This section is quite of moderate level. Sitting arrangement puzzle is tricky and rest questions are okay. Syllogism and input out was easy one. no decoding coding question though Data sufficiency questions was there. As there are 3 puzzles its quite time consuming.

5) Maths:

The level of Math is moderate to difficult. Questions are tricky and lenghty and are time consuming. DI question was easy in my paper, while simplication problems were time consuming. Also I found series questions quite tough.

If you are giving exam next week try to study more basic and general banking concepts.

All The Best

Review Shared by Indu Bala Gangwal

Friends, I have attented today's evening shift exam from Karnataka..... my review is-

Reasoning- easy any one can easily attempt 30 question,  syllogism of two sentence only-5,
in eqality-5 direct symbol like >,<, = given so no need of change symbols like in PO exam,
Data sufficiency-5 question,
numbers are given in series-based question-5,
Seating arrangement-5,
ABCDEF younger,older based-5,
one more puzzle-5,
find the meaning of word like-"ha" " re" " si" " se"-5

Aptitute- moderate need time can attempt 30 easily,

English- moderate,

Computer- not easy what i found is bit tough,

General Awareness- also I found not easy , one should have deep knowledge about banking, some questions which i remember are as following-
Jason Day associated with which game- golf,badminton,tennis,...
Magnus Carlsonn , chess- from which country? Norway......
Jamia Milia university where?
ATM where head phone is used, audio--talking ATM, Biometric,....
book related..
education for children b/w- 6-14...sarva shikhs Abhiyan,
International Day of older person- 1- october,
In union budget how much amount announced for woman bank- 1000 crore,
which is not included in RBI policy- Repo, reverse Repo, Bank rate, base rate, MSF,
Money transfer system-related - RTGS, NEFT, Mobile Banking...
Head of National commission of Women- Mamta sharma,
Bank of Central bank is called- IBRD...
Illegally take money from ATM is called related question....
Financial fraud are taken to related Do not remember correctly-CBI, Intelligence Bureau...
Punjab Bank associated with- Met life..
Foreign Investment related...
SEBI related..
PM Economic advisor- C. Rangarajan..
india- Japan- have come with corridor deal-      delhi-mumbai, mumbai-  Ahd,....
First Private International Airport- Kerala,
ILO Headquarter- Geneva,
Capital of Bahrain- Manama
pension Yozana related...

Thats all i remember friends....all the best.

Review shared by Pramod Kumar Kuswaha

Abc average age is 51 and a b ki ave age 47 bc ki avrg age is 55 what is b age
Ek train 240 mtr platform ko 40 sec me par karti h train ki speed 128 km h to train ki lambai kya hogi
14 log kisi kam ko 12 din me karte 6 din me 10 log chale jate h to bakaya kam kitne din me poora hoga
Di is very easy
Brat ki pardhi aur vyas ka antar 74 ho to area kya hoga
Kisi dhan ko 4 year ke liye nibesh kiya jata to usko 35667 intrest milta yadi is par 4% jyada rate of intrest mile to use kitna byaj milega
A invest 18000 b invest 15000 and c invest 12000 and b 6 month bad apna paisa nikal leta h aur 8 mahine bad 34587ka labh hota ha to b ka part kya hoga
some easy series
Simplification learn till 50 sqare and learn odd table 50 tak and math theek thak aaya h but ga was tough pahle ke mukable
ga was tough i have attended only 18 frm this sec..
over all my attemp was 140

Thanks to Indu Bala Gangwal, Krishna Chaitanya Pramod Kumar Kuswaha and Yogesh Sharma for the updates

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  1. friends any one tell me the model of simplification question..

    1. 18% of 234 + ?% of 432= 398...
      like that and
      2/3 of 4/5 of 2/4 of 38888...

    2. Bhai, Simplifications max fractions tha, jaise ki..

      4 2/7 + 3 1/6 + x = 22 1/99 (Sample prob)
      So be quick and accurate in fractions, additions and multis....

      Aur, (cube root of 1728) - sqrt(576) = x^2 - 10

  2. Thanks for the detailed reviews friend... My exam is next week. Wish me good luck

    1. gud luck preapare well ga it may create problm

    2. Good luck my friend and practice well & do well in the exam

  3. I could attempt 162

  4. thank you friends...........
    It's a gr8 work............

  5. Great Reviews thanks to krishna chaitanya and all

  6. Best policy to score high is to practice maths too much, focus on banking awareness plus very recent general awareness including national schemes n imp HQs. Reasoning will not be troublesome, computer will be upto the level. Eng was ok so just go through few previous papers. I Attempted 163. Also don't worry abt maths.. cutoff will be low as no one cud attempt many ques..

    Possible attempts:
    Reasoning- 27 to 30
    Quant- 23 to 27
    Gen awrns- 33 to 35
    Eng- 30 to 35
    Comp- 35+

    Focus on accuracy not on no of ques.
    All the best to you..

    1. So why did you attend 163 if cut off will go low

  7. Hi All...if you are looking for Only Banking Awareness then plz go this link:

    It will cover all things related to banking...sure you won't regret..happy reading...kishore

  8. up to 30 cube root is enough? Pls reply.

    1. Upto 15 is enough...squares upto 30 enough..

    2. u need to prepare squares upto 100.
      becz in the yesterday exam i came across squares of 91, 81
      all the best

    3. Thank u friend... i prepared squares upto 100 but my problem is cube. i'll definitely prepare it before go to exam.

  9. Bhaiyo mera next saturday h i thing meri to lag gai english me........

    1. padhai kr bhosdi k jyadaa gandmasti mt kr

  10. Plz koi bta sakta h ki m kese attampt karu according section or mera weak point english h ......

    1. First attempt math & reasoning whichever is your favrt. after that go for english & then Gk & last computer if u r from computer background

    2. thanks bhai
      mughe lagta h mughe pahle comp. than gk reasoning than math and last me english karni cahiye.....or kitne kitne attampt karu in each section.....

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. thanks for the detailed review

  13. first of all thank u friends... i don't understand pramod kumar kuswaha's post. please anybody translate it in english?

  14. i found reasoning super cool..eng nice,computer well,maths not upto mark solved just 24 but with accuracy nd ga totally irritating.i think i have mistaken a lot attempted 170.

  15. attempted 138 total on 8th eve shift
    25 reasoning, 31 GA, 38 comp with 100 accuracy and 31 in eng with 95% accu
    but attempt only 13 in apti with 100% accu.. is there any possibility to clear sectional cut off in apti?? (SC category) :(

    1. Yes baby u will clear the cut off or sc category h bhai

    2. Unka toh 17 section wise cut. Off hoti h accu. AGR 100 h toh

  16. What questions r asking in Quantitative aptitude ?

  17. reasoning was easy(attempts:29),arithmetic i could attempt only 19,english was tough for me i attempted 26,general was like a hell i attempted 22, and last but not the least computer was very easy for me.. even though i attempted only 29....(total i attempted only 123... above attempted numbers are approx not exact but total attempted is 100% 123.... that's it)...


  18. one question in maths was (7+7+7+7) / 7/(9+9+9+9)/9 =??

  19. mam can u pls post all the gk ques that came on 8 dec evng shift....its very imp....pls mam

  20. 8th afternoon section is not so easy...Computer Easy,and all other section not so easy

  21. can get 120 out of 160 in other sections but in quants can do only 10 or 11....can i clear sectional cutoff in quants wen total weigt standard score is calculated.....which may be 18 dis year for gen........pls rly guys is very much needed....

    1. ya u will get as cut off of math is likely to go 9 to 10 for general

    2. hey broo...can u say it fo sure...i tooo hope d dis year po's cutoffs are also very is ur xam...vivek

  22. Paper was little moderate. have attempted 140 only. I have a doubt pls clear it admin. By mistake i had wrongly chose my qualification as Btech insted of BSc. If i cleared the exam and interview means wil i get the job or am in disqulaified?


  23. the paper is not easy as u all think ..i came across of difficult questions in G.A not even a single question form the topics of IMPORTANT DAYS. HEAD.QUATERS,SPORTS, SCIENCE AND TECH ,and even CURRENT AFFAIRS .on 8 th dec MORNING .ITS about marketing ,..BANKING

  24. Hi mam,
    Will you please provide a list of banks and their insurance companies names

  25. Are there any Non-Verbal questions asked in IBPS CWE Clerk 3 papers?

    1. Non-verbal questions i.e diagrams series such as mirror image,vertical image series etc.

    2. No, there is no any non verbal questions.

  26. hi friends i have attempted reasoning 22,eng 15 GA 14 maths 9 computer 35 is their any chance of clearing this round..please suggest me.....

  27. My exam was on 8 dec morning i attempt only 17 in math is there any chance for me to clear sectional cut-off

  28. What will be the possible cut-off for each section please tell me any one

  29. H.Q of International labour org. is in Geneva and not in Switzerland krishna.

    1. It is located at Geneva,Switzerland(Geneva is a city in Switzerland)

  30. i attempted 133 questions,i am from general,is there any chance of getting selected.

  31. I've only 50% in graduation. Will I eligible for SSC CGL and SBI PO . I am preparing for these exams but worried about eligibility. Please tell me

  32. questions asked in IBPS clerk exam 8/12/2013 (evening)

    1. National science congress 2014 is to be held in ? Jammu

    2. Capital of Bahrain ? Manama

    3. ILO head quarters ? Switzerland (geneva)

    4. old mans day ? October 1

    5. Jason day is associated with ? Golf

    6. Indias first private airport is going to establish in? kerala

    7. Anurag basu got best director award for which film ? Barfi

    8. PIN stands for ? personal identification number

    9. India and japan signed mou for high speed railway system between? mumbai and ahmedabad

    10. chairman of national commission for women? mamta sharma

    11. MSME stands for? Micro Small and Medium enterprises

    12. The novel series The immortals of meluha, the secret of naga and? The oath of vayuputras

    13. magnus calson is from ? Norwegian

    14. Jamia milala university is in? delhi

    15. ATM in which audio is used ? Talking atm

    16. Childrens education between 6 to 14 is under the scheme called? Sarva shiksha abhiyan

    17. The policy not regulated by rbi ? Base rate

    18. bank of the different central banks? bank of international settlement ( world bank)

    19. Pms economic advisor? C. rangarajan

    20. Taking money illegely from atm? Atm spoofing

    21. Punjab national bank has joint venture with ? Metlife

    22. initial capital of mahila bank ? 1000 crore

  33. frnds in the 8th December evening shift exam there was a question on syllogism where in the statement the word months was given bt in the conclusion it was given minutes..was that question wrong??

  34. old age savings schemes was given not old age pension scheme


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