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December 13, 2013

NICL AO Specialists Exam Questions - Held on 8th September 2013 - Evening Session


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Friends, here are some questions asked in NICL Adiministritative Officers exam's Specialist Section which was held on 08-09-2013 (Evening Session). These questions are shared by our friend Shifali Duggal. We thank her and wish her great success in her exam.

1) Type of error compiler can find-
a) syntax error b)semantic error c) logical error d) none of these
ans- a)syntax error

2) Susceptible antonym
ans- immune

3)population increase rate is:
jan feb mar april may june
4      8    16     28  44     ?
find the rate in june
ans- 64 as the increase is 4*1=4, so add 4
4*2=8 add 8
4*3= 12 so add 12..and so on

4)average of first five multiples of five:
 using formula (n+1)/2 where n is number of terms
(5+1)/2=3 i.e 15

5)large line programs are written in which language:
a) c b)c++ c)HTML d) Javascript

6)What network topology is not of broadcast type?
ans- bus topolgy
7)ethernet uses which topolgy?
8) where is the satellite for climate check recently installed in India?
9) CPU, main memory and external devices are put on-
ans- mother board
10) Who among the following ministers holds the telecom portfolio in addition to his own portfolio till next re-allotment:
a)kamal nath b)kapil sibal c)mamta banerjee d)none of these
ans-b) kapil sibal
11) Head of expenses for Indian government:
a)food subsidy b)oil subsidy c)pradhan mantri gram sadak yojna d) fertilizer subsidy
ans- a) food subsidy
12) In which of the following cities was the recent G20 meeting held in 2013-
a) tokyo b)seoul c)beijing d)London
ans- b)seoul
13)which one of the following has decided to give guarantee for infrastructure loans:
ans- c)IIFCL
14)What is 'kaveri'?
a)India's indigenous aircraft engine
b)India's air to air missile
c)unmanned aircraft acquired from Israel
d)India's low cost laptop
ans- a)India's indigenous aircraft engine
15)1 acre= ? hectares
(a) 0.0541 (b) 0.8032(c) 0.1082 d)0.4047

ans- d)0.4047

16)modem is?

ans- modulator demodulator
17)9.2 ph soil is of type:
a)alkaline b)acidic c)saline d)neutral
ans- a)alkaline
18) SRI technology is practiced for the cultivation of—
 (a) Fruits (b) Vegetables (c) Flowers (d) Rice

ans- d)Rice

19)Which insect is known as farmers' enemy No.1?

(a) Bollworm(b) Desert locust(c) Aphids(d) Stem borer

ans-c) Aphids

20). Nav Krishi is a programme by—

 a) Door Darshan b) All India Radio(c) NIC(d) ICRISAT

ans- a)Door Darshan

21) A large number of computers in a wide geographical area can be connected using-

a)twisted cables b)coaxial cable c)satellite d)none

22)what does G stand for in 3G?

ans- Generation

23) synonym of poach


24) like a fish out of water

a)disgusting b)disagreeable c) uncomfortable d) homeless

ans- c)uncomfortable

25) find the wrongly spelt word:

a)occassion b)omission c)possession d)commission


26)489X999, find value of X

27)2 generation computers were made of?

a)vaccum tubes b)transistors c)IC chips d) microprocessor


28)Translator is a:

a) application software b)System software c)input d)output

ans- b)system software

29)synonym for frugal

30) very dramatic

31)one word for very dramatic:

ans- histrionic

32)cp is 400

sp is 360

find discount %

33) 1 9 25 50 81 find odd one out

ans- 50 bcz others are squares of odd numbers

34) mom's age is 3 times sons age 5 years ago.after 5 years her age will be twicw as of sons. find sons age'?

35)a man moves towards north, takes right, then takes left and takes a turn and moves towards south, takes a right turn. In which direction is he moving?

36)Silver is required to colour hollow hemisphere.its external diameter is 4 and internal diameter is 2. find the volume of silver required?

Descriptive Paper :
1) Precis paragraph:
Three important Swiss customs for tourists to know deal with religion, greeting, and punctuality. (subject development) The Swiss people are very religious, and Sunday is their holy day. On Sunday, people rarely work in the garden, in the house, or even on the car. Foreign tourists should know that the most drugstores, supermarkets, and banks are closed on Sunday. The Swiss are also a formal people. For example, they seldom call acquaintances by their first names; the German “Herr” and French “Monsieur” are much more frequently used in Switzerland than the English “Mister” is used in the United States. A tourist should therefore say either “Herr” or “Monsieur” when greeting an acquaintance, and only use the person’s first name if he is a close friend. In addition, Switzerland is the land of watches and exactness. It is important to be on time to parties, business, meetings, and churches because Swiss hosts, factory bosses, and ministers all love punctuality. It is especially important for tourists to be on time for trains: Swiss train conductors never wait for late arrivers.

2) Essay : Write on any one in about 500 words
a) Internet and ways of communication through it.
b) Political stability in India

Thanks to Shifali Duggal for the update

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  1. so apply karte wakt jo one time passwd hai wo kaha mob no nt regtrd with my can apply apply with my dad's card. reply asap...2mrw tast date

  2. so apply karte wakt jo one time passwd hai wo kaha mob no nt regtrd with my can apply apply with my dad's card. reply asap...2mrw tast date

  3. Mam i hv one q regarding dress for PO interview..
    Does it neccessory to wear suit or blazer?
    Can i wear sweater instead of that if yes than full sleves or sleeveless color GREY??
    Its my first interview mam, i am so confused, plz reply.

    1. you can take it off before entering the interview room......

  4. Can you please publish some general technical questions which can be asked in NICL AO exam??
    please sens questions from physics and mechanical.

  5. mera exam 29 dec ko hai. and mera admit card download nahi ho rha hai.
    pls help soon as.


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